Contest: Win an ASUS Transformer Pad Prize Pack courtesy of ASUS, NVIDIA, and Talk Android [Week 1]

As we mentioned earlier, NVIDIA is hosting the Annual Players Choice Awards sponsored by ASUS. NVIDIA wants to find out what gamers think are the best games in the TegraZone for graphics, gameplay, and overall fun. To entice you to get your vote in, ASUS is giving away seven, yes that’s seven ASUS Transformer Prize Packs to voters. Let’s face it, I would be happy with just the Transformer Pad TF300 alone, but ASUS and NVIDIA are going all out by also including the keyboard dock, a Logitech controller, and a Jambox speaker. Are you kidding me? Make sure to head over to the Awards site to get your votes in so you will be entered for your chance to win.

But that’s not all!! Talk Android has partnered with the awards, which means that ASUS has provided us with the same Transformer Prize Packs for our readers. We have a total of three, so that means that each week for the next three weeks, we will give one of our lucky readers one of these packs. We are going to keep this really simple. We want your votes for the same three categories as well. This is the first of three weeks. All you have to do is comment below with your favorite TegraZone game in terms of graphics. You have until next Wednesday, May 16th at 11:59pm EST. We will announce the winner on Thursday, May 17th and start up the second giveaway as well.

For more info about all the eligible games see our previous post or head over to the TegraZone.

Good Luck!!!


About the Author: Robert Nazarian

Robert lives in upstate New York where he was born and raised. Technology was always his passion. His first computer was a Radio Shack TRS80 Color that used a cassette tape to save programs, and his first laptop was a Toshiba T1200FB that sported a CGA greyscale screen and two 720kb floppy drives (no hardrive). From the early 90’s through late 2011, he only owned Motorola phones starting with the MircroTAC all the way through to the Droid X. He broke that streak when he bought the Galaxy Nexus. Now he's sporting a Galaxy Note 4, and absolutely loves it. He has a wonderful wife and a 6 year old son. In his free time he enjoys sports, movies, TV, working out, and trying to keep up with the rapid fast world of technology.

  • koridawn

    Love Sonic4 episode I.

  • Zbigniew Szymanski

    Riptide GP

  • Rob Iwanski

    My favorite game, graphics wise, would be “Siegecraft THD.”  It immerses you in the environment, and is fun too!

  • Shadowgun

  • Ray


  • Matt Dukes

    Shadowgun pwns my face off.

  • Evil-D

    Hamilton’sGreat Adventure THD

  • Scott Cole

    Riptide GP

  • Silentstomr

    In my opinion, dungeon defenders has the best. It may not be the most realistic graphics but the shaders and lighting effects are amazing. Hope I win, thanks for putting this on and good luck to me and all the other entrants.
    May the odds be ever in your favor!

  • Keith0606

    Definitely Riptide GP. 

    Too bad I can’t play it anymore since selling my galaxy tab 10.1  Would definitely be awesome to win the prize pack.

  • Monster Madness! Love the graphical style of this game and it’s super fun to play.

  • gopadge

    I don’t have a favorite, since I don’t have a Tegra device.  

  • Jesse K Ziter

    Riptide GP !

  • Erythnul

    Graphics-wise? Definitely Riptide GP. However, Dark Meadow also looks really nice! If not for the water graphics in Riptide, Dark Meadow should win ;)

  • harold flomerfelt

    I’d play shadowgun on my desktop, it’s graphics look so good.

  • Vh1802

    Shadowgun THD is awsome in gameplay, graphics and supports gamepad :D a sure winner if you ask me :)

  • Ruven Chu

    Riptide GP!

  • Chopstix32

    I vote for Shadowgun!!!

  • Minion369


  •  Dark Meadow: The Pact

    By far. Though I do love me some Shadowgun THD, and I’m reeeally looking forward to Renaissance THD.

  • ShadowGun

  • Ray

    Riptide GP

  • MRad


  • Joelattack

    Shadowgun thd

  • Shadowgun THD!

  • FaSSt2001


  • I’m going to be one of the few to say Fruit Ninja optimized for tegra looks amazing. Not many people notice the extra detail it adds on the slash animations and the particles but they stand out to me.

  • Riptide GP

  • lokhor


  • Chris Clark


  • TyrantZombie

    Dark meadow the pact seems nice

  • Agustin Floriano93


  • Chris Anderson

    Shadowgun THD

  • Dark Meadow by far.

  • Adrian0E

    ShadowGun THD
    (Is this international?)

