Google Play Store Version 4.0 Gets Leaked and Previewed


Just like other Google apps (and Android has a whole) the Play Store has been going through a constant metamorphosis. The last major makeover for the Play Store was back in July of 2011 with subsequent tweaks since. It appears that it will be seeing another major facelift here soon. The folks over at Droid-Life gave everyone a taste of what’s to come with Google Play 4.0.  As you’ll see from the images the UI has been redesigned with a more holo-esque theme in mind. The shift gives the Play Store a cleaner and more appealing look. Images are more prominent and eye-catching while text is used sparingly.


We have no idea when we’ll see this new version. Maybe we’ll see it unveiled at Google I/O this year, but we may see it sooner as the Play Store updates have always been independent of the big OS announcements. Either way its an update to look forward to as it brings some much needed polish to an app we constantly use.

source: Droid-Life

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • Philip Mott

    Does look good! Hopefully this will be released soon…

  • i could not care less about how the app store looks. i care about finding good apps, and being able to have them update automatically. That’s what matters.

    • Understandable. But having a UI that moves more fluidly and makes it easier to navigate to good apps is always a plus.