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The best thing about our Android devices is more likely than not— they help us to be as productive as we can be. This includes being able to store an infinite amount of emails, contact information, documents and for some of us— even our tweets. Now as much information we save onto our phones, we sometimes forget where that information is, when we created or viewed the information, who the information came from and so on. There’s an interesting app out there called CloudMagic which aims to make those small nuisances a thing of the past.

The app works in a straightforward manner, it searches your Google applications (sans Google+) & Twitter for specific information. Essentially if you’re looking for something pressing, let’s say it’s an email from your cousin or boss containing a certain keyword that was really important, but you forgot when it was sent to you, CloudMagic will find it for you— and instantly. Let’s say you were on Twitter and you were looking for that funny tweet that was written just last week, but you follow hundreds or thousands of accounts, so finding that particular tweet became a chore— CloudMagic will handle that such for you too. The point is we have our devices for enhanced productivity, but sometimes we can lose our productivity and efficiency amidst by not effectively managing our information and having to track it down constantly— wasting time. CloudMagic won’t manage your information for you, but it will make your life easier by quickly finding the information you need on your time, especially if your lives can be unorganized and chaotic as mines can be.

As interesting and useful as the app is, it does have two major issues and they could be potential dealbreakers for some. The first is a lack of additional social networking support. While you’ll find there’s Twitter integration, there’s no support for Facebook or Google+. This is especially important for some because there are plenty of individuals who strictly use Facebook and Google+, not Twitter. Then again, this is a fairly new app, so one can assume that further integration of social apps will follow in the near-future. The second issue is the amount of permissions needed for the app– you’ll need to log in to your Google and Twitter accounts in order to get the full capabilities of the app and there will be no doubt many people who are opposed to giving certain apps or programs that sort of permission or access to what could be delicate information

But users shouldn’t let that be a deterrent for getting the app— especially if you have a vast amount of information and hate constantly wasting time have to go back and search for information. I highly recommend this app for any and all Android users who have 2.1+ devices. You can find it in the Android Market link below or by scanning that QR code. When you do grab the app, let us know what you think about it in the Comments section below.


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About the Author: Roy Alugbue

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