Adobe shows off Touch Apps for Android tablets [Video]

by Robert Nazarian on
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Yesterday at Adobe Max 2011 Adobe introduced six new Touch Apps for Android tablets which lets you design, edit, and elegantly present your work. Intuitive touchscreen features give you easy, precise control whether you use your fingers or a stylus. You can even transfer files through Adobe Creative Cloud for further editing in Adobe Creative Suite. The Touch Apps will debut in November for a price of $9.99 each.

Here’s the rundown:

  • Adobe Photoshop Touch: Transform images freely using core Photoshop features in an app custom-built for tablets.
  • Adobe Proto: Create interactive wireframes and prototypes of websites and mobile apps.
  • Adobe Ideas: Design virtually anywhere using vectors, layers, and color themes.
  • Adobe Debut: Present Creative Suite designs anywhere with confidence, convenience, and complete control.
  • Adobe Collage: Capture ideas and concepts by combining images, drawings, and text into conceptual moodboards.
  • Adobe Kuler: Create, explore, download, and share color themes that can inspire any design project.

Demo video after the break

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Quick Look At Today’s Free Amazon App: Zombie Rider

by Harold Williams on
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Up today free from the Amazon Appstore is a game called Zombie Rider. This isn’t a game that’s going to knock your socks off, but it’s free today right? Rider has an Excitebike feel, but you can’t create your own maps and the gameplay is a bit sluggish. You’ll accelerate by touching the bottom right of the screen and run over bumps and jumps trying to collect brain coins. The left side can be touched to break/reverse and tilting the screen will lean your rider forwards or backwards. The graphics look great and the game runs very well, but the sluggish speed of the game takes a bit away from the fun. I was waiting to really launch off some jumps, but that didn’t seem to happen. To each their own though, check it out yourself since it won’t cost you a penny today to play.

This game will normally cost you a $0.99, so grab it while it’s free from the Amazon Appstore. If not using the Appstore, you can grab the download here by entering your email address or phone number in the upper right hand corner for a download link.  Be sure to have the “unknown sources” box checked off under Settings—>Applications on your Android device. Hit up the break to check out some screenshots and let us know what you think.

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Samsung Galaxy Note to Launch in the UK on November 17th

by Mitch Wright on
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There may be a group of people out there who sneer at a 4-inch screen. When presented with even a 4.5-inch screen, these people may snort in derision, turning their nose up at such a “petite” device. It was for these remarkable individuals that the remarkably massive 5.3-inch screened Samsung Galaxy Note was designed, and it will be making its debut in the UK on November 17th. This is a bit ahead of the more ambiguous date we had previously reported on, so kudos to Samsung.

All joking aside, the Note does make a good compromise for anyone who may be interested in purchasing both a phone and a tablet, but is lacking the necessary capital to do so. The device also comes with a capacitive stylus, making it a good choice for the board-meeting-trotting businessperson with a note or two to take. For those who are understandably concerned about battery life with such a monolithic viewing estate, you can put your worries at ease; the phone also sports a jaw-dropping 2500 mAh battery. This prodigious pinnacle of peerless powerhousery operates the impressive hardware aspects of the phone:

  • 5.3″ Super AMOLED Plus HD screen
  • 1.4GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Android 2.3(Gingerbread)
  • Camera: Main(Rear) : 8 MP with LED Flash
  • Camera: Front : 2 MP
  • 3.5mm Ear Jack, Stereo FM Radio with RDS
  • Samsung TouchWiz/ Samsung L!ve Panel UX
  • Smart Note Apps
  • S Pen / Pen UX
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • USB 2.0
  • WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n, WiFi Direct
  • Accelerometer, Light, Digital compass, Proximity, Barometer
  • 16/32GB Internal Memory + microSD (up to 32GB)

Not mentioned was the RAM, though it will probably be in the 1 Gig range, as that seems to be the norm among higher-end handsets. (Note: if this turns out not be the case, I’ll certainly make an edit.) Definitely an impressive device all around. Click in after the break for the full presser! What do you think? Is this guy too big? Let us know in the comments!

Edit: I added the full spec list from our original announcement of the Note.

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Simple Sound Profile Widget Gives You Quick And Easy Access to Change Your Sound Profiles

by Harold Williams on

Once upon a time in the Froyo OS, which some of you still may be on, there was an option to volume down to select silent and vibrate sound profiles separately. For whatever reason, Google decided to ditch this nice little feature in Gingerbread and it has been sorely missed. Thankfully there are plenty of apps out there to help handle this problem and Simple Sound Profile Widget is one of them. This is an ultra simple to use sound profile widget that lets you switch between four different sound profiles at the tap of the widget. There is nothing fancy here other than an easy to use sound profile app that you’ll be able to set up in no time and has a simple but cool looking widget to go along with it. If you chose to leave the feature on, you’ll also have a notification icon to show you which profile you’re currently using. The app is free in the market, so hit up the break for links to the market and some screenshots to check out. It really doesn’t get any more simple than this.

