How to setup multiple user accounts on the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10

Android 4.2 brought Multiple user account support, which is a welcome addition. It’s only available on tablets since they are more likely to be used by more than one person in the household. This means yourself, your wife, your son, and your daughter can all use the same tablet and keep their own settings and app data. You can even set a pin or pattern to individual lockscreens to ensure privacy. For starters, this is only available on the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, so if you own one, you will want to most likely utilize this feature. In a matter of minutes, you can get everyone up and running. Hit the break for a video highlighting the few simple steps.

  • Luik

    Great and useful feature. It’s working very well on Nexus 7. Well done Google.

  • ed

    Added a second user last night for my wife on my tablet.
    I had previously encrypted my tablet and was prompted for the code on every log in, now the new account does nto require the PIN, but the old one does. Also, I am getting frequent errors such as “Clock stopped working.” or “Launcher stopped working.” I now get this on the original and new account.
    So, if you have encrypted your device, you way want to hold off. Not sure if this is the problem, just my experience so far. Have not doen much troubleshooting.

    • junkmunk

      Same problem here.. Any fixes found yet?

    • junkmunk

      Same problem here.. Any fixes found yet?

  • tBs_Battousai

    And I think that Nokia has a patent on multi user support on mobile phones… but I could be wrong…

  • MountainK1ng

    How are paid apps or media handled? Do I have to re-purchase each game, book, etc. for other users to share them without them having access to my email?

  • Michelle Batlemente Saxon

    I just bought my Nexus 7 and am trying to set up a user account for my kids. When I go to settings, then device, the user option does not show up. Anyone know how to help? I want to get this set up for Christmas! Thanks in advance.

    • Tampered

      update it first to 4.2.1, mine came with 4.1.2 software that does not support multi user