Still waiting to buy the Fire Phone? Amazon lowered its price (again)


The Fire Phone has gone from an overpriced bombshell to a moderately priced off-contract choice during its thirteen months on the market. Amazon started selling the device in July 2014 as an exclusive for AT&T customers, a decision that was only the beginning of its phone’s problems. The price of the Fire Phone with a two-year contract was $199 and the off-contract price stood tall at $649. Those two prices are typically reserved for high-end devices. The Fire Phone, of course, is not “high-end.” So Amazon was left with no choice but to lower the Fire Phone’s off-contract price multiple times. Until today, the price of the Fire Phone was $159.

Hit the break to see how much Amazon’s flagship phone is after the most recent price cut.

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Samsung announces three new wireless speakers set to launch in Q4 2015

samsung audio speakers 360Samsung has announced three wireless audio speakers to fill out its lineup of audio equipment. The speakers, labelled the R1, R3, and R5, will be shown off at IFA 2015 next month.

The speakers build on Samsung’s existing R6 and R7 features with a better touch interface and an improved multi-room experience through the companion app. Read more