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AT&T offering Moto X and LG G2 for free on contract


Normally AT&T sells the Moto X and LG G2 for $99 each on contract, but those looking to buy one of these two devices will be pleased to know that they can now get them for free, thanks to a limited time offer.

According to AT&T the deals will last until January 31, and are only available online. It will require a 2 year contract agreement, and only works with certain plans. This deal will also have no effect on the off-contract prices of the phones.

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Mid-range Oppo Neo officially announced, set to cost $215


After Oppo‘s new midrange Neo was teased yesterday, the device has now officially been announced, specs and all.

The device is set to have a 4.5″ IPS display which can even detect touch when the user is wearing gloves. It has a resolution of 854 x 480 and a pixel density of 217ppi. The phone features a 1.3GHz dual core processor, and weighs a very light 130 grams. The Oppo Neo also has a 5MP rear-facing camera, and a 2MP front facing camera.

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RoboCop official app released and you don’t have to spend a dollar


If you are a fan of RoboCop and you are looking forward to the release of the remake later this year, you will be glad to know an Glu Mobile’s official app has been released in conjunction with the updated movie. The good news is the app is free so you won’t have to spend the oft-quoted dollar to play. However, if you really feel the urge to grab some extra items through in-app purchases you can do so while muttering, “I’d buy that for a dollar.” Read more

Google adds ability to star contacts in Gmail


Today Google added the ability to star important contacts in your contacts list, similar to how you star important messages in your Gmail inbox. Once a contact is starred, it will automatically be added to the “starred” group for easy access.

The feature will also be automatically synced with your Android device, so once you star a contact in Gmail, it will automatically be starred in your contacts list on your phone or tablet, and vice versa.

Source: +Gmail

Google Implements Data Compression and Bandwidth Management To Chrome For Android Plus More


If you thought Chrome was pretty good for Android, it’s about to get even better. The Google Chrome team just announced via their blog the launch of a few new features and upgrades coming to the highly popular mobile browser. The company will be implementing a new data compression option and the ability to manage allocated bandwidth for the app, reducing your overall data usage by up to 50%. That’s a pretty big deal for those keeping a hawk’s eye on how much monthly data they’re using. In addition, the search giant is adding enhancements such as  “Safe Browsing” technology in an attempt to thwart malicious webpages.  Once the update rolls out, you’ll be able to go to Settings->Bandwidth management->Reduce data usage and toggle to “On“. This will also allow you to track how much bandwidth you’re saving on a monthly basis.   Read more

Latest Pandora update adds personalized station recommendations

PandoraPandora remains the favorite internet radio choice for many, and personalized station recommendations could make it even more popular. Pandora announced today that up to 6 personalized artist stations will be able to be added or listened to at a time, which are determined based on current listening preference, song likes and dislikes, and your station list.

The new feature can be found in your Android app both at the “create a station” screen and at the bottom of your station list. The feature has already begun its roll out, so if you don’t have it already, you should soon. Click past the break for a download link. Read more

New augmented reality game based on ENDGAME coming late 2014 from Google’s Niantic Labs and James Frey


Google’s Niantic Labs already created the augmented reality hit, Ingress, and today it was revealed that they are working on a new one based on the new book trilogy called ENDGAME by bestselling author James Frey.

The first book in the series, called ENDGAME: THE CALLING, will come out on October 7th, 2014. Each book in the series will feature an interactive puzzle, which will include clues and riddles throughout the text. There will also be a major prize for each book. For ENDGAME: THE CALLING, there will be a public display of gold that is in a bullet-proof glass case. Players will join the battle from around the world, and whomever is able to solve the puzzle, they will get the key and will be able to open the case and claim the gold. Whenever that happens, it will be broadcasted on YouTube.

Also part of this deal is fifteen original e-book novellas, and Google will be distributing six of them exclusively in the Play Store. You can expect the game to launch on Android and iOS devices in late 2014.

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Samsung Air Gesture and Air View to improve in 2014 thanks to better hardware


Korean news source ET News is reporting today that Synaptics, the producer of touch screen panels used by Samsung, has a new solution slated to be implemented in forthcoming Samsung devices. According to Synaptics, the new panels incorporate several changes that will benefit users of devices like the Galaxy S5 or the next version of the Galaxy Note. The new screens have an increased range for the hover function so users will not have to get their fingers or stylus so close to the screen to activate Air Gesture or Air View features. If a “passive” pen is being used, the new panel will be able to recognize a smaller point of only 2.5pi, meaning more detailed writing will be possible. Synaptics also indicated they have lowered the manufacturing cost for the panels according to one insider. These savings were achieved by eliminating an insulation layer and bridge, printing the units on a single layer structure now.

source: ET News
via: G for Games

R.B.I. Baseball 14 set to hit consoles and mobile devices this spring


Major League Baseball (MLB) announced yesterday that it was only 42 days until the start of Spring Training games. As if that was not enough to whet the appetites of baseball fans, they followed that announcement with another indicating R.B.I. Baseball 14 was coming back in Spring 2014. The R.B.I. Baseball franchise was popular on the NES. This new iteration is coming for “current and next generation consoles and mobile devices.” The game is being developed in house by Major League Baseball Advanced Media which also produced titles for WWE as well as and the At Bat app.

You can hit the source link to head over to MLB’s sign-up page for updates if you are going to be ready to grab R.B.I. Baseball 14 as soon as it is available.

source: MLB
via: Engadget

Vuzix Inks Agreement With Unnamed Partner to Make Smart Glasses Stylish

VuzixLOGOWhile wearables are the new thing to get excited about these days, visually they’re not the most thrilling. Most smart glasses look like something out of an old Star Trek episode. That may be fine for most of us tech enthusiasts but we’re not going to impress a lot of people out and about. Vuzix hopes to change all that. The company announced today that it would be partnering with a top brand to make smart glasses stylish. The other company was unnamed.

Both companies hope that the partnership will result in smart glasses that look as fashionable as sunglasses that our favorite brands are making. Of course we’ll have to patiently wait for the fruition of this partnership as Vuzix doesn’t expect to have a working prototype, or even a finished retail product, before 2015. For those of you who haven’t heard of Vuzix or what they’re working on, you can check out our hands on from last years CES here.

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