Google readying a Pixel 3 laptop with the new Andromeda OS for Q3 2017


Google is readying a new Pixel laptop for Q3 2017. With an internal codename of Bison, this laptop would be the first device to show off the long-awaited Android and Chrome OS merger, rumored to be called “Andromeda.”

We’re expecting to see what Andromeda is all about at Google’s October 4 event in San Francisco, but according to this report from Android Police, we actually won’t see any hardware running Andromeda until Q3 2017 when Bison or Pixel 3 officially launches.

Android Police is confident that this will not be marketed as a Chromebook, but as a machine running Android. The Andromeda project will be a completely different project than bringing Android apps to Chrome OS; it’ll be a project of merging Chrome OS features into Android. Since it’s not the other way around (Android features being merged into Chrome OS), it’s definitely likely that Bison will be running a version of Android that shows the results of this merger.


Getting into hardware, Bison will be an extremely thin laptop at just 10mm thick with a small 12.3-inch display. Ruddock from Android Police says that Google wants to have a sort-of tablet mode available in Bison as well, indicating we could see some sort of detachable hardware like we’ve seen in Microsoft’s Surface Book.

As far as power and storage go, we could be looking at an Intel m3 or i5 Core processor. It’ll seemingly be equipped with 16GB of RAM, and have storage capacities available in 32GB and 128GB, indicating that we could see two different models of the Bison laptop.

Bison will also show our slow and painful move to USB-C, featuring two USB-C ports (there was no mention of any other type of USB port available on the machine). You’ll get a 3.5mm audio jack, plenty of sensors, stereo speakers, quad microphones and stylus support.

That’s not where the goodies end, though. The Bison laptop will also be capable of 10 hours of battery life, sport a backlit keyboard and be equipped with a glass trackpad that will employ haptic and force detection similar to that of the MacBook lineup.

It goes without saying, this sounds fairly similar to Apple’s extremely portable MacBook Air. And with a rumored premium price point of a whopping $800, Bison is certainly up there with the MacBook Air in terms of price as well. But once again, this laptop is a long ways out, set to launch around this time next year.


The discontinued Chromebook Pixel (2015) laptop.

As Ruddock said, it’s likely that the Chromebook Pixel could be dead by this time next year. And if Andromeda and the Bison laptop are real, it totally makes sense why Google has been discontinuing sales of its Pixel laptops. Doing that a year in advance might seem a little strange, but it could indicate that we’ll get our first taste of what Andromeda looks like at Google’s October 4 event.

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It’s worth noting that this is all subject to change. We’re a whole year before a possible launch of the Bison. A lot can happen in a year, such as hardware changes, software changes and etc. In fact, the whole project could even be scrapped before it makes it to market.

That said, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for Bison. But at the same time, this all lines up with a major shift happening at Google: premium hardware united all under one brand–Pixel.

source: Android Police

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  • Arnie Maestas

    It’s a little hard to get too excited about something a year away. Q3 2017? Really?

    • Yeah, that’s a little insane for a leak, isn’t it? Some of me wonders if that date is a little off and we’ll actually see it this year at the Oct. 4 event. Google has stopped selling both of their Chromebook Pixels with nothing to replace it. I have a difficult time believing they’re going to go a year without a proper replacement. I’m just speculating, though.

      • Arnie Maestas

        I thought the same thing. However, that leads to another “really?” statement. How do you not catch that as an editor? lol

        • I’m not sure what you mean. I’m just reporting on what Android Police said. Their source says Q3 2017, so that’s what we and other publications are reporting on. My personal opinion, which I try to leave out of posts, is that it doesn’t make sense to me given the discontinuation of current hardware products without a replacement.

        • Justin_Herrick

          What did Brad do wrong? He reported on the information given by Android Police. Not sure what else you expected.