How to use S Finder on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3


S Finder might be the coolest feature on the Galaxy Note 3. It’s the ultimate tool for searching for anything on your device. It will not only find music and videos, but it will also search for both text and handwriting in your Scrapbook and Notes. If you have a lot of items in your Scrapbook and/or you have a lot of Notes, you are going to rely on S Finder a lot. You can even fine tune the parameters such as tags and/or date ranges.

It’s easy to get to S Finder. Just open the Air Command by hovering your S Pen over any screen. Then press the button on the S Pen and the Air Command fan will appear. Just select the 4th option, S Finder. You can then type or write whatever term you want to search for and set the parameters.

Hit the break for my video showing you how it works. Also, be sure to check out our other Galaxy Note 3 guides.

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