[New Chromecast App] DrawCast lets your draw on your phone and TV at the same time


Do you like to draw or doodle occasionally? A new app called DrawCast, from Hillman Works, just hit the Google Play Store that lets you draw on your phone or tablet. No big deal right? There are tons of those kinds of apps. What makes DrawCast special is that it’s Chromecast compatible so you can see your drawings come to life on your big screen TV in real time.

Now don’t expect to do anything elaborate. You won’t find anything major as far as special tools or effects. I am sure the app will evolve over time, but for now, it’s a simple interface that is actually pretty cool once you’re connected to your Chromecast. As to lag, it’s minimal, but every few seconds, you might get a slight delay. The only thing that is glaringly missing is there is no way to save your works of art. That’s important for the kids if you know what I mean.

DrawCast is free and offers three colors, but for a one-time in-app purchase of $2.00, you will remove ads and get an additional 27 colors. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.



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About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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    How can you play a drawing? I can’t find the button