Best icon packs [2015]


Are you getting tired of looking at the same old icons every time you go back to your home screen? Did you just set yourself up with a launcher, but things still aren’t fresh enough for you? Well, Android customization goes even further–you can replace the icons on all of your downloaded applications.

Icon packs add a new and invigorating look to your home screen. Not only that, but there’s a wide variety of exciting styles you could go for.

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HTC Desire EYE should be getting Lollipop OTA today


Everyone wants Android Lollipop on their smartphones, but due to hardware restrictions and red-tape from carriers, it’s difficult to make that a speedy process. However, AT&T and HTC have made headway in getting Android 5.0 on the HTC Desire EYE in the US fairly soon.

Interestingly enough, the update hasn’t gone live just yet. But, it shouldn’t be long before some HTC Desire EYE owners begin seeing the notification to install Android 5.0 Lollipop on their devices, as HTC’s VP of Product Management Mo Versi said it was going out today.

Has anyone gotten the update yet?

Hootsuite’s Android app receives update bringing better image sharing and content publishing

hootsuitelogoHootsuite’s Android application has been updated with several new features, mostly focused on image sharing and scheduled content publishing. The update brings the app to version 3.1, marking the first iterative update since it’s massive 3.0 update not too long ago.

Most of the new features are noticeable in the tweaked interface. The UI for composing tweets has been moved around a bit, making the send tweet arrow more prominent while hiding scheduling options behind a drop-down menu. When placing images within a tweet, Hootsuite now also shows a live preview of those images, which it didn’t do before. There are a few other slight changes, including Hootsuite being able to send out images to social media as opposed to just links, and a menu for looking at your scheduled content before it goes live. Read more

Qualcomm refuses to spin off chip business


Qualcomm Inc.’s Executive Chairman Paul Jacobs said on Tuesday they have no plans to spin off its chip business despite what critics and shareholders may say.

Hedge fund Jana Partners said in April to improve shareholder value Qualcomm should spin off the chip business from its patent-licensing business. Also saying the chip business is “essentially worthless”.

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Sony upsets shareholders with image sensor plan


Sony has decided to issue new shares. This is the first time since 1989 as part of a $3.6 billion capital raising plan to fund their imagine sensor business. Their image sensors are used in all major phones including Apple’s iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices. They said they would raise ¥322 billion ($2.63 billion) by offering new shares and ¥120 billion by selling convertible bonds.

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Sprint announces “All-In” pricing with video jabs at competitors


Sprint announced today their own step to take a swing at changing how the wireless carrier industry operates. Promising to help end customer confusion over pricing plans for cell phone service, Sprint’s new “All-In” pricing provides a simple, clear, straightforward price for customers. The All-In Wireless plan will run $80 per month for unlimited talk, text and high-speed data and includes the price of a wireless smartphone. Read more

NVIDIA’s SHIELD Tablet and set-top box get four new titles


The library of games that are compatible with NVIDIA’s tablet and set-top box grows today with the arrival of four major titles. Among them is Valve’s Half-Life 2: Episode Two, another game from the fan-favorite developer that has agreed to bring its games to NVIDIA’s hardware. With the Tegra X1 processor inside, you should expect all games to run without any hiccups. There are now more than one hundred “high-quality games” available through the SHIELD Hub app designed for its tablet and set-top box while Google Play offers an amount higher than two hundred.

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