A Guide To Unlocking The T-Mobile myTouch 3G Android Phone

In today’s world, there is an increasing abundance of mobile phones available on the market. It is also increasingly becoming popular practice to alter these phones in one way or another. For one, it is a popular practice to hack or root a mobile phone in order to change aspects of the phone that was not intended to be changed. This includes but is not limited to changing the font displayed, icons and more.

In some instances, a user may wish to unlock their phone. This is because a service provider may lock a SIM card so that they cannot just switch services and keep the same phone. This is present in many types of phones, in particular the myTouch. One particular service provider that has a tendency to lock their phones is T-Mobile, who does implement this SIM card locking with their myTouch phone.

How difficult is it to unlock a T-Mobile myTouch phone?

Unlocking a T-Mobile myTouch phone is a relatively easy task, however. All it actually requires is the phone itself, having an active account that is in good standing for at least 90 days, a SIM card from another carrier as well as T-Mobile’s Customer Care toll free number. It will also be necessary to have the phone’s IMEI number.

How to get a myTouch phone unlocked

In order to get the IMEI number for the myTouch phone in question, simply press the call button and type in *#06 into the phone. If done correctly, this should pop up the IMEI number. The next step is dependent on what the situation of the user is.

Should they have an account in good standing that has been active for over 90 days, they may go ahead and call the T-Mobile Customer Care toll free number. If for whatever reason the user wants to go through a third party service, plenty of these are available. For example, the website at www.expressunlockcode.com offers unlocking codes, as do several other websites. However, if going through a third party service, be prepared to pay a little bit.

What to do after receiving the unlock code

After getting the unlock code in whatever way, take the non T-Mobile SIM card and insert it into the card after removing the old one. Turn on the myTouch phone and a prompt should pop up requesting the unlock code. Enter the given code and it should turn on the phone as normal.

Be warned, however, that it is very important to enter the correct code and to take much care in entering the characters. Typically, a locked phone will allow a user three chances to enter the unlock code before locking itself permanently. This is because the phone assumes someone is trying to hack it and will permanently lock a user from entering codes or using it.

Changing the APN Settings

After successfully entering the unlock code into the phone, head out to the Main Menu and access the APN settings. Upon entering this section, there should be a list of preset APN shown, but for this case it is necessary to create a new setting.

Scroll down to the bottom to where it says New APN Setting and enter the information for Mobile Country Code, or MCC, and MNC Mobile Network. Here is a list of Mobile Country Codes from around the world.

Once this information is entered, the GPRS / EDGE / 3G Data Service will be activated.

  • A Sample Setting for a T-Mobile myTouch Phone Under AT&T Service
  • Name: AT&T
  • APN: wap.cingular
  • Proxy: leave blank
  • Port: leave blank
  • Password:CINGULAR1
  • Server: leave blank
  • MMSC: http://mmsc.cingular.com
  • MMS Proxy: wireless.cingular.com
  • MMS Port: 80
  • MCC:310
  • MNC:410
  • APN Type: leave blank
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  • Cali_Boy707

    I have a Japan myTouch HTC and for some reason, the prompt requesting the unlock code does not pop up. Is there anything I need to do to get this to work? I have the unlock code however I cannot input it. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • http://n/a cynthiah1031

    Worked… flawlessly!!!

  • Tmobile bites

    Unlock code requested 1/17/11 from Tmobile, account in good standing for 3 years

    Now 2/2/11 – Tmobile says “still processing” – WTF?

  • http://google RJ

    Does anybody kno how to unlock a mytouch without signing into the google account and without wifi

  • D

    FYI: to get the IMEI number, for the MyTouch 3G, I had to dial *#06# (not just *#06).

    I called T-mo’s customer service, and they said they’ll email me the unlocking code within 7 days’ time.

    Thanks for the article.

  • http://www.facebook.com/prayeroftherefugee Albert the Great.

    you can’t unlock a phone without having the imei. @ people asking how to unlock it. yea it can be done but same model phones don’t have the same code thats why the imei is needed to decode it. so stop asking if anyone knows the code for a particular phone. you can go to ebay and type in your model and find many who offer to unlock it for a small fee and get it within a day or less.

