Samsung and SmartThings announce new smart home sensors alongside a new premium subscription service


SmartThings (the connected home company that was recently acquired by Samsung) has announced several new products at CES, including smaller sensors, better device integration, and a brand new subscription service for extra features.

The SmartThings Hub has gotten a much-needed upgrade, bringing a faster processor, a built-in backup batter, and cellular connectivity. The Hub should be able to run apps and services more efficiently, and now there are some backup plans in case of a power outage. It’s also gotten some connectivity upgrades, including Bluetooth Smart capability.

Besides the upgrades to the main Hub, all of SmartThings’ sensors have been shrunk in size and now work with multiple new third-party devices. The micro sensors are about one-third the size of the original sensors, so they’ll be easier to hide and place around your home. They’ll also work with things like Phillips SmartHue bulbs, Honeywell thermostats, and Chamberlain garage door openers, and pretty much any Samsung smart appliance is integrated, unsurprisingly. SmartThings is also showing off how you can use your Samsung Smart TV or Samsung Gear smartwatch to control things, which is to be expected.

Aside from hardware upgrades, SmartThings announced a new subscription service for customers that brings some advanced home monitoring features. It can automatically call or text specific numbers when something is detected by one of the sensors, and the service comes with DVR services for cameras.

Since being acquired by Samsung, SmartThings reports massive growth on the development side of things. More than 10,000 developers have jumped on board, and over 1 million apps have been installed thanks to the support from Samsung.

Pricing for the new sensors and the premium service is still up in the air, but the company will likely announce something soon. For the rest of our CES 2015 coverage, click here.

source: SmartThings

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