What is a System on a Chip (SoC)?

In combing across Android blogs, you’ve probably heard the term SoC mentioned a couple of times. It stands for System on a Chip, which is basically the brains of your smartphone. An SoC can be in a lot of things — phones, tablets, wearables and more.w

Follow along below and we’ll show you how SoCs work, what they are and how they come together to operate your smartphone.

Galaxy S8+ battery life put to the test

As our smartphones get more and more powerful each year, we are able to do more things on them and with that comes the need for them to always be ready when needed. This is where battery life comes in and remains one of the biggest buying factors for consumers. Samsung’s Galaxy S8+ is one of the most, if not the most, powerful smartphone currently on the market and its battery life was just put to the test. Let’s see how it performed.

Sling TV review

There’s no shortage of internet TV companies fighting for time on your screens, including some compelling options from big names like DirecTV and PlayStation. Obviously there are also streaming-only options like Netflix and Hulu, but the popularity of services like Sling prove there’s a market for traditional TV without traditional cable boxes or satellite. Even Google is getting in on the train with YouTube TV.

Sling TV, which is owned by Dish Network, was one of the first options in the internet television space. They offered a skinny bundle of channels for just $20, which kickstarted a wave of competition and various takes on this format. So how does Sling stack up against its rivals today? Let’s find out.

[TA Deals] The HERO True Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Sport Earbuds are only $95!

A good quality pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds are hard to come by. Sure, the market is flooded with them, but many are cheap and made of low quality materials. That’s why the HERO True Wireless Sport Earbuds are so great — not only are you getting a high quality product here, but excellent sound quality and a long-lasting battery make sure you can enjoy any outside activity, such as jogging, for a good period of time.

Hide your apps in the drawer or not with the Samsung Galaxy S8

As folks start to dig into the operations and details of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, in particular the user interface, some new tweaks and features are starting to surface. The latest one appears to be driven by a desire to ease iOS users into the world of Android, although it is conceivable there are Android users out there who just may prefer it this way. This feature is a toggle switch to either use an app drawer or just put all app icons on the homescreen similar to iOS.

How to install APK files on your Android device

If you’ve used an Android device and frequented any Android publication before, you’ve probably heard the word APK at least once. Think of an APK as Windows’ executable files, except for Android. It’s a way to install an application on your Android device, and has proven to be extremely useful so that you can skip the line and get a new update faster or even download an unreleased app.

Hit the break to find out how you download an APK.