AT&T’s HTC One M9 gets software update to improve camera


Between last year’s One (M8) and this year’s One M9, we know an area that HTC has yet to master: the camera. However, the issues experienced with the One M9’s camera seem to be somewhat fixable through a software update. Right now, owners of the device operating through AT&T are receiving a software update that “camera improvements.” No further details were provided aside from the inclusion of thermal improvements and the usual bug fixes and improvements.

Let us know in the comments how you are handling the camera after this software update.

Source: HTC

Action Launcher 3 updated with custom apps grid, editable labels, and more


Developers do listen to their users, especially the independent developers. Chris Lacy, the man behind Action Launcher 3, has pushed an update to the very popular Android launcher that has plenty of features requested by users. Among the new features are sizing the apps grid and editing labels for apps. The apps grid also resumes where the user left it when reopening. Lacy posted a video with the update’s announcement proving that there are sixteen noticeable changes; however, that number exceeds twenty when considering everything that the developer has done with v3.4.

Users that have not purchased Action Launcher 3 will also get more out of free version of Lacy has moved some features over to enhance the experience.

Hit the break for a video showcasing the features and download links.

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Sony’s Google Cast for Audio-ready devices coming next month


Starting next month, Sony will launch some of the hardware introduced at CES 2015 as being compatible with Google Cast for Audio. The company has six devices that will be released between May and July. There are four sound bars ($349-$1,499) and two A/V receivers ($499-$599) for consumers to choose from. Aside from Google Cast support, these devices have Bluetooth and 7.2 channel audio. Both the online Sony store and authorized dealers in the United States will sell the devices.

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Nexus Player Wins the Android 5.1.1 Contest, Factory Image Now Available


Remember the Nexus Player? We won’t fault you if you don’t. To many, Google’s first entry into the digital media player space is an exercise in futility, with similarly-priced competitors sporting stronger specs and better UIs. Like many Nexus devices, the Player hasn’t quite made the splash Google (and Asus) might have intended, but how many Nexus devices go mainstream, anyway? The closest we’ve really come to that is the Nexus 6 and (maybe) the (subjectively superior) Nexus 5.

But now, the Nexus Player is also the first device to receive the Android 5.1.1 update. Yes, what is arguably the least-used of all Nexus devices (we’ve got our eye on you, Nexus 10) is now leading the pack in software updates. The now-passé Android 5.1 has been rolling out to a handful of devices over the past number of weeks, but now that progress has been torn asunder by proof that there is more to be had from Lollipop than mere single-decimal nomenclature.

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EU Commissioner denies any personal grudge against Google

Google_Logo_Headquarters_01Google is in the middle of an antitrust battle with the European Union, and the lawsuit has the potential to cost the company billions. It’s not a giant leap to assume the EU has a vendetta against Google for some reason, especially when other major government agencies like the FTC in the US have dismissed all of their antitrust investigations against the search engine, but the EU commissioner says that’s simply not the case. Read more

Adobe updates Lightroom app with support for RAW files, other improvements


Adobe has announced several updates to their Lightroom CC platform, including some improvements specifically targeted at Android devices. Lightroom CC is Adobe’s answer to the ever increasing cloud-based service world and makes use of the Adobe Creative Cloud, combined with Lightroom features, to make life easy for image editors. For Android users who have the mobile Lightroom app, they will find they can now edit DNG, or RAW, files on their devices. The ability to produce DNG files is new to Android Lollipop if a device has a camera sensor capable of producing the file format. Users will also be able to open, edit and save files to their microSD card storage on Android devices. Adobe also added support for tablet devices where Lightroom was previously only usable on Android smartphones. Read more