Excessive use of smartphones and tablets will cause spine injuries that could result in surgery


Well this news really hits home since I am actually suffering from neck injuries as a result poor posture while either using my computer or my smartphone. A new study conducted by Doctor Kenneth Hansraj, Chief of Spine Surgery at New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation, reveals that heavy users of smartphones are likely to lead to degeneration of the spine that will more than likely require physical therapy, and possibly surgery.

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AT&T Galaxy Note 3 and Sprint Galaxy S 5 get KitKat 4.4.4 updates


Both the AT&T Galaxy Note 3 and Sprint Galaxy S 5 are getting updates. Unfortunately no Lollipop love just yet, but they are the latest version of Android KitKat, which is 4.4.4. They should hopefully squash a few bugs while you wait for the bigger Lollipop update.

The AT&T Note 3 gets Kids Mode, Side Sync 3.0, Safety Assistance, Camera enhancement, and Knox 2.0, while the Sprint GS5 gets international WiFi calling, HD voice icon, and Google security patches.

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Google Search can now provide love quotes and flip a virtual coin

Google_Search_Give_Me_A Love_Quote_Screenshot_01

Need some inspirational love quotes? Try saying, “OK Google….Give me a love quote” and you will get just that. Of course, you might be wondering if you should continue dating that special someone or not, so you can also say, “OK Google….flip a coin” You can also use it to decide whether you should get sausage or pepperoni on that pizza. Both phrases work on mobile as well as the desktop, assuming you are using Google for search. You can also type in your phrase. Give them a try today.

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Lollipop update for HTC One (M8) Google Play Edition delayed


HTC promised the One (M8) Google Play Edition would receive the Lollipop update today, but unfortunately it’s being held back due to the need to “re-spin” it. That can only mean that there was a bug that Google felt was big enough to stop it. I know this is bad news, but the fact that a major bug was caught is actually good news right? No word on exactly when we can expect the update to hit, but my guess is next week.

source: @moversi

Moto G (2014) suffering from poor memory management, apps constantly closing


Moto G (2014) owners are making a lot of noise in the Motorola forums regarding a memory management bug. Multitasking appears to be non-existent as apps are closing instead of running in the background.

According to users, we aren’t talking about situations in which they have 10+ apps open. Its happening when only one or two apps are active. They simply force close. This not only includes major apps like Facebook and Whatsapp, but it’s also happening to the Camera app and even SwiftKey. Streaming music is also near impossible because whatever app is being used will just shutdown after one or two songs.

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