  • Obfuscate


  • I love fruit ninja!

  • Punxphobia

    Dark Meadow The Pact . Woop Woop!

  • Josh Heystek

    I’ll have to lean toward Shadowgun THD

  • Musicman185

    Gonna go with ShadowGun! 

    Did I Win? :D

  • DaveG1968

    DEFINITELY ShadowGun FTW!  :D

  • Ryan Eshelman

    Definitely Demolition Inc. The combination of amazing graphics and physics makes my eyes bleed.

  • Algirdas Zmajauskas

    Grand Theft Auto III Epic!

  • Obfuscate

    Shadowgun -the colors are vivid and the background detailed.

  • Dark Meadow : The Pact -> best graphics in recent times.

  • Sejdiu3

    Gta III all the way old school gaming the way it should be, ruthless :p

  • tinachicka

    Renaissance Blood THD

  • adelancker

    Purely graphic-wise I’d say either Shadowgun or Dark Meadow, fun.wise GTA III

  • Dave Stump

    Dark Meadow all the way.  :)

  • Oh man, Shadow Gun is so smooth looking!! 

  • Ryan Bateman

    Galaxy on Fire, certainly!

  • Jose Figueredo

    Shadowgun THD

  • Saphrimangel

    Shadowgun is a completely phenomenal game with amazing graphics. I remember playing games on my Nintendo64 and orginal Xbox. Shadowgun surpasses the games on those consoles and matches the gameplay, all on a mobile platform.

  • Scott Barraclough

    Dark Meadow

  • Djredfred

    Shadow Gun is awesome! Graphics to compete against high end consoles!

  • exxeHR

     ShadowGun THD ;)


    Grand Theft Auto III 

  • Adam Al-Zubedi

    ShadowGun THD – it has definitely the best graphics, most detailed textures and it also uses dynamic lights and shadows which Nvidia has bragged about while releasing Tegra 3 chip.

  • Frederik Rooms

    Riptide. One of the first games that really shine on a Tegra-device. The splashes and the waves are just eyecatchers! It is also the the first time I was convinced that a tablet can beat a computer in terms of graphics!

  • Dustin Simpson


  • tahindra singh

    i wish i could make a comment but i got a mytouch slide 3g which stuck but as far as i know GTAIII is pretty amazing 

  • Hollywoodfrodo

    Dark Meadows

  • cony246


  • Rcvandervalk

    Dark Meadow’s awesome!

  • Shadowgun. Its such a great example of what console-quality games can be like on a mobile, and the graphics are fantastic too!

  • Shadowgun!!!

  • Jason Keilholz


  • bdfull3r

    Shadowgun THD is my first reaction as it was the first real hit for me. 

  • Tobybaker


  • Josh

    Shadowgun hands down! Especially if you like a Gears of War style game. I have played it several times on my X2

  • SH@d0wGuN hands down

  • Mkymky

    Shadowgun would be my number 1

  • Mei

    Like Dark Meadow: The Pact.  Looking forward to ‘Eden to Green’.

  • Jjwhite1420


  • Dark Meadow!

  • Johnnyfunkster

    Meltdown on Mars

  • Parker


  • Jbstilley

    Shadowgun! The first game I got on my asus tf101, almost like playing my ps3 thr effects, sounds love it.

  • Morningseleven

    I went with Princess Punt, actually.

  • trayes77

    Shadown is the best tegra game

  • Mohanadelnokali

    Shadowgun for sureee

  • Shadowgun hands down :-)

  • Dark Meadow!!!

  • Supersix

    Shadowgun by far is my favorite game on tegrazone.

  • Stefan Markoski

    ShadowGun THD

  • pepperonijack

    Best graphics: Shadowgun

  • Chefrobmiracle

    Got to go with Shadow Gun…..

  • Scurley1898


  • Samurai II: Vengeance THD. The graphics make it seem like it’s a comic book come to life.

  • Hwi Tae (James) Kim

    Shadow GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iszlai Lehel

    Shadow gun

  • ryan_mcfadden

    I’d have to say Dark Meadow!

  • Savvas Savva

    Shadow Gun!

  • bimmerboii

    Dark Meadow: The Pact

    Graphics is mind blowing. In my opinion, better than Shadowgun THD.

  • Brian D

    My favorite game on Tegra is the Trainz game.

  • Matthew Cheah

    Favourite in terms of graphics? Shadowgun THD takes it easily. Gears of War on your phone. Seriously.

