Samsung Galaxy S II LTE HD Gets a White Paint Job

by Stacy Bruce on
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Samsung is really diggin’ those white phones! We recently saw the manufacturer announce a white version of the Galaxy S II for T-Mobile that should be available on December, 14th. Before that, on December, 4th, Sammy brought the white Galaxy S II Skyrocket to AT&T and now has plans to distribute the phone internationally.

Now the plan is to continue the white theme and lighten the color on the Galaxy S II LTE HD. As you can see in the picture above, the phone will be available in white and according to Samsung, should appeal more to women and the younger generation. All specs are to be the same as the original black version, just with a little color makeover.

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Day 6 of Google’s 10 cent App Celebration: 8 New and 2 Repeats

by Stacy Bruce on
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Good morning on this 6th day of Google’s 10 cent, 10 billion downloads, app celebration! Today we have 8 new ones for you and the last 2 on the list are repeats. I am really pleased that they keep putting good apps on sale and not just some no-namers. This is what we got for today:

Which is you favorite?

ASUS Comments on Transformer Prime Delay Rumor

by Stacy Bruce on
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Last night I told you about the possibility of a delay for the ASUS Transformer Prime. According to Canadian online retailer, NCIX, the Transformer Prime was being delayed due to some Wi-Fi signal strength issues. As much as we didn’t want to believe the news it was starting to look somewhat plausible with the amount of people who reported receiving the email. Because we got the news during the weekend, it has been near impossible for us to get a response from ASUS, but luckily the Verge had better luck. In a response given to the Verge, an ASUS spokesman had this to say about the supposed delay:

I am trying to confirm who released this statement and for what purpose right now. At this point, we still show to be on schedule to start shipments the week of 12/19. I will provide an update once I have additional information.

Who knows who this spokesman is or whether or not they would even be privy to the delay information, but I sure hope he is right and this was just a big fluke. I would think that Amazon would have gotten the delay news and thankfully they haven’t sent out emails regarding any delay. I am hoping we still might actually be able to enjoy this amazing Android tablet on Christmas after all. Have you been naughty, or nice?

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Why I Got Rid of My DROID Razr and Am Waiting for the Galaxy Nexus

by Jack Holt on
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The moment I heard about the DROID Razr I was extremely excited.  I checked out the Droid Does web site constantly drooling over this phone. A few days before the launch, a contest was held where the first person to decipher the code won the phone. Sadly I didn’t win the phone, but that didn’t stop my drooling over it. It did land me this job here however, so I chalk that up as a major win in itself.

The Razr

I happened to be in Best Buy on 11.11.11, the day the Razr was released, and stopped by the mobile phone department to see if they had one to play with. The moment I touched it I was surprised at how light it was. The screen was rather crisp and the phone was quite quick. I was hooked. I bought one right then and there. I didn’t hold out for the Nexus because of Motorola’s announcement about bringing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Razr and figured I could patiently wait for that update. At this point, we were thinking it would be the beginning of 2012 to see it.

I took it home and started installing all my apps (roughly 150). I was impressed with the amount of internal storage the phone had. I was able to install all of my apps without moving any to the SD card with a heap of storage to spare. I still moved some out of principle, but it was nice knowing that I didn’t have to. All the apps started up quickly and I saw no lag, whatsoever. I was impressed.

For the first few days I had the phone I was in heaven. It did everything I wanted it to with ease and finesse. The Motorola don’t-call-it-blur overlay had a few bells and whistles I was impressed with. I liked their contact widget and the little flare they had when you switched between home screens was nice. I did notice that there were only five home screens to play with. Considering that the norm is seven, and I use every single one of them, I was a little miffed at only having five. Maybe Motorola figured we only needed five, something I didn’t like, but something I could over look. » Read the rest

HTC Sense Can Ride In The Trunk, ADW Launcher EX Will Drive From Now On

by Spencer McClendon on
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Now, as catchy as my title may sound, all of us HTC owners can think of a more and to the point, (vulgar) thing to say about the Sense UI. Believe me I wrote a few different tittles that said exactly what I was thinking, but alas, this is still a publication and I must refrain from being vulgar, no matter how called for, it really is.

