LG launches Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband Touch

We’re seeing tons of new products at CES today, and that will continue throughout the next few days— LG isn’t coming short, either.

The company is launching its Lifeband Touch fitness tracker (seen above) which tracks calorie output, steps walked, as well as many other fitness statistics. The device is water-resistant as well. It connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and an LG application to both Android and iOS phones, letting users see phone notifications, check exercise goals, and play music from a smartwatch.

A release date is still unknown, but expect a formal announcement relatively soon.

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ASUS Transformer Book Duet is official, allows users to switch between Android and Windows for $600


At their CES 2014 keynote, ASUS has announced the Transformer Book Duet TD300. It is the first device announced that falls under Intel’s Dual OS category. Users can seamlessly switch between Windows 8.1 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in a matter of four seconds. The display is 13.3 inches and has a 1080p resolution. It weighs just over four pounds and comes with a keyboard to take advantage of Windows’ productivity. The tablet itself is thick — roughly half of an inch.

Under the hood is where this device really shines. Intel President Renee James appeared on stage at the event to talk up its processor. The Transformer Book Duet will have their four generation Core i7 processor with 4GB of RAM. While there is a 128GB SSD, the keyboard dock adds 1TB of storage to the hard drive. When the Transformer Book Duet arrives, it will cost $600.

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Pebble announces the Pebble Steel, Pebble Appstore, and new partners

Pebble Steel-3qtr-trio-zoom

We just found out what that “something special” was that Pebble promised for CES. A couple of weeks ago, we got wind that they were working on a Pebble Appstore, and they just announced that it will open by the end of January. Up until now, users have gone to third party sites to find their apps, but the new Appstore is going to make things a lot easier since everything will be in one place. They will also include categories such as Daily Living, Remote Controls, Games, Notifications, Tools & Utilities, Sports & Fitness and Watchfaces. Developers who want to be part of the opening will need to submit their apps by January 9.

Pebble also announced the Pebble Steel, which is the same Pebble watch, but a more premium version. How does forged and CNC­ machined stainless steel sound? Add in Gorilla Glass and antifingerprint coating, and you have a really nice watch. It will come in either Brushed Stainless or Black Matte. Both models will come with two bands, a matching metal band and a black leather strap. You can order your very own Pebble Steel starting today at getpebble.com for $249, which includes free shipping.

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AT&T announces the ASUS Padfone X in the US


You may have been following the release of ASUS’ Padfones and seen them appear in benchmarks, and you may have been disappointed that it seemed like they might not make it to the US. Well my friends, all that has just changed at the AT&T developers summit at CES 2014, with the announcement of the new Padfone X. In fact, it seems that for now at least, the Padfone X will only be available in the US! Hit the break to find out more and read the press release!

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Huawei announces Ascend Mate 2 4G smartphone, plans to bring it to the U.S.


After a recent leak of images of Huawei’s successor to the Ascend Mate, the Ascend Mate 2, it is no surprise to see the device at CES 2014. This refreshed version of a super-sized smartphone will come with a 6.1-inch screen running at 720p resolution. While giving up some sharpness to manufacturers producing 1080p or greater screens for their smartphone devices, the lower energy demands combined with Huawei’s 4050 mAh battery means the device should run for quite a while between charges. Huawei claims under “normal use” that translates to 60 hours per charge or 12 hours of constant web surfing. Read more

Corning announces antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, can kill bacteria on your smartphone


Smartphone use is as high as ever, with people pulling out their devices at all kinds of moments during the day. Because of that, it makes sense that our screens can get a little…icky. If Corning has anything to say about it, however, this will soon be a thing of the past! At CES today, the company unveiled their new antimicrobial Gorilla Glass, which can actually kill bacteria that happen to find their way onto your device. Hit the break to find out more and see a video about the glass!

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T-Mobiles Officially Announces LG G Flex


As AT&T just did, T-Mobile is making the LG G Flex official. Like AT&T, pricing and availability will be announced in the coming weeks. The device will be the same flexible 6 inch device as everyone else’s, just equipped to run on T-Mobile’s network. With LG announcing that the device would make U.S. land fall this quarter, it appears that carriers are wasting little time announcing the device. We have the presser for you after the break. Stay tuned for our hands on with the device at CES 2014.

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AT&T introduces Sponsored Data, allowing businesses to pay the data bill for consumers


AT&T has revealed what they’re calling Sponsored Data at the AT&T developers summit today at CES 2014. While the service sounds a little bizarre, it’s actually pretty straightforward, and AT&T likens it to 1-800 phone services where the company that is being called will foot the bill for the call.

The service is aimed mostly at businesses, and allows users to test out things like apps and games and even view websites without it having an effect on their monthly data plans.

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AT&T Makes LG G Flex Official

G Flex

With LG announcing that the G Flex will be officially coming to U.S. carriers this quarter we’re just waiting on said carriers to make it official. AT&T appears to be kicking that off by making the announcement this morning. Pricing and availability aren’t known as of yet with AT&T planning to announce that in the coming weeks. We have the presser for you after the break, and be sure to keep it locked here for all your CES coverage.

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Hands on with the LG G Flex at CES 2014


The LG G Flex has been out for a few months now, but we finally got a chance to see it up close and in personal because LG brought it to CES 2014. The good news is that it will finally be available in the U.S. during the first quarter of this year on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The G Flex is definitely a beast with its 6-inch 720p display and Snapdragon 800 processor. We didn’t to see its “self healing” properties yet, but we will be sure to get a hands on from the show floor tomorrow. For now, check out our quick hands on video after the break.

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