Hilton Worldwide spending $550 million to make mobile devices hotel tools


The hospitality industry has generally been behind when it comes to adopting newer technology. Hilton Worldwide, though, is ready to roll the dice to make their hotels tech-friendly. The $550 million upgrade costs will allow guests to handle everything from getting a room to entering it without ever having to deal with a front desk. This is Hilton Worldwide’s attempt to bring in a younger demographic to its 4,200 locations around the globe.

As soon as next year, guests at select locations will be able to unlock room doors with a smartphone. And by the end of 2016, all locations should be ready. We would have to assume, for now, NFC technology would be at the heart of capability. But prior to actually opening the door, Hilton Worldwide wants to allow guests to view and select rooms. This is very similar to what travel sites do today. With a massive amount spent on upgrading each and every location, Hilton Worldwide is hoping it can intervene with a large portion of those travel sites’ business.

Are you interested in this new way to approach the hotel experience?

Source: The Wall Street Journal