  • Keith_sharod

    Shadow Gun THD

  • SplitSnake

    Originally I would say Shadowgun THD, but after seeing Dark Meadow: The Pact, I don’t think any graphics match it. Hands down.

  • christiandamian

    best graphics and game play on a tegrazone game has got to be hands down galaxy on fire 2. it’s sweet how the distinct colors from the game’s planets, ships and stars stand out on the screen. many current gen games sacrifice playability and make games shorter just for nice looking graphics, galaxy on fire 2 does not. the game is very nice too look at while not sacrificing playability at all. galaxy on fire 2 is a good example of what a good console game can be like on a mobile device.

  • Galaxy on Fire 2 THD!

  • Nicholas Westgate

    I was going to say Shadowgun, but then I played Dark Meadow!

  • Brian Allen

    Shadow Gun THD

  • Ivan92116


  • Alex Deal

    Dark Meadow of course, that game has amazing graphics. If only I could play it…hint hint.

  • Alex Castlejohn

    galaxy on fire 2

  • Acosand

    Shadow Gun

  • Jpimentel811

    Shadowgun definitely.

  • Meltdown on Mars THD it looks like they put amazing graphics on a classic game.

  • Shadow Gun for sure!

  • MasterFrills

    Renaissance Blood THD looks absolutely breathtaking.

    My Vote: Renaissance Blood THD

  • Zach Jones

    Galaxy on Fire 2 has my interest completely piqued….so there’s my vote!


    Shadow Gun!

  • Kate Anderson

    Shadowgun THD

  • Bradley Ruiz

    ShadowGun is the best, close second is Riptide

  • I vote for Dark Meadow: The Pact

  • Es

    shadowgun yup yup

  • Dave A

    I vote ShadowGun, Graphics are WOW!

  • Madklown06

    Shadowgun for sure!

  • Matt O’Leary

    Dark Meadow: The Pact

  • Stephen Brown

    Renaissance Blood THD

  • Rhbarker1

    Samurai II: Vengeance, imo

  • Axxzzxza

    Well its kind of a difficult choice betweet Dark Meadow and Shadowgun, but im gonna have to say Dark Meadow is just a bit better.

  • Jsorvik

    Shadowgun for sure!

  • bungadudu

    Let’s be honest, shadowgun owns this department, and on tegra 3 its unbelievable!
    Hope to win to play it on t3… :)

  • Shadowgun, hands down! FTW!

  • Nick C.

    Gonna have to go with Shadowgun on this one!

  • Osborne195

    I would have to say that the best graphics for a TegraZone game would be Dark Meadow: The Pact.

  • Jonathan Byrd

    Dark Meadow has some the most innovative graphics I have ever seen on android.

  • Nelson

    Dark meadow the pact looks stunning and when I first saw the screenshots I thought I was looking at a computer game.

  • Anton Holmstedt

    Riptide GP is what I use to impress my friends :)

  • matt jeter

    shadowgun for sure….ipad killer!

  • Martin Tran

    I’m going to have to say Shadow Gun on this one!


    Galaxy on Fire 2 THD” Awesome graphics, depth of play , OpenGL ES 2.0 and add a story play too…!!!

  • My Vote for: 
    Galaxy on Fire 2 THD

  • Hunterbaby8

    shadow gun is the best

  • keon charles

    i will have to say Hamilton great adventure thd the graphics are boss pure eye candy 

  • razvan miron

    shadow gun for shure

    • Kenny

      Who’s to argue with Shadow Gun

  • Jonas Blåsås Lønnum

    SHADOWGUN, no doubt!

  • Shadow Gun FTW!

  • sacredprey_005

    ShadowGun for the win!!

  • zurien

    Dark meadow gets my vote – stunning graphics

  • lucask

    For me it’s definitely Shadowgun. It looks sooo good!

  • “Dark Meadow: The Pact” it is like a game for PC but can be played at tablets, thanks to NVIDIA!

  • In terms of graphics it has to be Shadowgun 

    In terms of game play I vote for Galaxy On Fire II

    Overall – Shadowgun! :)

  • Alexander Hentschel

    Shadowgun :)

  • I vote for Shadow Gun

  • Big Bang Racing gets my vote!

  • Shivang Shah

    Shadow Gun

  • Wolf Bogacz

    Dark Meadow

  • Meb185


  • By far Shadowgun

  • JarrodSimpson

    GTA 3.  It’s playstation all over again minus the load times.

  • Spencerar

    I’m having a lot of fun with Shadowgun, but I’m starting to get lured by Dark Meadow.

