Wireless charging pad and ‘bumper’ and ‘QuickCover’ cases for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 launched by Google

Nexus Charger

Wireless charging isn’t anything new when it comes to Nexus devices, and Google-branded charging pads aren’t anything new either— the Nexus 4 launched with a dock/charger for the device last year.

But this year, Google has redesigned its wireless charging pad, changing up its design and adding magnets for improved device stability.

The charger is also glossy on top, and no longer features a sticky, dust-collecting rubber finish. The new model is compatible with both the Nexus 5 and the new Nexus 7.

It’s also expected that Qi-compatible devices will also work with the pad (last year’s Nexus 4), but only phones with magnets inside of them will actually stick to the charger.

The device should be available on the Play Store online today, but pricing and shipping availability information is not yet available.

Hit the break for info on new cases from Google and LG.


Google is also launching some pretty neat ‘bumper’ cases (which is interesting because they aren’t true bumper cases, as they cover the back and sides), made of a hard exterior and soft rubber lining. Colors available are black, red, gray, and yellow, and will be on sale in the Play Store for $34.99.

LG is also launching its own case for the Nexus 5 called ‘QuickCover,’ which will go for a whopping $49.99. It’s almost the same as the bumper case by Google but has a front cover also. (You can liken them to the iPad’s full-protection cases— opening the front cover will automatically turn on/unlock the device.) Color options only include black and white. The cases will work with the magnetic charging pad, seen above, which is nice. No need to remove the case!

There are certainly going to be some much cheaper options than the ones listed above, but if you want a name brand, go ahead and buy.

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  • Esteban Quijada

    the new charging pad hasn’t released yet ):

    • Paul

      You can get a charging pad from other vendors, such as the RAVPower, Nokia

      • Esteban Quijada

        True. I’m just sad because I want the google one. It looks the most appealing.


        • Harrison

          The charging pad is now available in the Play Store beginning today.

          • Esteban Quijada

            Thank you for the heads up! <3

  • Jeff Herd

    I got my new charger which is provide unbelievable power back with an hours, i love that and order one more piece form amazon shop for my friend.