Samsung Takes the Galaxy S 4 Software for a Spin in this Latest Video


Samsung isn’t making it easier on those of you who are ready and waiting to get your hands on the Galaxy S 4. In their latest video we see a demonstration of S Translator, Air View, Sound & Shot and more. If you missed the live event, this is a good video to watch as it goes over some of the highlights of the new flagship phone. While the lady demonstrating the device seems to have had little time in front of a camera, she does do a decent job of showcasing what we will get when the phone becomes available. Hopefully this will tide most people over until then. If not you can check out our hands on with it. Are you excited for these features? Let us know in the forums or hit us up in the comment section below. Hit the break to check out the video!

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Glu Mobile Teases Frontline Commando: D-Day With Trailer [Video]


If you’re like me then you’ve always been a fan of first person shooter games from the World War II era. My favorite has been and always will be Battlefield 1942. I’ve often looked for decent WWII shooters on Android but I haven’t really found many that kept my attention. It appears however, that my search may be over as Glu Mobile just released the trailer for their upcoming game Frontline Commando: D-Day. The game will boast a 5 campaign set with 145 different missions. These missions will be based on actual beach landings. This includes Juno, Sword, Gold, Omaha, and Utah. Along with this we’ll see other features like:

  • stunning console quality visuals,
  • precise controls,
  • advanced physics,
  • destructible environments,
  • full voice overs.

You’ll be doing and experiencing all this with an array of classic WWII weapons. Of course there is the added element of in-app purchases, but you can complete the game without them. There isn’t a release date, but we’re hoping that it’s sooner rather than later. Hit the break to check out the trailer. Enjoy!

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NVIDIA reveals more info about Logan, Parker chips during GTC


At the GPU Technology Conference NVIDIA presented some new information about their roadmap and upcoming chips.  The next GPU processor scheduled from NVIDIA, the successor to the Tegra 4, is codenamed Logan. Logan uses a Kepler GPU, which finds its roots in chips used for PCs. This will be a first for smartphone and tablet gpu chips which had been custom built for mobile device use up until now. This outgrowth from the personal computer world means NVIDIA was able to include features like CUDA (GPU computing) and Open GL 4.3. This combination means mobile devices with the Logan chip will be able to make use of DirectX11 features. According to NVIDA, Logan should be ready in early 2014. Read more

Minuum Sets To Revolutionize The Mobile Keyboard, Almost Triples Funding Goal


There are many mobile keyboards and Minuum sets to make typing even better. Unlike keyboards which use the multiple row QWERTY format, Minuum has managed to condense everything down to a single row while keeping the QWERTY format we’re familiar with. At first glance, it seems very unlikely to be able to type accurately and efficiently. However, Will Walmsley, CEO of Whirlscape, reveals just how wrong that assumption is in a video showing the keyboard in action. An Indiegogo campaign was started to fund the project and a stretched goal of $60,000 has been added to build a wearable development kit. As of writing this, they’ve managed to raise nearly $30,000 with 30 days left on the fundraising campaign. Originally, the goal was to raise just $10,000. Read more

Verizon Galaxy Nexus Receives Android 4.2.2, Update Rolling Out Today

Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners have something to cheer about with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean rolling out starting today. The update brings new features such as Photosphere for 360 degree panorama photos, photo filters, borders, more photo customization, and Gesture Keyboard that allows you to slide your finger from letter to letter similar to Swype. Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners will also be able to add widgets directly to the lockscreen, making it easier to get a quick glance at information that matters most to you. Verizon says the Android 4.2.2 update will roll out in phases and didn’t include a time frame. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve received the update.

Source: Verizon Wireless News

Featured Android Game Review: Jetpack Jinx [Arcade & Action]


Jetpack Jinx is one of those games that will appeal to everyone of all ages since it’s not complicated. In fact, it’s very easy to play, just not easy to conquer. Jetpack Jinx was created by BubbleGum Interactive and it’s a vertical scroller. The premise is that the mischievous Jinx has crash landed on a mysterious planet and he needs to get back to his starship before his boss, Lord Shadowbot, finds out he’s gone. Your job is to keep Jinx soaring as high as you can without running out of power in his jetpack. How do you do that you ask? You collect jewels, but it’s not that easy since you have to avoid falling enemies and hazards. If you don’t collect enough gems in time, you will head right back to the bottom to start over.

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LG Claims Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 May Infringe Its Eye-Tracking Patents


The Galaxy S 4 was unveiled last week and already Samsung is facing patent infringement accusations. LG believes the S 4 may be infringing its eye-tracking patents which are utilized in such new features as Smart Scroll and Smart Pause. LG’s Optimus G Pro utilizes eye-tracking technology (and related patents) for its Smart Video feature. Samsung denies any patent infringement and LG also plans to find out if the South Korean giant infringed other eye-tracking patents dating back to as far as 2005. No lawsuit has been filed yet, although this wouldn’t be the first time either company has went after each other in court regarding patents.

Via: The Verge
Source: Yonhap News

ZTE and Intrepidus partner on smartphone security issue


You may have noticed in recent months that there is a big push on the part of smartphone manufacturers to sell the “security” of their devices. This is needed to obtain greater acceptance in the corporate world and to encourage consumers to use their devices for secure transactions. The latest manufacturer to join the frenzy is ZTE, the world’s fourth largest smartphone producer. Today ZTE announced a partnership with Intrepidus to evaluate the security mechanisms of ZTE devices. Intrepidus is a security testing company that specifically focuses on mobile devices, applications, systems and networks.

According to their press release, ZTE is partnering with Intrepidus to identify vulnerabilities, conduct penetration testing, perform reverse engineering, and review source code. ZTE is pursuing this course because “the need to protect personal information becomes more important each day.” You can check out the full press release after the break. Read more

HTC Trolling Samsung Unpacked Leads To ‘One On The Street’ Video


HTC caused quite a stir last week in New York City where they were showing off the One outside of Samsung Unpacked, and giving away branded cans of Pringles. To no surprise, a video was uploaded to YouTube which shows off the HTC One and gets people’s reactions. Both HTC and Samsung are going head to head with the upcoming release of their next flagship smartphones, and HTC has a lot of work moving forward if they want to recapture Android market share. You can check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: HTC Blog

No CM support for Galaxy S 4? Not so fast says CyanogenMod team


Earlier today we reported on some members of TeamHacksung expressing an unwillingness to develop a ROM for Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S 4 smartphone. The news certainly set the ‘net abuzz, but it appears the comments may not be as “official” as originally thought. The CyanogenMod Team has posted on their Google+ page a statement indicating no official position had been established regarding the Galaxy S 4 and that one would not be established until the device was available for retail purchases.

In the posting, the CM team reminds folks that announcements regarding support for devices will be communicated via their official channels on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, or their blog. The CM team also points out the comments from this morning posted by XpLoDWilD were just the opinions of four members of TeamHacksung who do not speak on behalf of CyanogenMod.

Those looking forward to getting CM running on a Galaxy S 4 can breathe a little easier for now.

source: +CyanogenMod