  • Federick82

    Dark Meadow: The Pact , by far is the best for me , the graphic of this game is superb 

  • Kavasc

    Shadowgun. Very fun

  • Red

    Shadowgun is the best.

  • Spullar


  • Brandon James Starcevic

    Shadowgun is awesome

  • Ziyaad Kanjee

    Shadowgun FTW

  • Kokane_amey

    I love the Dark Meadow

  • Trainz Simulator THD is fun.

  • Valmac5

    I like the new look of good old pinball.

  • Ebe

    Shadowgun. Best game

  • bitbank

    Dark Meadow – lots of detail and realism

  • Davidgg72

    Zen Pinball! Love the marvel integration

  • Jacobechague

    Shadowgun THD hands down! It was revolutionary when it came to graphics! I remember when it first came out… it was mindblowing. It would be ridiculously awesome on a TF300! Make my dreams come true :)

  • nul7

    While most of the Tegra-optimized games are gorgeous, there are 2 stand-outs in the best graphics category: Shadowgun and Dark Meadow: The Pact. I think the edge has to go to Dark Meadow for its console quality lighting effects.

  • mykeknight

    Shadowgun is my vote.  So nice

  • Anush Surendran

    My favorite game from TegraZone in terms of graphics would be ShadowGun THD !

    Thank you for the contest !

  • Joshua Bruce

    Dark Meadow…hands down!

  • Grand Theft Auto III

  • Cmartin300

    Shadowgun is the the most asskicking game there. Best graphics and loads of fun!!!!!! Can you ask for anything more?
    Well, maybe playing on my new Asus tablet!!!!!!!

  • Cmartin300

    Shadowgun is the the most asskicking game there. Best graphics and loads of fun!!!!!! Can you ask for anything more?
    Well, maybe playing on my new Asus tablet!!!!!!!

  • Shadowgun is probably the most stunning game! 

  • Shadowgun is probably the most stunning game! 

  • ShadowGun 

  • Chris

    Shadowgun, no doubt.

  • ShadowGun THD

  • Jamieheppner

    Dark meadow! :-)

  • Matt Lorimer

    Love pinball.  Gotta go with Zen Penball.

  • moonunitenar

    I think Shadowgun probably has the best graphics, especially the Tegra 3 version.

  • Eric To


  • I’m probably lame but I like what I can see on pinball HD

  • ooter123456

    Dark Meadow

  • Trim

    GTA III 

  • Carey Gates

    Fruit Ninja THD

  • Elad Green

    Shadowgun is fantastic!

  • Jean

    History™ Great Battles Medieval

  • You can put me down for Bang Bang Racing. That looks awesome.

  • Adam Cloutier


  • shadowgun

  • Kevin

    dark meadow no contest haha

  • Scott Nelson

    Definitely Shadowgun!

  • Grady N645

    i liked shadoww gun the best for a while because of the way it looked midevil was also a top for me because of the power the game gives you and the scale that it does it on. but now that dark meadow has come out and i have seen the differences between what the tegra 3 can do with and what it looks like on non tegra 3 platforms, i would have to say dark meadow because of the great step it took on mobile graphics.

  • Shadoww gun

  • Peter Jespersen

    Galaxy on Fire 2

  • Edgard Aspilcueta

    Dark Meadow: The Pact

  •  Definitely Shadowgun :D

  • Steve Ginter

    Shadowgun gets my vote.

  • Juan Ortiz


  • patrickmaher


  • Osvaldo


  • monique soto

    Sprinkle in terms of design and subtle graphics effects. The water physics can’t be beat!

  • soraxd

    shadow gun, great graphics and fun game play! Now pick MEEE!!

  • Vanw0001

    Shadowgun, without a doubt!

  • Carl Dunham


  • Sean Livingston


  • moonunitenar

    I think Shadowgun probably has the best graphics, especially the Tegra 3 version.

  • Valnac

    I’m going to go with Shadowgun, but I haven’t played Dark Meadow.   Something tells me if I tried that, i’d change my vote.

  • Valnac

    I’m going to go with Shadowgun, but I haven’t played Dark Meadow.   Something tells me if I tried that, i’d change my vote.

  • Pinball HD

  • dark meadow

  • jdroleskey

    I like dungeon defenders’ graphics the most.

  • shadowgun THD is the best game in tegra zone!!

  • jazzyjff

    Shadowgun is very very good.  I just wish they would add multiplayer

  • Craig White

    shadowgun for me

  • Erik P.

