[TA Deals] Train for the CompTIA A+ and Windows Server Admin exam with this bundle


If you’re in for a career change and are a big fan of fixing computers when they break, you might just want to consider getting your CompTIA A+ certification. Of course, you’ll need plenty of resources to study for this exam to over all of your bases. Why not start with the CompTIA and Windows Server Administration bundle over on Talk Android Deals?

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 models for the US get certified by the FCC


Up until recently, the Galaxy Note 7 has been merely a rumor. However, Samsung recently scheduled its Unpacked 2016 event for August 2. In the invite, Samsung made it clear that the next Galaxy Note would be the Galaxy Note 7. Not only that, but the invite clearly shows off silhouettes of a bunch of the S-Pen.

Now, we’re seeing that the upcoming handset is getting closer and closer to a release, as FCC documentation notes that all US models of the Note 7 have been approved.

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[TA Deals] This course will teach you the Java Essentials for Android


Did you know Android is based on the Java programming language? That’s why many developers say that learning Java is a good start for understanding how to build complex Android applications. If you’re wanting to become an Android developer, it goes without saying, Java is a big key to that.

Java is fairly easy to pick up if you stick with it and don’t stop when exercises or problems get hard. And we’ve got the perfect course for you over on Talk Android Deals for getting well on your way to knowing Java. The Java Essentials for Android course will teach you everything you need to get started and help you excel as an Android developer.

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Best smartwatches


Smartwatches are a fickle thing. Wearables are in a strange place where people either don’t like them, are afraid to use them, or don’t see how a smartwatch adds any convenience to their lives. There are, of course, a select few that have found smartwatches immeasurably valuable, but it’s very rare to see someone actually using one on a daily basis.

That said, smartwatches are getting better and better as times goes on. Not only are they getting more useful as they slowly become independent from your smartphone, but they’re also getting a whole lot nicer looking, too. If you’ve been wanting to try out a smartwatch, but aren’t sure which one to get, we’ve got some of the best listed below!

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