NVIDIA demos Tick Tock Game’s New “Burn Zombie Burn!” for Project Shield


NVIDIA has hit a home-run with their new Tegra 4 gaming console.  Dubbed Project Shield, this new console plays host to a myriad of games ranging from live streaming PC games to our favorite, Google Play Store mobile games.  NVIDIA has outdone themselves with this impressive handheld game console, and IMO will make a believer out of gamers everywhere with their new innovative gaming system.

Are you a fan of doom and gloom?  Have a hankering for the smell of dead flesh?  Do you wish you could be the sole survivor of a zombie apocalypse battling your way through wave upon wave of flesh eating living dead?  Then guess what, this game is for you!  On Project Shield’s 5-inch Retina Display touchscreen display this game looks amazing.

Players have a weapons arsenal at their disposal (flame thrower included, of course) as they fight through level upon level of awesome zombie goodness.  The ultimate goal?  Who cares, we get to kill zombie scum from the comfort of our comfy sofa!  Head past the break for the video demo.


Source: NVIDIA