    Hey! Everyone is saying Shadowgun only because they knew I would come here and say it :P lol jk but I think shadowgun for sure

  • Shadow gun is my favorite game.

  • Brandito

    Shadow Gun for me

  • Brandito

    Shadow Gun for me

  • Alejandro Yepes

     Dark Meadow: The Pact is my favorite in terms of graphics!!

  • lindi sopaj

    shadowgun all the way baby ;)

  • Marksol5

    I want this  and Shadow Gun

  • A.R.Jackson

    Dark Meadow: The Pact is great … Unreal Engine 3 on Android/Tegra 3 ftw!

  • Jlesther

    shadow gun lights up the competition… come to daddy

  • Jason Esterline

    I’m partial to boat racing games… 
    Riptide GP

  • doubleksquared

    My favorite game is Shadowgun.  The graphics are amazing.  The reflections, explosions and smoke details are fantastic, thanks to the Tegra 3 processor.  Hooking up a tablet to a large screen TV should show off the excellent graphics of Shadowgun and Tegra 3 tablets.

  • greengaloup

    I love Dark Meadow I play just before going to sleep. 

  • Michael Sidor

    I’m gonna say Galaxy on Fire 2 THD. Looks amazing.

  • Marcos Gonçalves

    The best one, by far, is Shadowgun.
    I LOVE IT!!!!

  • Graveuypo

    Renaissance Blood THD 
    takes the crown with ease. that just looks gorgeous. It’s pretty much console-level (and i don’t even mean the previous gen or the wii) of graphical beauty. 

  • Tomrpo1

    Shadow gun

  • Schmitt Mark

    Dark Meadow. .. No question. Great graphics, awesome game play!

  • Shadowgun, awesome graphics and endless of fun gameplay.

  • pedre

    Shadowgun without any doubt.

  • Helldrak

    Galaxy on Fire 2 THD, got a thing for space flight simulators

  • the graphics of  Riptide GP are amazing!

  • Dstewartf50

    Agreed. All amazing games. But the work that went into Glowball is pretty impressive. It doesn’t have the action of the others but the processor rendering is unmatched.

  • Manjot

    It would definitely have to be dark meadow: the pact as it is unparalleled with it’s texture rendering and amazing graphics.

  • Samuel Li

    Shadowgun’s graphics, while not the newest had me smile as I remembered playing snake only a few years ago on a phone.

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    Galaxy on fire two has the best graphics out of any mobile game I’ve seen or Maybe I just don’t play enough games or something.

  • Sthansen68

    Shadow gun rocks

  • Astromski

    Shadow gun graphics are explosive!!!!

  • wind up knight!
    or Temple Run

  • David Mendívil

    Dark Meadow of course… too damn scary

  • matt

    Auralux for its simple light.

  • David Bretzke

    Best graphics would have to be in Dark Meadow or Sprinkle

  • Smturner29

    Shadowgun was my favorite until Dark Meadow!! Awesome graphics and spooky!!!

  • Smturner29

    Shadowgun was my favorite until Dark Meadow!! Awesome graphics and spooky!!!

  • H3rmanmunst3r86


  • Daniel Moore

    Dark Meadow and Shadow Gun have the best graphics!

  • Sprinkle and Shadow Gun !!!

  • Zen pinball

  • Gbishop18

    ShadowGun by far for graphics.

  • Hkaous07

    Shadow gun wins it

  • Gary S.


  • Bert33

    Shadow gun

  • My vote goes for ShadowGun

  • Chuckie1971

    Shadowgun by far

  • justyna

    Sahdowgun is just so cooooooool

  • Jjaniga

    Dark meadow. No doubt

  • Shadow 93

    Riptide GP. Graphics are awesome. The onscreen water effects are a subtle but nice added touch that add realism.

  • Mattyb1085


  • Jeffrey Lobel

    Shadowgun hands down!

  • OverByter

    Dark Meadow is awesome

  • Mizzt96

    ShadowGun. 8)

  • Shadowgun :D

  • Justinthorne90


  • Dark Meadow

  • Adryan220

    Shadowgun is by far the best in my eyes.

  • shadowgun

  • lokhor


  • Tek112

    Tough call. For playability shadow gun is awesome, but for vibrant graphics, riptide gt is awesome!

  • crookedrose


  • Dark Meadow.

  • Eddlq

    Definitely Shadowgun.

  • hard to argue with Shadowgun… 

  • Peter Miklosko

    Shadowgun FTW!

