Tasks N Todos – Track Your Tasks With Style

Ever since I got my first handheld device (hello, Palm Pilot) I’ve been trying out different methods of keeping myself organized. It all boils down to choosing one platform to manage your To Do list, whether it’s Microsoft Outlook, Remember the Milk, or Google Tasks.

Since switching to Android, I’ve wanted to try using Google Tasks but I could never quite commit to making the switch since I couldn’t find an app that I felt comfortable using daily. Until now. Tasks N Todos by Handy Apps, Inc. won me over with simplicity and elegance.

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Quick Rant: Why I Love My Motorola Xoom Wifi Tablet And Don’t Plan On Upgrading Anytime Soon


What does a tablet mean to you? To most, it’s something that lets you have productivity on the go— emails, social communication, reading articles and e-books, etc. Of course consumers realize it’s possible to do all that with a notebook computer or netbook. However, it’s no secret that notebooks are losing in popularity because people understand in this day and age, “less is truly more”. You could have a netbook as well, but then some individuals would be graced with keys far too small for big hands like yours truly, a small screen that’s sometimes just slightly bigger than that of a smartphone or the fact netbooks just aren’t powerful enough even to do the bare minimum like check emails, do some online chatting, etc. Manufacturers have realized consumers want something that can bring the best of both worlds and that’s why tablets have been developed now.

While Apple’s iPad is leading the revolution, it’s obvious there are many other successful tablets. There are many of you who own a tablet now and then there are many of you who will be looking to purchase a tablet in the near-future. The great thing about Android tablets is that they are a direct reflection of the Android platform in general. The Android platform allows for a variety of manufacturers to make unique and “customized” versions of the Android devices which are best suited for each user’s tastes. While there are popular options such as the ASUS Transformer Prime, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and of course the record-selling Amazon Kindle Fire, there’s one tablet that has won my heart and will continue to win my heart for the next year or two (or three or four). That tablet is the Motorola Xoom Wifi tablet. Introduced at last year’s CES, the tablet is still literally the model for which other Android tablets are developed and shaped. I will share with you all my thoughts and experience of owning this tablet. Of course many of you will disagree and want to throw in your two cents, but I just want to give you all some insights as to what the device means to me and how it fits in my lifestyle.
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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0.4 OTA Package Unofficially Available

A user over at Android Central received an OTA notification on his Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and managed to pull the file and make it available for download. Apparently the update contains Android 4.0.4 IMM30B.

This seems to be a limited release, most likely for internal testing, so if you decide to flash this, don’t be surprised if you see some weirdness. Keep in mind that this is only for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and will only install on a completely stock unit.

No word yet on what this update fixes or changes, so if you are brave enough and fit the requirements above, download the file here and let us know what you find!

source: AndroidCentral

Mystery Device From Google Stops By The FCC

An FCC application filed by Google, Inc. suggests the possibility of a Google entertainment device is in the works. The application requests permission for a six month window in which this mystery device can be tested at the Google HQ as well as in Google employees’ homes in four different cities: Mountain View CA, Los Angeles CA, Cambridge MA, and New York, NY. The description of the device and purpose of operation describes what sounds similar to Android @Home, which was announced at last years Google I/O. Excerpt from the application after the break.

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Latest Casio G’zOne Commando Update Brings Free Push-to-Talk Capabilities and More


Verizon is rolling out a new software update for the rugged Casio G’zOne Commando that brings free Push to Talk capabilities.  The update (C771M100) will also include:

  • Security improvements
  • An update to Gingerbread R8 for Google Mobile Services
  • A replacement to the V CAST Video app
  • Improvements to email deleting
  • Text notifications have been added
  • Improved password input in Lotus Traveler
  • A fix to the screen locking issue after a call is made with Bluetooth
  • Email and text message signatures have been added

For those of you who can’t wait to turn your Commando into a walkie-talkie, be sure to log in to your Verizon account and add the Push to Talk feature code.  Once you’ve done that, open the Push to Talk app and select “OK”. You can now use the side key on the Commando to connect to your fellow G’zOner’s with the touch of a button. To see the complete details and instructions, hit the source link below.

source: Verizon

Sony to Break Letter-Based Naming Scheme With ‘Xperia Sola’ Trademark Filing?

In a possible break from their single letter naming scheme for new devices, Sony has filed to trademark the name “Xperia Sola” with the U.S. Trademark and Patents Office. This comes at the heels of the announcement of the Xperia Ion, Sony’s first U.S. bound smartphone.

