Cartoon Network’s Formula Cartoon All-Stars racing game launches on Play Store

Screenshot 2015-06-25 20.22.19Cartoon Network has launched a brand new racing game onto Google’s Play Store called Formula Cartoon All-Stars. The game features several characters and tons of tracks from Cartoon Network’s most popular franchises, including shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, plus several others.

The gameplay offers a hectic cart-racing experience, not unlike Mario Kart. There are tons of boosts, items, and weapons to keep races exciting, and the control scheme is completely optimized for just one finger. Read more

OnePlus 2 launch to push the envelope with VR event


OnePlus has announced that they plan to push the envelope a bit, consistent with their goal of being on the cutting-edge of technology, by holding the OnePlus 2 launch event as a virtual reality event. The launch is scheduled to take place on July 27th at 7:00 pm PT and when it starts, viewers can fire up a special OnePlus Cardboard headset to get an insider’s view of the launch. Read more

BlackBerry planning on building Android smartphones if security requirements are met



Blackberry has been below the smartphone competition partly due its proprietary operating system, BlackBerry OS, that even after its partnership with the Amazon Appstore, lacks access to the more than a million applications available on android and iOS smartphones. Despite of that, Blackberry’s focus is and has always been security and productivity, and is respected for those qualities. Now, how great would an Android-based BlackBerry smartphone with added security would be for professionals looking for a more flexible and familiar user experience? Well, rumors have been around that BlackBerry has been in the works of making their first smartphones running on Android.

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Sonic Runners is out worldwide in the Play Store

SONIC-RUNNERS-iconSega has a new side-scrolling Sonic game out in the Play Store today. It has been available in select areas, but is officially released worldwide June 25th (today).

Like most other Sonic games it’s a classic 2D runner that still has everyone’s favorite characters. Prepare yourself for fast speeds, big loops, and lots of Bosses such as the infamous Dr. Eggman. The objective is still the same as previous games. Collect as many rings as you can while going as fast as you can. Your goal is to level up quickly, but you will need to decide who is the best character to use for each level.

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Amazon offering 23 apps for free through end of month, running Dream Package contest


Amazon offers a free app everyday through their own Appstore, but from time to time they offer a whole bunch of apps for free for a limited time. As people start to countdown the days until the long Independence Day weekend starts, Amazon has launched a special promotion through July 1st that makes 23 titles available for free.  Read more

Luxe valet service adds new Drive Home option


If you ever drive in the big city one of the challenges you may have faced is finding parking without incurring a parking ticket or a long walk. To combat those problems, Luxe opened to offer a valet service for users who need to park somewhere that does not normally have valet service. The company has announced they are expanding the services they offer beyond just parking your car while you are out and about – they will now drive you home in your own car. The most obvious application for this service will be for users who may not be in a condition to drive thanks to the help of a few drinks. Read more

Make your S6 or S6 edge look like stock Android

material-design-s6-themeMany people do not like Samsung TouchWiz because it is slow and doesn’t fit everyone’s taste. This year however Samsung has made a 180 with TouchWiz on their Galaxy S6/S6 edge by toning the features down and adding a theme store. With the theme store you can download new themes made specifically for the S6/S6 edge to give your phone a totally different look. Currently they don’t have a huge selection of great themes, but they are adding new ones all the time.

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Amazon opens up Alexa platform as part of big voice technology move


Earlier this week Amazon finally opened up the closed beta for their Amazon Echo voice-activated device to general consumers. However, Amazon was not anywhere close to being finished with a move into the voice-activated technology realm. Today they announced that they are opening up their software platform that powers Echo, Amazon Alexa, to developers via APIs, they are making APIs available for hardware makers to incorporate Alexa technology into new devices, and they are backing all of this with a $100 million fund to support developers. Read more

Samsung’s interest in virtual reality grows with new investment


Apparently, Samsung is not bound to any exclusive partnership with Oculus because the company just invested in yet another virtual reality headset developer. Samsung Ventures spent an undisclosed amount of money to invest in Fove, a small company working on its own virtual reality headset that has become a hit on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign, which closes in eight days, has raised more than $450,000 with over 1,000 backers. Fove claims that it offers eye movement control with virtual reality at an affordable price.

Via: Engadget