[Video] Review of Glider Gloves: The Ultimate Touchscreen Friendly Gloves

A couple months ago I was fortunate enough to take a trip down to San Diego for this years CTIA show. While I was rather disappointed that the Galaxy Nexus unveiling was cancelled, I was still fortunate enough to meet some great people and see some great products first hand. There were mobile electronics galore at this years show, not to mention hundreds of vendors and app developers who all wanted to show off there latest inventions for those who were interested. Out of all the great apps, devices, and products I was introduced to, you might be surprised to hear what ended up being one of my most favorites. Gloves. Yes, a simple, non-electronic pair of gloves. Glider Gloves to be exact.

Now you may be sitting there asking yourself, what the hell can be so special about a pair of gloves to make them stand out as a front runner from all the goodies that could be found at CTIA 2011? Well being that I am from the Pacific Northwest, where extremely cold winters are the norm, I find that wearing a pair of gloves 4 months out of the year isn’t just a necessity, it’s sometimes an annoyance. You see I, like yourself, am a huge mobile tech fan. I have my smartphone and tablet with me at all times (the girlfriend might say the smartphone is actually an appendage), and as you know, using a gloved finger on a touchscreen is generally unheard of. I have been known to frequently use my nose to swipe around on the screen (you know you’ve done it), how nerdy is that? Now, I realize that there are a few companies out there making touchscreen friendly gloves, because trust me I have tried them and none have even come close in comparison to what the guys at Glider Gloves have come up with. You are really gonna dig these.

Generally most touchscreen friendly gloves have some sort of finger tip/s or pad that allows for the necessary swiping used on smartphones and tablets. You see, you need conductivity from your actual body in order to activate the screen in all the ways that you are used to doing, regular fabric as you know just isn’t going to do it. The pad, or tip, style gloves that I have seen are generally a weird looking set-up that I have found either annoying or completely dorky looking. Some gloves even go as far a using this “soft” metal mesh type of fabric that makes contact on your finger inside of the gloves and relays that connectivity through the material onto the gloves’ fingertip. Generally I associate metal with being rigid and harsh as apposed to “soft” and safe for touchscreen use. The team at Glider Gloves have developed a fabric made out of conductive yarn that feels incredibly soft and is not just found on the fingertips, the whole thing is made from the material giving it the appearance of normal, nerd-free gloves. I would even go as far as saying they look stylish and they are gloves that I actually get compliments on.

Glider Gloves come in three different colors, grey, black, and pink. Not only are there color options, there are thickness options as well. My favorite, the warm thick option, have a great fuzzy and warm liner that adds to the overall appeal of the gloves. Not only do they look good and allow me to use my smartphone, they keep my hands warm when I scrape the snow and ice off of my car in the mornings. The lighter style glove is more of a fall type of glove, or for those who don’t require the need for extra bulk in sub freezing weather. Both are made from the same conductive material, one just provides an extra layer of fuzzy goodness on the inside.  All colors and styles come with these cool little rubber nubbins all over the palms providing extra grip so you don’t drop that expensive smartphone you’re always carrying around. The rubberized palms of the gloves really do the trick, I find that they grip the steering wheel exceptionally well, something I usually hate about wearing other gloves in the winter.

As if the Glider Gloves couldn’t get much better, they even went the extra step to ad a super soft tag inside the left glove that doubles as a screen cleaner! Sounds kinda silly and I even contemplated cutting it out when I first got them but after using it a bunch of times I am glad I kept it in tact. Basically, these are the coolest gloves I have ever seen, I was so impressed in fact, I wanted to reach out to the company to do a proper review and possibly offer our readers a chance to enter some kind of contest for a chance to win a pair to try out for themselves. In the meantime though, you can go to glidergloves.com and enter the promo code talkandroid to receive $3 off each pair of gloves you order until December 13th, so act fast! After the 10th, you can use the code talkandroid3$, and it will discount your full order (not per pair) by $3.00. That code is good till January 4.

Check out my hands-on (more like hands-in) video review below and be sure to hear over to our forums to enter for a chance to win one of 5 pairs of your choice! After all, it’s officially winter and what better way for Talk Android and Glider Gloves to wish you all Happy Holidays!

About the Author: Stacy Bruce

Stacy Bruce was born and raised in Spokane Washington. He attended the University of Washington to study pre-med only to change his course study a year later to forensic science. Although currently not a doctor or a scientist, some believe he posseses the knowledge of both. He was a resident of San Diego California for ten years, lived beachside and sometimes wonders why the hell he moved back to Spokane. A multi-talented man, Stacy is a fabricator, an artist, a gear head, a tech junkie and at most, the disciple of Casanova. Growing up, he was always enthralled with electronics, gadgets and gizmos. Throughout his life he has had one, if not two, of every cool and new electronic device available. He began his smartphone experience with the original iPhone. After realizing it was more like theirPhone, he decided he wanted the ability to customize, so Stacy moved to the OG Droid and has been a loyal Android fanatic ever since. Moving through all of the top tier Verizon phones, he recently retired his Droid Charge in favor of the Galaxy Nexus, only to wonder what great device Samsung will come out with next. Stacy is a busy new homeowner in where he lives with his beautiful girlfriend and two dogs.