Nest Thermostat E tones down the design and the price

After what seems like an eternity in the tech gadget world, Google’s Nest business has finally come out with a new thermostat device to join their Nest Learning Thermostat. ┬áThe new Nest Thermostat E is designed to appeal to a wider audience thanks to two key changes. First, the new device is much cheaper priced at only $169 versus the original’s $249 price putting it within reach of more buyers. Second, the design is much more plain instead of the original units tech-heavy design.

Samsung updates Gear IconX wireless, cord-free earbuds

At their pre-IFA 2017 press event in Berlin today, along with updates to a variety of other products, Samsung announced updates to their Gear IconX wireless ear buds. Ergonomically, Samsung says the redesigned units are lighter weight and will stay secured in a user’s ears better. More importantly, Samsung has added some software technology and made battery improvements.

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We know you love virtual reality. It’s all the craze today. Now, with our help, you can get into the business of creating immersive content without spending a fortune.

There’s a 360-degree camera on Talk Android Deals that connects to your phone’s USB-C or micro-USB port. It’s only going to be discounted for a limited time, however. So don’t wait too long and end up missing out on a high quality attachment at an unbeatable price.

New Google Assistant speakers from Anker, Panasonic, and Mobvoi debut at IFA 2017

Finally the push for Google Assistant to be placed in a new devices is happening. We’re approaching the one-year mark of Google Home being on the market, and Google still hasn’t seen its artificial intelligence technology gain widespread traction like Amazon’s. That appears to be changing near the end of 2017 and into the new year as, at IFA 2017 in Berlin, Google announced new Assistant-ready hardware from its partners.

Let’s see what the new devices are from Panasonic, Mobvoi, and Anker.

Acer announces a new 15-inch Chromebook with stellar battery life

Acer has announced a new Chromebook that marks a few firsts in Google’s laptop family. It’s a pretty typical Chromebook with a fanless design and access to the Play Store for Android apps, but it’s the first ever Chromebook with a 15.6-inch screen. That’s not an uncommon size for regular Windows or MacOS, but with Chromebooks we tend to see smaller screens.

Google introduces new Play Protect certification for Android devices

Yesterday Google announced a new certification they are rolling out for the Android device market. Called Google Play Protect, Google says the new certification is available for Android device manufacturers. To obtain the certification, manufacturers will have to be willing to submit their devices to a battery of compatibility tests designed to ensure they adhere to Google’s Android security and permissions models. At least part of those tests involve checking the pre-installed apps to make sure they are authentic and will work as intended.

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A new version of Android is starting to roll out worldwide, and already there are developers tailoring their apps and games for it.

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