Moto X Pure Edition to gain T-Mobile band 12 support with upcoming Marshmallow update


Last Thursday, we reported that Motorola had entered the initial development stages of the much-anticipated Android 6.0 update for a handful of its latest devices. Today, however, David Schuster, VP of Product Sales and Operations at Motorola, revealed that this upgrade is more than just a standard factory one. It will, in fact, transport compatibility for a new LTE band to one of the Lenovo-owned company’s smartphones.

Owners of the Moto X Pure Edition can expect to see support for T-Mobile’s 4G service (band 12) introduced when the update starts rolling out over the course of the “next few weeks”. Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether Wi-Fi Calling is included, but we suspect it will be seeing as it’s one of T-Mo’s core services, which attracts many customers.

So there you have it, folks. If you’re a T-Mobile customer who is undecided on whether to pick up a Moto X Pure Edition or not, this might just sway you. It’s a great phone that we’d advise you check out, but it’s certainly not for everyone. If you’re not a fan of high-end internals in a cheap, but durable frame, you’d best steer clear. If its something you’d don’t mind, though, then this is the device for you.

Source: David Schuster (Google+)
Via: TmoNews

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