I’ve had the HTC Evo Shift 4G for about a year and a half now. I really do like the phone. Excellent hardware for what I need, and I’ve never had any major issues with it, that didn’t involve the Sense UI. I’ve had to replace it twice, once when it was stolen, and the second time I droped it and broke the screen. I would like to say that it still functioned like it was brand new. It had a screen protector over the screen when it broke, so I never lost any of the glass pieces, which allowed it to still work for another 3 months, when I could afford to replace it. My beef is in no way with the phone, or its quality, it is a solid piece of hardware, in my opinion. Sense on the other hand is half-crap, half-decent start.If you want to hear more and find out my solution to the Sense UI, continue reading on past the break.

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Coby Electronics to Bring Out Budget Friendly Android 4.0 Tablets

by Jack Holt on
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With CES just around the corner Coby Electronics Corporation has announced a new line-up of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) tablets that are cost effective. They should be available in the first quarter of 2012. Coby looks to bring five tablets into the market and they are as follows (according to size):

  • 7-Inch MID7042
  • 8-Inch MID8042
  • 9-Inch MID9042
  • 9.7-Inch MID9742
  • 10-Inch MID1042

All of the tablets will be have a 4:3 aspect ratio and feature a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU. They will also have capacitive multi-touch screens, up to 1GB of RAM, the ability to expand up to 32GB of storage, WiFi, and HDMI 1080p output. There is no say on if they will have access to the Android Market or how much they will cost when we see them next year. Hit the break below to read the full pressor.  » Read the rest

Drizzy: Prince Of The Yolkfolk Now Available For Android

by Roy Alugbue on
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Drizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk is now available for Android. Playing as you guessed it– an egg, you will quickly find your goal is to rescue and awaken Daisy which will also somehow bring peace to all your friends who are the Yolkfolk. Players will have the ability to run, roll and somersault around the kingdom of Keldor taking you to vast magical lands, exploring underground caves, leaping and bounding into the tree tops and bouncing all the way up in the far away clouds. All of this in fluid gameplay and rich, rich HD graphics.

Players with Android 2.1+ devices can find the game in the Android Market today. It’s a mere $1.99, but a hefty 73MB in size. It’s a small trade-off for bringing peace to all your egg friends, right? Hit the break for full screenshots, the Android Market link and QR codes. » Read the rest

ASTRO File Manager gets update to 3.1, and Comes With Themes

by Spencer McClendon on
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Astro File Manager is one of the best apps on the market. I use it on both my Evo Shift as well as My Tab 10.1. It is without a doubt one of my most used apps, and now it has Free Astro Backup account. I’m still not sure what it means, my screens freeze after I connect to Facebook or Twitter, I have an email in to the developer, and am just waiting to hear back. Not a big issue for me at the moment, it is still a solid app without question.

As I mentioned in the title, you can also change the theme of the folders with this new update. I prefer mine on Blueberry, but you also get the choices of Classic 2.0 Astro, Green Grass, Ruby Red, Brown Sugar, and Lead. All of them are online and need to be downloaded from in the app before you can use them. It took about 20 seconds, at most, for all 5 to download for me. Read on past the break for some screen shots and the QR code and Market link.

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DROID Bionic Bug Fix Starts Rolling Out, Be on the Lookout

by Stacy Bruce on
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We have gotten word from a couple readers that the long awaited DROID Bionic update is starting to roll out. This new update will bring the device up to build number 5.5.893 and should clear up a whole slew of issues. If you own a Bionic, be on the lookout for the update message in your notification bar. If you want to see if it is available to push to your device, you can always check by pressing menu-settings-> about phone-> system updates.

Kudos Jim and Chris!




Day 5 Of Google’s Ten Billion App Download Celebration, 10 New Apps (9 Actually) for .10 Cents Each.

by Spencer McClendon on
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Well it’s day 5 of the celebration, and we have ten more apps to chose from, or all if you want. So without any further delay here is the list for this fine Saturday.

Well it seems that Google is going to throw an app from day 1 back into the mix. I can’t complain, I have Asphalt 6, and love it. I see four apps on this list that I am going to take full advantage of, how many do you see? Let us know what you liked in the comments section.