New activity tracker Fitbit Alta now up for pre-order


Fitbit has opened pre-orders on their site for the latest activity tracker they are adding to their portfolio, the Fitbit Alta. The new device is a low profile device similar to some of their earlier models with a minimal screen so it can be worn in a more discrete manner than some other recently released devices like the Fitbit Blaze or the Fitbit Surge. The Fitbit Alta will sell for $130 and is expected to start shipping in March. Read more

Losses continue for HTC in fourth quarter of 2015

HTC Logo (PRNewsFoto/HTC)

HTC announced their fourth quarter financial results for 2015 and the financial straits they find themselves in continued as the year closed out. For the quarter, HTC reported revenues of NT$25.7 billion ($768 million USD) and a gross margin of 13.9%. After expenses are considered, HTC had an operating loss of NT$4.1 billion ($122 million USD) with an operating margin of negative 16.1%. Considering the fourth quarter is usually a strong one for companies thanks to holiday sales, HTC’s loss for the quarter is a troubling sign for the smartphone manufacturer. Read more

Google Engineer Max Braun made an Android-powered smart mirror and it is awesome


The internet of things promises to bring us some incredible innovations in the future. For some, like Google Engineer Max Braun, innovation is just not happening fast enough though. Braun believed that lack of innovation was the reason he had to look into a boring old “dumb mirror” everyday. What happened to the interactive smart mirrors that the movies have been promising us for years? Well, Braun decided to take matters in to his own hands and just build a smart mirror of his own. Spoiler alert. It’s Awesome.

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Uber gets new look


Let’s say you updated your Uber app Tuesday. And let’s say that when you did, you no longer saw the traditional black and white, stylized “U” logo. Instead, let’s say you saw a square with a white circle in the center with a smaller square inside the circle.

Or, if you’re an Uber driver, let’s say your update changed the app logo to a square with a white hexagon in the center with a square inside of the hexagon.

That’s exactly what happened Tuesday when lots of Uber users updated their app. Are you confused yet? Don’t worry. We can help.

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