Could it be one of the mysterious devices in the leaked 2012 roadmap from last month? Maybe. Maybe not. Sometimes companies register trademarks that they never end up using, though considering Sony’s attachment to the Xperia name, I would bet on it becoming a reality.

In Spanish, the word sola is the feminine form of the word solo, or “alone”. Could this be a hint? Anyone have any predictions as to what this could turn out to be?

source: TRR
via: AndroidCentral


Huawei Honor Makes Appearance At FCC, Comes Dressed In AT&T Bands

Does a certain Huawei phone think it can quietly get FCC approval and not show up on our radars? Not at Talk Android folks. We already have the interesting Huawei Honor here in the States (under the name of the Huawei Mercury for US Cellular), but a variation of the phone will possibly be arriving with some new threads underneath. The Huawei Honor has gotten the OK from the FCC and will be on its way as a GSM version– sporting WCDMA 850/1900 bands. This indicates the device would likely be part of AT&T’s lineup, that is if AT&T wants to even sell the device in its stores. Of course since the Honor will likely be among the first Huawei devices with Ice Cream Sandwich, it would definitely be a phone of interest for AT&T.

The phone has some impressive specs too. Under the hood, you’ll find a 1.4GHz single-core processor, 4-inch FWVGA (854 x 480) display, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory and a 8MP camera with a front-facing camera included. Of course Ice Cream Sandwich is only available on the Honor in the Chinese markets, but you can expect an immediate update for all markets shortly after. No further details for now, so stay tuned with Talk Android as we provide more updates on the device.

source: unwired view
via: FCC

Sony Ericsson Joins Billabong to Introduce the Xperia Active Billabong Edition

All the sport enthusiasts out there should keep their eyes peeled for the Xperia Active Billabong Edition. Sony Ericsson has partnered with Billabong, a sportswear and casual clothing manufacturer based out of Australia, to present the ultra hip branding you see in the picture above. The Billabong Edition will also have some exclusive screensavers, videos, and the Billabong LIVE app to track surfing events. When you’re not hitting the waves, you can play the preloaded game Billabong Surf Trip.

In our unboxing and review of the Xperia Active, we noted that it runs Android 2.3.4, has a 1GHz single-core processor, and a 5MP rear camera. It’s dustproof, waterproof, scratch resistant and can withstand any tough workouts. SE is putting the Billabong Edition into the hands of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing athletes around the world to demonstrate just how tough the phone is.

It’s available now in select markets.  Check out the full press release after the break.

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Fujitsu Presents New Android Tablet, the Stylistic M350/CA2

Choice is always good, and Japan’s Fujitsu has a new seven-inch Android tablet to add to the selection.  The Stylistic M350/CA2 will run for six hours, and weighs in at 420 grams.  It boasts a Wide Super VGA (WSVGA) display with 1024×600 pixel resolution. Interestingly, users can select between a numeric keypad input, QWERTY input, and hand-written input. Perhaps the hand-written input will need the use of a stylus; hopefully more details on that will emerge. The Stylistic will work perfectly as an e-book reader, a sales terminal, and for retail stores looking to display their catalogs. It will also benefit the business person, since it includes a Bluetooth v2.1 data connection, and a miniHDMI for an image output to projectors. This new tablet will be available in Japan in mid-February. Skip over the break for the full press release.

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High security Android phones headed to US government and military officials

This project has been a bit of a slow burner for Google. We reported early in 2011 that the US Military was looking into Android and a Dell Android 2.2 build gained military approval late in 2011. This recent news  is a clear indication of the progress being made in what has long been a market dominated by RIM devices and software

The specially modified version of Android has been designed to run on commercially available smartphones, a move that will keep costs down whilst allowing the government to upgrade to that shiny new Galaxy SIII when it finally arrives!

US soldiers will be the first to receive these devices, having been involved in the project from the early stages. Federal agencies will then receive the second batch of phones for sending and receiving confidential government informations whilst on the move.

Currently, US Government and Military workers are not permitted to use smartphones for sending classified information as (up until now) there has been no devices that have met the high security certifications. There’s hardly a week that goes by without a high profile, blue chip organization finding their data compromised by the likes of wikileaks or some other anonymous source. With this in mind, it’s absolutely imperative that the Government is more vigilant than ever before.

Michael McCarthy, director for the Army’s Brigade Modernization Command has been overseeing the testing of touchscreen devices for over 2 years now. He confirmed that his division shipped over 40 phones to overseas fighters last year with another 50 phones and 75 tablets due to be shipped in March of this year.

Source : CNN