Google IO 2017 Coverage

Possible OnePlus 5 camera samples pop up online

OnePlus 5 rumors are ramping up as we get closer to something being officially announced, and the next leak gives us a nice sneak preview of what the flagship killer’s next camera can do. A handful of photos have surfaced online, shot from a smartphone with the model number A5000. Remember that the OnePlus 3 has the model number A3000, and we’re likely going to skip the number 4 due to some complex Chinese cultural issues.

Google hardware executive moves on after only six months

Last fall Google managed to lure David Foster away from Amazon as part of an effort by the company to enhance its hardware business. Foster had been a key player for Amazon where he led development on several devices, notably Kindle tablets and the Amazon Echo. Reporting to Rick Osterloh as a vice president of hardware product development, a newly created position, Foster stepped in to help with development of Pixel devices and the Google Home product.

Stop sharing everything with the McAfee privacy smartphone

John McAfee, who is perhaps best known for his antivirus software, revealed plans to produce a new smartphone that will focus on promoting a user’s privacy. That may seem to fly into the headwinds of so much that typical users do with their smartphones and the increasingly interconnected nature of the apps used on a regular basis. However, McAfee and others think there is a niche market of buyers out there who are interested in going in a different direction and want the power of a smartphone while maintaining some strict control over their privacy.

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