[Deal] Motorola taking $50 off $350 purchases or $100 off $500 through December 23


The clock is ticking to bring home awesome gifts for the holidays. As a final ploy to fuel your spending, Motorola is offering discounts on purchases that exceed certain amounts. When an order totals at least $350, the company will shed $50. The same thing applies for $500 orders, but the discount is $100. For example, you can purchase the new Moto X and a screen protector to receive the $100 discount and pay just north of $400.

On Motorola’s site, it says that the Moto E, Nexus 6, and Republic Wireless’ Moto X are excluded. Everything else is fair game. The deal runs through December 23 at 12:00pm EST.

Source: Motorola

[Deal] HTC accessories 50% off through today, Nexus 9 Keyboard Folio and Magic Cover included


What is today? Tuesday! That means HTC is running another one of its Hot Deals. From right now through 11:59pm EST, each and every accessory available directly from HTC is discounted by 50%. Everything from cases and chargers to speakers and batter packs are eligible.

Two items not listed on HTC’s accessory page are the Nexus 9′s Keyboard Folio and Magic Cover. Those items are indeed eligible for the 50% discount. The Keyboard Folio price with the discount is $65 while the Magic Cover (in Coral Amtheyst) is around $20. That is a massive amount saved on the Keyboard Folio.

HTC offers two-day shipping for $4.99; therefore, arriving before the Christmas is still an option. Choosing the free standard shipping may be a bit of a stretch.

Source: HTC

Samsung may be working on an Apple Pay competitor

Samsung_Logo_02_TA_CES_2014It’s pretty typical Samsung behavior to try and create their own versions of popular technology, whether that’s an App Store, instant messaging service, or virtual reality headset. Sometimes Samsung’s version turns out pretty well, but other times it can be a complete disaster that goes mostly unused by customers.

With Apple entering the mobile payment market with Apple Pay, Samsung is, of course, readying their own form of a wireless payment method using Samsung smartphones. Sure, Samsung already has their own Wallet app, and almost all newer Android phones support tap-to-pay functionality with Google Wallet, but Samsung wants their own, uniquely branded version.
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The Galaxy Note Edge: Just what does that curved edge display do?


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is essentially the same phone as the Galaxy Note 4, but with a curved right edge display. This narrow display is utilized for quickly launching your most used apps, as well as displaying notifications, the weather, and the news. It can even light up on it’s own to let you know what notifications you have, thus saving precious battery life. Need a clock at your nightstand or a ruler? It can take care of both of those too.

The edge display can be customized to suit your needs and there is the hope that developers will also jump on board. It does add a $100 premium over the cost of the Galaxy Note 4, bringing it to a whopping $399 on contract.  Is it worth that extra money? My review is coming up, but I thought I would share how the edge screen works to help you make your decision. Check out my video after the break.

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Pebble introduces Android Wear notification compatibility


Prior to the launch of Android Wear in June, the only quality option for a smartwatch was Pebble. The original and Steel models are affordable, capable, and feature excellent battery life. The emergence of Android Wear, though, caused many Pebble owners to feel outdated because Google’s platform runs on devices with color (and touch-enabled) displays with rich notifications. Luckily, the folks at Pebble figured out a way to deliver Android Wear notification compatibility to its smartwatches. Only available in beta version 2.3, can view and interact with Android app notifications as they would on Android Wear. The primary difference here is that Pebble does not have a touch display, so the buttons are to be used. Pebble says that this was made possible because how open Android’s notification system is.

Hit the break for the release notes and two videos demonstrating the changes.

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Alleged OnePlus One Mini caught on camera, some specs included


The launch of the OnePlus One has been anything but seamless. However, it does looks like the company is not shying away from trying again. OnePlus is said to be launching a miniature-sized version of the device with altered specifications. The image above is showing the alleged device with a 5-inch display. The screen in the image is on, and it gives us a look at the specifications. The processor is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615, the front and rear cameras are 8MP, and Android 4.4.4 running out of the box. The front panel is black and the back of the handset is completely white. The price listed converts to about $242.

That bottom portion of the bezel looks rather large if you ask me. What do you think about this being the OnePlus One Mini? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GizmoChina