[Review] SHADOWGUN game for Android

This was a “no brain” buy for me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, which runs on  a Tegra 2 processor, and this game was made for the Tegra 2, how could I pass it up? Right from the start the graphics are on par with what I expect from NVIDIA and Madfinger. The game wastes no time with a story or any training level. The first level is your training, and you learn the story as you go.

I recently did a review for N.O.V.A. 2, and in that review I made the comment “games like this are why I won’t shell out hundreds of dollars for a console ever again,” Or something to that effect. Well my friends, this here, is another reason added on top of that one. So what if graphics are more realistic on a console. They are still pretty sick on the tablet version too. Continue on after the break for the screen shots as well as my full review and the QR code.

I mean don’t get me wrong there are some pretty sweet games for the XBox, and the Playstation, but being a college student, I can’t afford their prices for the tittles after I have shelled out $600 for their system. Android offers a better, more refined approach. Yeah I had to pay $600+ for my Tab, but the games are usually under $10 bucks. I also had other reasons driving me to buy the Tab. I use the internet all day on it, I also write almost all of my school papers with Office Suite, as well as Thinking Space Pro to help take notes in class. What does the console do? That’s right sit on a shelf and collect dust until you decide to play it, and then it still collects dust. I have the Tab with me 75% of the time I am out of the house.

OK, back to the review of ShadowGun. Let’s start with graphics first. In one word, amazing! These are the best graphics of any game made thus far for an Android powered device. The lighting is amazing, there are even some scenes in the game where there are mountains in the background, I live in Colorado, and can tell you they looked frickin real. Some areas you can see a little roughness around the edges but it doesn’t take away from game at all. You can tell they put a lot of attention into the enemies and have excellent detail to them.

Controls for the game are still the traditional floating keys. Your directional pad is on the left side, while the camera button is pretty much the entire right side of the screen. The shoot/action button and reload button also make up the other half of the right side. On top we have our menu option as well as our change gun option. The best part of all these controls is they can be customized. That’s right, you can put those babies wherever you want. I am constantly moving mine around, looking for that perfect fit. Response to the controls is excellent, I have had other games drop the ball in this area, and I’m glad to see that this is not one of those games.

I was playing this on easy and I am still finding it a little on the hard side. Nothing to difficult but, a solid start to a mobile franchise. I can’t wait to finish the game on easy and then give the harder difficulties a run. I’m sure there will be some extra stuff in them that isn’t in the easy mode. Plus I still have a few more secrets to locate in the game.

I can’t recommend this game enough. Solid game play value as well as re-play value. I am most defiantly going to play this game over and over. For $5 in the Market it is worth every dime and then some. Click on the Market link or grab the QR code to experience this game first hand. If you already have this game, let us know your reaction to the game in the comments section.


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About the Author: Spencer McClendon

Spencer McClendon is a Criminal Justice student attending Front Range Community College in Fort Collins, Colorado. He hopes to transfer to Colorado State University after he achieves his Associates Degree, and ultimately wishes to be his own boss in the security sector. He is a long time native of Colorado and enjoys the great outdoors of Colorado. He spends his free time long-boarding and hiking.

  • Zomby2D

    The game looks great on my Galaxy S II. (Had to use Chainfire3D before it got released for most devices) Not a big fan of the genre, but it’s quite an achievement and I’m glad to support devs who put out great games like this.