  • Jacob

    Just tried this out and T-mobile wouldn’t give me the unlock code because I’ve only been with them for a month and a half. They said I could pay for it but it would be 50 bucks and it would take 7 days like Albert said. I went online and found it for 22.99! It took 15 minutes to get the code too lol. dont know what tmobile is doing to take so friggin long! got mine from http://www.cellfservices.com

    Thanks for the guide on unlocking it! Helped me out HUGE!

  • Chad

    Thanks for sharing the steps to set up APN on the phone. I tried to call tmobile for unlock code but they told me I have to wait 5 days to get the code. I am going to oversea this weekend so I can’t wait. I went to tmobile help forum and found a site and got my unlock code on the same day, this is so funny that an unlock company can get the unlock code faster than cell phone service provider. So if you need an unlock code fast I would try this site http://www.expressunlockcode.com

  • Dee

    Thanks for all the info from everyone. I did it today and it worked like a charm. Now I can enjoy my MyTouch addiction with my ATT service. Thanks.

  • Alma

    I need help unlocking the phone itself is there any way to do so ?

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  • coreyfelsman

    hi i bought the phone unlocked from ebay and i put my sim in and it said i dont have a data plan can someone please help me

  • Clarice

    I bougjt in USA and brought to brazil ando so can’t call. It says I’ve not conexion, what can I do?

  • Ricard

    Try the site for unlock code online, they accept Paypal.

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  • s.shivakumar

    friend , iam from india , i have brought the china phone from online. china android phone FG8 model.

    when i inserted sim cards it shows access restricted/vocie call is blocked

    wht to do friend , pl help me out to use this phone..

  • rafael morales

    i unlocked my touch 3g but it still wont accept my boost mobile sim card is there anything i could do

  • Tommy

    Okay, Hello i got myTouch 3G yesterday and when i got it online it said it was unlocked and i am trying to use a AT&T Sim for it and when i turn it on i need a Google account and i cant sign up for it because it says i dont have network Connection. Can you help me out please?

  • SM

    Hey Tommy and RJ…
    Am in the same boat, I saw somewhere that the idea is to use a t-mobile card first and sign in and then use it with AT&T, have not tried it yet. Dont know any friends here in NJ to do this, please let me know if there is any other idea!

  • SM

    Hey Tommy and RJ…
    Am in the same boat, I saw somewhere that the idea is to use a t-mobile card first and sign in and then use it with AT&T, have not tried it yet. Dont know any friends here in NJ to do this, please let me know if there is any other idea!

  • Anon

    SM and Tommy,
    Find somewhere with Wi-Fi and just use that as your data connection to set up a Google account.

  • Claudette

    I bought an unlocked HTC Touch Pro 2 online, but for some reason i can’t connect to network. it gives a message answering modem disconnected, can’t connect to network, please disconnect data connection and try another network. I was told that the phone might still be locked, as when i use another sim card, it says sim card locked. Bought unlock code online for sim-unlocker, but when i run the sim unlocker software, it still says phone successfully unlocked. I did not get an unlock code and nothing shows on my screen. Someone please help, need to use my phone.

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    Hey, I have a mytouch unlocked, still won’t take my sim. Anything I can do?

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  • Chris

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    how to use G1 in any mobile network in INDIA

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    My tmobile wont unlock it say i need a gmail

  • shane

    this did not help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JennAlyne98584

    i have a locked T-mobile HTC MyTouch 4g… I have an AT&T sim card that is in good standing, but it is for a GOphone acct. I want to use my HTC since I have moved stateside (Alaska to Washington) but want to know what the best carrier for the Northwest that will not require me to put down a huge deposit, and won’t charge me up the waazoo for service…. where should I turn my service to? T-mobile, Boost, Virgin…. Please help

  • Renereyy

    my 3G HTC Android powered phone wont unlock. i have been asked to enter gmail and password and when i enter these and sign in, the password wipes off. Please somebody help…!

    • blm

      Hi!! Did u ever got a answer?

  • kelly

    Pls send me a link to unable me update my tap 2. My account kellyduke23@gmail.com

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    My phone is not on what do I do??