  • Elik Rozenboim


  • timbosquad

    Shadowrun, no question :D

  • timbosquad

    Shadowrun, no question :D

  • CKThong

    Definitely Shadowgun!!!

  • menew1951

    Love fruit ninja

  • Clymbn

    I agree shadow gun:)

  • Shadowgunnnn. Wanna win that tablet!

  • sParkSnare

    SHADOWGUN, without a doubt

  • Shadowgun is very pretty.

  • Quizzy317

    Shadowgun all they way!! Truly console quality graphics!
    On a totally unrelated note, next Thursday just so happens to be my birthday….

  • Rodney

    Though not my favorite in terms of gameplay, I think Shadowgun comes out on top for its graphics. Honorable mention to GTA III for maintaining a massive world while still looking excellent.

  • Gr8mikko

    Fruit ninja, although havent got a chance to try anything else because I dont have any fancy android device.

  • slyder0244

    Gotta be Shadowgun or Riptide they both look fantastic

  • Patho

    My voice goes to Shadowgun though Dark Meado is also pretty good

  • Ahmed

    Riptide GP for myself

  • Without a doubt Shadowgun is a MUST when you have a piece of hardware like that. =D

  •  definately shadowgun cause of the console like graphics, on a tegra 3 device it is astonishing to see how far android tablets have come and to top it all off control support is added  hmmmm asus and nvida u guys are creating the perfect storm..

  • Tom van der Kolf

    I really enjoy shadowgun. Great gfx.

  • Shadowgun, most impressive tegra game imo.

  • Shadowgun. Definitely Shadowgun.

  • Shadowgun. Definitely Shadowgun.

  • Sweetmelonsz

    Shadowgun XD

  • Sweetmelonsz

    Shadowgun XD

  • Kevin Moggy


  • BarRoomHero21


  • Shadowgun for sure.

  • galaxy on fire

  • Shadowgun

  • artiplier

    Shadowgun tops it for me.

  • Ackaman

    Shadowgun on the OLED screen, yummie!

  • Micke Lundgren

    Shadowgun truly is the bee’s knees!

  • John Cockrell

    In terms of graphics, it has got to be Shadowgun!

  • Shadowgun FTW

  • Brian


  • Cal_Zone

    Galaxy on FIRE!

  • Alexandru

    Shadowgun :D

  • Dom DeLaurentis

    Shadowgun looks incredible on Tegra 3! Everything is super smooth and quick. And playing with a USB controller would be even more amazing! It’s like playing Xbox 360 on an Android-powered laptop!

  • Brandon James Starcevic

    I thought Shadowgun looked good on my phone, then I tried it on my tablet, it’s the best for sure!

  • Mhunter619


  • Dark Meadow: The Pact is just gorgeous.

  • rbfx4x

    Shadowgun for sure. It shows off what tegra 3 can do and why the ipad is so bad :)

  • Shadowgun!

  • Krzysztof Kajdasz

     Fruit Ninja THD – I’m the fruit slicer!

  • Txreddawg


  • Shade379

    I personally think that the syrim live wallpaper had amazing graphics and it does not slow down the Asus at all. (Tested on my friends Asus) .

  • Pablo

    Shadowgun all the way! :)

    Is this an international giveaway?

  • Charlesmaze3515

    Do you guys accept advertisement?

    Please contact us at

  • Best graphics? That HAS to be Dark Meadow: The Pact!

  •  Shadowgun has to take the graphics crown here!

  • Ricostuart

    TBH most of them are pretty awesome, but I have to agree with Bret –
    Shadowgun is a pretty impressive game! My PC a few years ago wouldnt
    manage such graphic power without a load of fans (case, gfx card, PSU,
    CPU, etc) and a load of power being used. Now can be done easily on a
    phone! Love it!

  • rmwilk

     Fruit Ninja THD – Awesome!

  • Kelvin Yeung

    In terms of graphics? Shadowgun without a doubt.

  • kittykittybangbang

    Absolutely Shadowgun. Without a doubt!

  • enCrypt

    Dark Meadow: The Pact for me…

  • cprofitt

    I am torn… but I think I will go with Dark Meadow: The Pact. Shadowgun comes in a close second.

  • fixxmyhead

    dark meadow

  • Tony_pilato

    Shadow Gun! I’ve seen it on an htc one X and its awesome! better than riptide in my opinion!

