Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Active pops up with a rugged design and huge battery

Samsung likes to make rugged variants of their flagship phones every year, and we’ve been itching to hear something about the Galaxy S8 Active since the original phone’s debut. It’s taken a few months, but there’s finally a solid leak showing off what appears to be a prototype of the phone, and it looks in line with what we’ve been expecting.

It’s a pretty chunky phone, but that’s due to the massive 4000mAh battery and significantly more durable frame. It’s waterproof and reinforced, so a few drops and splashes aren’t going to hurt this thing. Interestingly, it does have on-screen keys instead of physical buttons like previous Active phones.

Other good news includes nearly identical hardware to the Galaxy S8, like a Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage. The camera sensor appears to be the same, although we don’t know too much about the software except that Bixby doesn’t work on this prototype unit. It’s only running Android 7.0, so there are still some fuzzy details about the phone that we still need, but much can change between now and an official announcement.

Anybody interested in a more durable Galaxy S8?

source: Reddit
via: Android Police

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