Journo’s creation of an Android app looms with new stretch goal


On Indiegogo, there is a small campaign running for a new journaling app concept. Dane Homenick’s Journo aims to be the sophisticated journaling service that goes everywhere you go with storytelling features. Journo designs travel maps based on where you’ve been to make the experience look and feel like an expedition of Lewis and Clark proportions. The service doesn’t just want text and maps to tell the story. It stamps photographs taken from a specific location to corresponding journal entries. Users of Journo can collaborate, too, for packed, even more detailed records.

And, when it is all said and done, Journo allows you to print items and store them like a physical journal.

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AT&T releases its Q2 2015 earnings, showing another solid performance


AT&T has reported its second quarter earnings, showing minor improvement compared to the same time last year. The company generated $33 billion in overall revenue, up 1.4% since last year. In addition, the carrier’s stock price per share increased sixty-nine cents this year compared to only sixty-one cents last year. AT&T also mentioned it added 2.1 million wireless subscribers, 410,000 were postpaid and 331,000 prepaid. The remaining 1 million came from connected cars.

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