Moto G4 Play review: The year’s best budget phone


This summer may have been quiet for most companies in the mobile industry, but Lenovo was busy throughout the entire season. Six devices from the Moto brand have been released in the last five month, which is something we haven’t seen from anyone else but Samsung and LG in recent years. Now Lenovo is pumping out Moto devices at a rapid pace to serve as many people as it can.

The Moto G4 Play is the final device from the 2016 batch, and it’s probably the only one from the Moto G4 family that should’ve ever been released. Like the Moto Z Play, this phone is for people who want a phone from Lenovo’s mid-range line at the lowest price possible.

Hit the break for our review of the Moto G4 Play.

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As replacement Galaxy Note 7 units become available in the US, UK, and Korea, this is how you can identify them


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has moved from being a reliable source of income for the Korean handset maker to being a potentially hugely expensive mistake, both in terms of actually financial cost and public relations, resulting in the tainting of the Galaxy moniker, a noticeable drop in Samsung’s share price, and the US President of Samsung making a public apology for the recall. It’s been almost 3 weeks since the drama began, and good to its word, Samsung has begun the slow process of replacing Galaxy Note 7 units in the US, the UK, and South Korea. Join us after the break for more details on the Galaxy Note 7 Exchange Program and how the new, safe version can be identified.¬† Read more

A whole bunch of new Google Pixel device info surfaces


Yesterday we posted a new video outlining our wish list for the new Google Pixel smartphones coming to market in early October. Although it does not look like we have much more clarity regarding the items we are hoping for, several new pieces of data about the devices have surfaced over the past day as entries from various stops a device makes on the way to market have surfaced. The new Google devices showed up on Geekbench, in the Global Certification Forum, and even a leak of some case designs showed up online. Read more

Samsung’s US President and COO releases an apology for the Galaxy Note 7


You’re probably tired of hearing about the Galaxy Note 7 recall, but it’s still the hottest (pun definitely intended) issue with Android right now. At this point, we’re just waiting for replacement devices to roll in and for Samsung to get everyone swapped out to put this to bed once and for all, which might happen sooner rather than later when people start noticing their Note 7 batteries are getting gimped via an update. Read more