Moto X and Moto G get new Spring-themed boot animation


Motorola just updated the Boot Services App today adding a new boot animation for Spring. This has become a trend for Motorola as they did the April Fool’s animation as well as the Holiday-themed version late last year.

If you have a Moto X or a Moto G, then head over to the Play Store and update the Motorola Boot Services app, then reboot your phone and enjoy. If you don’t have one of these phones, you can see what the animation looks like right after the break.

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OnePlus ends its destruction campaign with more than 140,000 applicants, adds a donation option


The madness has ended. OnePlus’ ongoing ‘Smash the Past’ campaign has come to a close with more than 140,000 applicants submitting ideas. Within the next day, OnePlus will be reaching out to the lucky winning applicants to buy their OnePlus One for just $1.

But rather than just smashing 100 smartphones, OnePlus is giving the winning applicants a chance to do some good. OnePlus is partnering with Medic Mobile to recycle devices for healthcare workers in remote areas. Medic Mobile said this to OnePlus:

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AllCast “headset” feature for Fire TV being worked on


An oft-requested feature for streaming content apps is the ability to display the picture on the big screen, but continue to receive sound through a mobile device so the user can pop their headphones on and tune out external noises. Koushik Dutta, developer of the AllCast app, indicates he is working on a solution to implement this feature when AllCast is used in conjunction with Amazon’s Fire TV set top box. Read more

One of Google’s Project Ara suppliers shares a bit about 3D printing advances


3D Systems, a primary vendor tasked with creating the 3D printing processes to be used to produce Project Ara phones from Google, shared some information via their blog this week about advances they are making in order to accommodate the project. Since Google thinks modular smartphones will have a key place in the future market, they are pushing for manufacturing processes that can handle millions, if not billions, of units being 3D printed. This means 3D Systems has had to re-think how 3D printing occurs and figure out how to scale it up for mass production. Read more

Xiaomi receives 15 million ‘signups’ for new phablet, the RedMi Note

RedMi Note

Xiaomi is looking to take the Asian market by storm with its gorgeous new RedMi Note phablet. It hasn’t been released yet, but according to company officials, the phone has received over 15 million ‘signups’ on its website. These ‘signups’ are not pre-orders — they are simply requests for more information on the device via email — still a nice number.

It’s the company’s first phablet, and will feature a 5.5-inch display, a 13MP camera, and a large battery. The phone also only costs $130, an extremely cheap price for a solid device. 

Source: Business Insider

Moto Maker website hints at upcoming Moto X+1

moto x+1

Last month we received word of the upcoming successor to the Moto X, the Moto X+1.

Today, we’re getting some confirmation on those rumors. When on the Moto Maker website, if you replace the Moto X codename, FLEXR1, in the address bar, with FLEXR2, you’ll find a placeholder site for the Moto X+1, as seen above.

We still aren’t 100% sure on what will make this phone better than its predecessor, but some leaked specs of a “next-gen” Motorola device may provide some hints.

Via: Phone Arena
Source: MobiFlip

Sprint adds international call and text plan for $15 a month


Those of you on that travel internationally and are on Sprint may want to pay attention for a few minutes. The company has announced that it will be offering an “International Connect” plan that will allow you to call people in 65 international locations. Coupled with the “Framily” plan, you’ll be able to pay 15 extra dollars a month to use your minutes to connect to people in other areas of the world. As Kymber Umana, Hispanic marketing manager for Sprint stated:

“We understand how important international calling is to our customers. Connecting with friends and loved ones internationally can be costly and complicated, and we set out to change that with these new competitive and aggressively priced International Connect and International Long Distance Premier offers. Compared to many of our competitors, Sprint has better pricing in over 50 percent of countries worldwide.”

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New Antitrust lawsuit suggests that Google has a monopoly on internet and mobile search


According to a new antitrust lawsuit that was filed yesterday, Google is said to be violating antitrust laws by maintaining an illegal monopoly  — not only on Internet search but mobile search as well. This has supposedly affected the search market adversely while inflating the cost of devices of competing companies.

The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for Northern California. It accuses the Mountain View company of using Android as a way to maintain the monopoly through secret agreements with device makers. These agreements require companies to load Google’s suite of apps onto their devices. Known as Mobile Application Distribution Agreements or MADAs, the agreements have been made with mostly all Android vendors.  These agreements essentially help partners facing lawsuits of their own in funding, technical support and other assistance.

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The Galaxy S 5 and Samsung unpacked teaser icons explained… sort of


Back in February, about two weeks before Samsung’s annual Unpacked event that showcases the company’s new devices, the company took to its Twitter account teasing the event. In that teaser, we saw a  possible new set of icons that could be on the Galaxy S 5. Well the announcement has come and gone — with the official announcement of the S5 that’s already gone on sale — with nary a mention about these new icons. Well the folks at Samsung Tomorrow took some time and broke down what exactly that teaser image showed us, regarding both the icons and the phone in general.

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LG G3 appears in best pictures yet, specs confirmed


The LG G3 will be unveiled on May 27, so the timing seems right for a few decent pics of the device. That is exactly what we have, and these aren’t blurrycam images either folks. The picture above is actually a better version of the one that we posted last week. You can clearly see the new redesigned back button layout that also leaked a few days ago.

We also have two more images below, one showing the front of the device and the other showing the rear of the device again. The lack of bezel on the device is stunning to say the least.

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