You can now send messages through WhatsApp and Viber using voice commands through Google

whatsapp2Google has integrated a few new messaging apps into its voice commands in the Android app, so now you’ll be able to quickly send messages in your favorite clients without ever having to touch your phone.

The process works just like sending a text message, but instead of dictating to send a text, you can tell Google to send a WhatsApp message to someone. Afterwards, Google will prompt for what you’d like to send. The process works with several of the most popular messaging services, including WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, and NextPlus.  Read more

Motorola Moto X Style versus OnePlus 2


We certainly saw some interesting devices launch this week, from OnePlus introducing the “2016 flagship killer,” the OnePlus 2 to Motorola offering the Moto X Style, a flagship device at an affordable price point. That said, it could be hard choosing which one to pick up this summer.

Let’s see how the Moto X Style and OnePlus 2 stacks up against one another, shall we?

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