Amazon sold a record number of Fire and Echo devices over the weekend


Black Friday (and Cyber Monday, by extension) is always a huge opportunity for retailers to break records. Amazon did just that and has reportedly sold a huge amount of Echo and Fire devices to customers.

That’s great news for short-term Amazon, but also huge in that it creates many more potential customers for Amazon’s storefront and digital services. 

The Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Fire Stick, and Fire tablets not only broke records for Amazon’s holiday results, but they were also the top selling devices across any category from any manufacturer. There’s no doubt Amazon sold quite a bit of stuff over this past weekend, so being able to top everything from everyone is something to brag about.

The Echo family was up 700% from last year, while all of Amazon’s other devices sold 2 – 3 times as much as last year on Cyber Monday. That’s also pretty indicative of the growing popularity of buying things online instead of in brick and mortar stores.

Some other interesting stats from Amazon include the jump in Alexa usage on Thanksgiving, including a big surge in recipe questions answered and timers set compared to the week before. There was a pretty big increase in music streamed through Echo devices, as well as holiday movies streamed on Amazon’s video services. That’s also great news for Amazon, because it means people are actually using the devices, not just buying the devices for a one-time use and forgetting about them. Repeat customers are the ones that spend the most money, and Amazon is fighting hard for those customers.

source: Business Wire

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