Metallica’s manager thinks YouTube is going to kill the music industry

youtube_music_fetty_wapRemember how new technology has killed the music industry several times over? Every few years something new crops up that will supposedly destroy music as we know it, making it so that no one could possibly continue to make new music with that particular technology around. Literally every new contraption in the music industry was regarded as a “threat” at one point or another: records, CDs, MTV, the internet, etc.

What’s the newest boogeyman for the music industry? Well, according to Peter Mensch, manager of rock bands like Metallica, it’s YouTube. Read more

LeEco takes the wraps off of three new phones, no headphone jack included

LeEco-Le-2-Max_2LeEco, formerly Letv, has announced three new devices to refresh the phone they released last April. The new devices keep up the naming scheme of the previous iterations, which can be a little confusing, but you’ve got the Le 2, Le 2 Pro, and Le Max 2. I don’t know why you’d split where the “2” is in different models like that, but that’s what happened. Let’s dig into the specs. Read more

Putting a 360-degree wallpaper on the LG G5


What you probably didn’t know about the new LG G5 is that the phone supports 360-degree wallpapers for a truly immersive experience without the need for an special external device like a virtual reality headset. These special experiences are accessible right on the home screen of the G5. Pre-installed on the phone are two 360-degree wallpapers, but LG has a lot more waiting for you in its LG SmartWorld app.

Hit the break to see how to get a 360-degree wallpaper on the G5.

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