[New Android Wear App] Swipify brings useful tools to Google’s wearable platform

by Justin Herrick on
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The simplicity of Android Wear has actually made people feel indifferent about the platform. The idea of a basic interface with little control is appealing; however, hardcore Android fans want features that exist on the phone/tablet version of Android. This includes an app launcher, app switcher, deep settings, and a RAM meter. Swipify is a new Android Wear app that delivers each of those features for such devices.

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Team Win Recovery Project adds support for Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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Team Win posted its official custom recovery for both the Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch today, giving users the ability to add customer ROMs to the devices.

Once you’re in custom recovery, the options on the screen are a bit small for a smartwatch screen, so an upcoming interface update will most likely resize the buttons. Otherwise, everything works fine. Of course you’ll need an unlocked bootloader before you do anything.

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LG G Watch gets toolkit for rooting, unlocking, flashing and restoring capabilities

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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The Nexus Root Toolkit from Wugfresh has become insanely popular since the interest in unlocking bootloaders and rooting devices has expanded to “normal” consumers.

Now, those with an LG G Watch will be able to root and unlock the device just as easily as Wugfresh’s Nexus solution provides.

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TalkAndroid Weekly Recap for July 21 – July 27, 2014

by Robert Nazarian on


Things were fairly quiet this week until we got word that Motorola may finally make a Nexus phone. NVIDIA announced the new Shield Tablet, but will anybody care about it? Speaking of who cares….the Amazon Fire Phone is officially available for you to waste your money on. We finally got our best look at the upcoming Moto X+1, but we are still waiting patiently for the Moto 360. And did HTC’s upcoming smartwatch appear in a video? It’s time to get caught up and get ready for what is sure to be another big week in the world of Android.


Why wasn’t the Motorola Moto X commercially successful?

Apps – New

Amazon Wallet is a new digital wallet to compete with Google and Isis

Facetune, a selfie editor, is now available for Android devices

ChoreMonster brings technology and kids together to reward completion of chores

[New Android Wear App] Swipify brings useful tools to Google’s wearable platform

Google Hands-Free app icon appears in company post

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Nexus Lives: Motorola rumored to be working on a 5.9-inch Nexus phone codenamed ‘Shamu’

by Harrison Kaminsky on
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It was only a few months ago when we thought the Nexus program was dead.

But then came rumors of Volantis, HTC’s codenamed 9-inch Nexus tablet to be released alongside Android L this fall.

Since we hadn’t heard much regarding a new Nexus phone to come out this fall, we were perplexed, but assumed that a new phone would not be coming. Until now.

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Cellphone Unlocking Bill Moves to Senate Floor

by Alex Cobb on


This past Thursday brought good news from the Senate to cellphone users everywhere. The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, introduced by Patrick Leahy, D-VT, has passed through the Judiciary Committee and is due to be voted on in the full Senate shortly.

“Consumers should be able to use their existing cell phones when they move their service to a new wireless provider,” Leahy said. “With today’s strong bipartisan vote in the Judiciary Committee, I hope the full Senate can soon take up this important legislation that supports consumer rights.”  » Read the rest

Google files patents for contact lenses with built-in iris and capacitive sensors

by James Gray on
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contact lens

Google has toyed with the idea of high-tech contact lenses for quite some time, even partnering with pharmaceutical giant Novartis to bring their vision of the future (pun intended) to market. While they’ve hinted at features like embedded cameras and glucose monitors, two patents filed by the tech giant yesterday seem to be aimed more at security. Using capacitive sensors that make sure it’s being worn on an actual eye, the lens would use a three step process to essentially turn your eye into a fingerprint.

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ChoreMonster brings technology and kids together to reward completion of chores

by Justin Herrick on


Kids love technology, but many of them do not feel the same about chores. It is a form of work that can feel unrewarding and useless. Bringing the two together, though, may be just the trick in order to literally get things done. ChoreMonster, which has already had a presence on a few platforms, is now available for Android and Kindle Fire devices. It is a chore management app that makes chores fun for kids while bringing simplicity to parents. » Read the rest