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Droid Razr Gets Benchmarked Over At Nenamark

by Harold Williams on
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The Droid Razr, Droid HD, Spyder, or whatever you want to call it has shown up on a benchmark at Nenamark. Of course these benchmarks could be completely false, but they show a qHD screen (960×540), 1.2GHz processor, and Android 2.3.5. I would be very surprised if the processor wasn’t at least dual-core and it has been reported to possibly be an OMAP. The Razr is still hanging out in Rumorville right now, but hit up the break to catch the benchmark capture. After seeing the Droid HD in CelleBrite we should be getting more solid information soon.

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Verizon’s Celebrite hints at two new Xoom tablets, “Pasteur” and “Fleming”

by Stacy Bruce on
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Verizon’s Cellebrite system has been giving us a bevy of goodies to look forward to in the up coming months. Last week we noticed the Droid HD, HTC Vigor, and the Nexus prime pop up and today we can add two more to the list. The two new Motorola tabs we’ve previously mentioned, Xoom 2 and The Xoom 2 “Media Edition” (a.k.a. Fleming) have now been entered into Cellebrite, Verizon’s phone-to-phone data transfer machine.

The Xoom 2 that was first leaked a few weeks ago has the model number MZ617 and the new moniker “Pasteur”. It will be the follow up to the original Xoom and sports a “faster” 1.2GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 1080p HD recording, and supposedly will have battery life up to 11 hours.

The second Moto tablet listed, MZ609 “Fleming”, which I suspect is the smaller media-focused Xoom, is rumored to have a screen size of either 7″ or 8.2″ depending on which source you fancy. My bets are on the rumor of a 8.2″ IPS anti-glare display weighing in at .95 pounds. After all, the larger of the two screens would be more appropriate for media and would still be small enough for easy portability.

This is the first time we have seen the new code name and model number but, with the previous photos and rumors running around you can pretty much bet that this will in fact be the new media tab from Moto.

Are you looking forward to picking up one of these new devices in the near future? If so, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

[via DroidLife]

HTC Sensation lands on Cincinnati Bell for $249.99 on contract

by Robert Nazarian on
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Cincinnati Bell customers who have had their eye on the HTC Sensation will be happy to know it’s now available for $249.99 with a 2-year contract or $449.99 without. Both prices are after a $50 mail-in rebate.

As a quick reminder, the specs include:

  • 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) screen
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm CPU
  • 1080 p HD video playback
  • dual LED flash
  • Sense UI 3.0
  • 1.2 MP front-facing camera
  • 8 MP rear facing camera

[via cincinnati bell]

Amazon Trending To Sell 15 Million Kindle Fires By 2013

by Harold Williams on
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Amazon had quite the first day with sales of the Kindle Fire reaching 95,000 units sold. Forecasts are reporting that by the end of 2013, Amazon will have sold 15 million Fire devices worldwide. This figure is based on the assumption that Amazon will release at least two more Fire type devices during this period as well as expanding availability to markets like Japan and Western Europe. At a competitive price of $199, and more than enough features to keep plenty of purchasers happy, there is no doubt this will be one of the hottest selling devices this year and probably to follow into 2012. Sure, it’s a stripped down tablet and doesn’t have  things like a camera, but at $199 who cares. Hit up the break for the press report.

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Google’s Eric Schmidt: ‘Android ecosystem is the No. 1 priority’, Motorola acquisition won’t ‘screw up’ Android

by Robert Nazarian on
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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was interviewed by Bloomberg Television over the weekend and the hot topic was the Motorola Mobility acquisition and how it will affect Android in general.

“The Android ecosystem is the No. 1 priority, and that we won’t do anything with Motorola, or anybody else by the way, that would screw up the dynamics of that industry,” Schmidt said. “We need strong, hard competition among all the Android players. We won’t play favorites in the way people are concerned about.”

The other hot topic is patents and Schmidt said the 17,000 patents that Google is receiving from the deal will “bulk up” intellectual property and will eventually end legal battles with the likes of Apple and Microsoft.

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Internet Calling App VoX Mobile Released On The Android Market

by Harold Williams on
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VoX communications has released a mobile VoIP app to the Android Market. Being there is a monthly charge for this app, I would expect nothing less than for it to function flawlessly for calls. The plans start at $4.95 per month which charges you $0.05 per minute. There is also a 500 minute plan at $9.95 and unlimited calling for $29.95. I’m not sure this is anything to get jazzed up about since there are apps like GrooVe IP that work directly with Google Voice’s servers and let you make data calls for free. The app itself is very well done and snappy, but I didn’t notice anywhere to try it out for free and test its call quality. I think if they really want this to take off they’ll need to implement some sort of trial period. Hit up the break to check out VoX Mobile’s feature list followed by the full press release and market links.

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