  • tonymctony

    Shadow Gun! better than any other games in terms of graphics and smoothness

  • knockedthrower1

    Riptide for the smoothest gameplay

  • Justin Ritsche

    Without a doubt Shadowgun has revolutionized the way high resolution gaming is headed from a “mobile” standpoint! Having purchased the TF-101 way back on Black Friday (still the best purchase I have EVER made) Shadowgun+ASUS Transformer is the “Cat’s Meow!!” The ability to mirror my screen onto my HDTV in Hi-Def, and the option to use a controller, make this the new wave of the future! Just think of the possibilities?!?!

  • John Rowe

    Renaissance Blood THD

  • I think Shadowgun probably has the best graphics, especially the tegra 3 version.

  • Chriszielinsky

    Dark Meadow: The Pact.

  • Michael

    Shadowgun, hands down

  • Dark Meadow

  • LLcdPH

    Can’t really comment on my favorite TegraZone game since I don’t have a device to play one on!.  But I promise I will! 

  • Techie256

    Riptide GP

  • Wesley Sud7

    ShadowGun us great!

  • SilverWolf

    ShadowGun is in my opinion the best by far.

  • Nsk1621

    Fruit Ninja!

  • Fruit NingaTHD

  • Johnny Ko

    Without a doubt, Shadow Gun is an amazing game. 

  • Mwk


  • palaran

    Shadow Gun.

  • Drbojanz

    Shadow Gun!

  • Brokenevol


  • Dark Meadow!

  • Fia4Efekt

    still enjoying Riptide GT

  • Calvin Wong

    Shadowgun is pretty good

  • timbosquad

    Pretty sure Shadowgun’s the only one that counts for this :D

  • Mcar

    Samura II the texture you can feel with you’r eyes! If I win. This will be my first to install

  • Headhuntaz

    Shadow Gun, is beautiful!

  • Headhuntaz

    Shadow Gun, is beautiful!

  • Headhuntaz

    Shadow Gun, is beautiful!

  • Headhuntaz

    Shadow Gun, is beautiful!

  • Headhuntaz

    Shadow Gun, is beautiful!

  • Headhuntaz

    Shadow Gun, is beautiful!

  • Headhuntaz

    Shadow Gun, is beautiful!

  • Hamilton’sGreat Adventure THD looks nice and intresting. I need to play in this game. Texture is great and game has nice mood.

  • Pinball HD for Tegra looks amaizin ang graphic goes smooth.I recommend for everyone who likes pinball games!!!

  • Joe DOW

    Dark Meadow: The Pact. Best game ever!

  • Rachelle Shepherd-DuBey

    Pinball HD the best yet  but I am tempted by My Train Set – the fun of a train set without the cat knocking it over!

  • Garry Dufford

    ShadowGun THD is awesome!

  • Thiago Meireles

    Dark Meadow: The Pact! Someone still have doubts?!

  • Thiago Meireles

    Dark Meadow: The Pact! Someone still have doubts?! 

    Ps.: Delete the comment before

  • jmich456

    Dark Meadow: The Pact def has the best graphics

  • Pinball HD for me. Awesome game.

  • Shadowgun…

  • The best TegraZone game in terms of graphics?

    Undoubtedly this is the Dark Meadow: The Pact. Stunning graphics and gameplay experience. Too bad I don’t have a Tegra 3 device to run it.

  •  Dark Meadow: The Pact

  • For me is Grand Theft Auto 3

  • ekemps

     ShadowGun THD has the best game graphics.

  • MakulaTolkien

    Shadowgun for sure!

  • systems6

    “Chuck Norris got bored one day and traveled to the year 2350…”

    ..He battled a intergalactic corporation…

    Long story short……………….WE HAVE SHADOWGUN!
    (best graphics by far)

  • Keyan X

    Riptide GP

  • Shadowgun! the graphics are amazing :D

  • Craig White

    Pinball HD or bust  ;-)

  • Vladimir Medvedev

    Dark Meadow: The Pact

  • Nick Meusch

    Shadowgun – too good. 

  • Meltdown on Mars

  • Vincentbell1995

    Dark Meadow. Layed it on a friends Android Tablet, great game, very nice graphics. That’s why I’m entering this contest, in hopes of winning this device.

  • Oren Haydel


  • mikeGsays

    Shadowgun for sure!

  • Iamx89


  • Godsoulja16

    Shadowgun hands down is the best game I’ve ever played on a mobile device graphics are smooth and crisp

  • Shadowgun blows all other games out of the water!!!

  • Ricardo Ribeiro

    NOVA 3!! FTW… wait F**K , not in tegrazone…damn, ok let’s say SHADOWGUN!! 

