Next Motorola DROID refresh is on track for Q4


Motorola has been launching new DROID phones every year since 2009. This year is no exception, especially since they signed that exclusive agreement to continue to make DROIDs for Verizon Wireless.

This year’s model(s) will hit around the 4th quarter and will sport a larger screen ratio, meaning less bezel. The latest DROIDs have sported Kevlar, and it looks likes Motorola will continue that trend. However, they will update it with supposed next-gen materials.

Of course Motorola will also launch an updated Moto X over the summer, and just like last year, we expect the new DROIDs to have the same software and features.

It still amazes me that the DROID line is still around, but I guess Big Red thinks it is still pretty lucrative. They are the only U.S. carrier to have their own branded phone.

source: Weibo
via: G4Games

  • LLcdPH

    LOVE my Droid MAXX!

  • ShapesBlue

    It’s still around because there is still a big majority of people who love the name Droid versus actually knowing the ins and outs of Android itself. It’s all about appearance with some people

  • luca canali

    i love too my droid maxx!!!

  • eddiea

    My contract is over in a couple of weeks and the Droid Maxx is at the top of my list, but it will be very interesting indeed to see the new line up. By the time the new Droids come out, the price of the existing Maxx will probably be reduced significantly. Hard decision.

  • SmilingAtheist

    The contract for my ‘Droid 4’ was up last April…. I’m still holding out hope that a Droid 5 or 6 will come out now that Lenovo is in charge. I love the slide-out keyboard… Had the Droid 2 also… Come on Lenovo, bigger, better screen, 32GB of on-board memory and a four core chip… Is that asking too much?