    What do you say now?…I win a transformer prime to play both games…ahhh you’re much to kind :D

  • aatwal

    Renaissance Blood THD

  • Dark Meadow: The Pact

  • GenMasterB

    You’re making this tough as there are some darn fine looking games in TegraZone, but I’m going to have to go with ShadowGun THD.

  • Ghozt

    I think that the game with best graphics is the golden arrow thd. Is just amazing and evolving all the details :-)

  • Yomanbob

    I’m gonna have to go with Shadowgun. Even though I only have my little captivate, the game looks excellent. Shots from it running on actually Tegra devices look great.

  • I am also going to choose Shadowgun THD. The graphics are solid, frame rate rarely  is an issue and the game is fun! SGTHD is always a solid game to play on the go, on break at work or just killing time. The game would look even sweeter on the Transformer Pad in all it’s HD glory!! I WANT A PAD! ARGHHHHHH

  • WeedBreed

    It is surely Shadowgun THD

  • Padishar

    Tough choice… but I’ll have to go with Shadowgun THD !

  • Terho Siikanen

    What is there to argue? Definitely Shadowgun THD!

  • Ben

    Pinball HD

  • Sallie Smith

    This is really difficult, none of the Tegrazone games are my absolute favorites, but I do play Shadowgun every once in awhile so that would be my favorite

  • Shadowgun THD is the best graphically good looking game i have played till now on a mobile device!

  • Juan Ortiz

    Shadowgun hands down.

  • Victor Epée

    My favorite is Shadowgun

  • Sree

     SHADOWGUN is the best high graphic ,modern era game i have ever seen in ma life ….i am one of the luckiest person to play SHADOWGUN…i think android give this game to an extraordinary performance……..i want to play shadowgun in transformr pad also which give  a 100% percent experience to the viewers..

  • MMI

    all the games have great graphics! umm. not sure what to say otherwise. Just gimmie a Transformer pad!

  • JordanAlcock

    Have to go with shadowgun

  • Omega5555

    Yup, Shadowgun is the best!

  • Kerflop

    Shadowgun, hands down for me…

  • Joel McFarlane

    The best game is Shadowgun THD by far.

  • Shadowgun is the best

  • shadowgun – 100%

  • Zen pinball + marvel = cool

  • jct31294

    Shadow gun is definitely the best tegra zone game out there at the moment

  • Terrac Skiens

    GTA III of course!

    It’s amazing that this can be played on a phone, when just 9 years ago it took a $400 console, and 135w of power to play. 

  • Jesper


  • Youssef Tarek

    Gta 3

  • Afusef

    Definetly shadow gun :)

  • Nikhil handa

    shadowgun for sure.. the game offers amazing graphics

  • gta III for sure.

  • Dark Meadow: The Pact looks amazing to me!

  • Kujio

    Have to say shadowgun as well

  • Ty

    Shadowgun without a doubt!

  • cue zaireekaa

    must agree with a lot of you. Shadowgun with tegra flavoring.

  • Steven Secord

    It’s simple, but Fruit Ninja is a blast. I also was able to try Siege Craft, and it was a lot of fun and visually compelling.

  • Gameboid

    Grand Theft Auto 3, all day!

  • Gregory McGill

    Grand Theft Auto 3

  • trayes77

    Shadow Gun has the best graphics

  • Dax_blu3

    Shadow gun ftw!

  • vdidwania

    Shadow gun!

  • Shadow Gun

  • For graphics, Riptide GP because of the motion blur and water splashes. My #2 pick would be shadowgun

  • Theodore Markulin

    Shadow Gun by far

  • Josh Overbaugh

    Shadow gun

  • Sylvian Underwood

    Shadow Guy 

  • Mark Respicio

    Shadowgun hands down.  Cannot believe this game can be played on the TF101!

  • Blockb2pm

    Shadow gun awesomeness :D

  • Young Abe

    dongeon defenders: second wave

  • Cal_Zone

    Galaxy on fire 2!

  • Alex Balex Bom

    Shadow gun!

  • Brad

    Shadowgun for sure

  • adajmk


  • S3rgi0

    Shadowgun foe sho!

  • Brandon James Starcevic


  • ShadowGun

  • Fireball028

    Grand theft auto 3! For 99 cents on sale too

  • Allan Brazute Alves

    Everytime I think in Tegra, Shadowgun THD popups to my mind. I only have a Tegra 2 device and just keep imaging all that in a Tegra 3 device… maybe one day! =)

  • artiplier

    Shadowgun THD