These 5 Android apps will make you the life of any party


Want to know a guaranteed party fact? There are always those one or two people present that don’t drink beer. Hopefully these people let you know ahead of time so you can prepare accordingly, but what if they don’t? Then they’re left at the mercy of whatever random liquor and mixers you have. Well the Bartender app will help you out.

As you can see, the Bartender app has three main functions.

  1. Browse – Using the browse feature is pretty self-explanatory, it lets you browse through a very wide selection of drinks. Don’t see your favorite poison? Fear not, it supports the ability to add your own drink to the list
  2. Favorites – Do you always forget how to make your girlfriend’s fruity pink umbrella drink? Make it a favorite and save yourself the time in searching through the list.
  3. Search – This is probably the best feature in my opinion. You can search for drinks that contain a certain ingredient(s) or you can search for drinks that can be made from the ingredients you have on hand.

Very cool if you ask me.

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Drinking Games

What’s a good party without a few drinking games? Everybody usually has their own “go to” game that they like to play, but playing the same game all the time can get old pretty fast. Thankfully this app comes with 33 different drinking games, which should be plenty for any party-goer. This app is also great for having a cut & dry set of rules, because you and I both know that not everyone plays by the same set of rules for each game.

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Google Places

You’re probably asking yourself: “How is Google Places going to make me the life of the party?” Well, how many times has the party been rockin’ and all of a sudden the party runs out of something. Whether it’s ice, mixers, booze, or food, knowing the nearest place to stock up on those items is crucial. Nobody wants to wait around for you to go on your beer run for 3 hours. Not only will the app find the nearest gas station or grocery store for you (as well as a ton of other places) but once you select the one you’re going to,  you can then click the map button and get turn-by-turn directions right to it! (for free by the way, go Android!) This is especially useful if you’re not to familiar with the area of the party.

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I’ve never been to a good party that didn’t have good music. Sitting around in silence isn’t very fun. doubleTwist is arguably the best media player for Android at the moment. Combine the ability to play music, create playlists, play videos (output music video’s to your TV perhaps?) and the smooth & sleek interface and you have a great media player that can keep the tunes pumping the whole night long. (Much to the chagrin of your neighbors)

Just a note, this app is free for a “limited time” so grab this one for free while you can.

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BAC Calculator

Drinking and driving is a big no-no. If you plan on drinking you should NOT plan on driving, get a designated driver. Well now that I’ve said that, let’s get to the app. This app will give you a rough approximation of what your BAC will be based on what you’ve been drinking, but please don’t try to use this to prove to Johnny Law that you’re not driving over the limit.

As you can see this BAC calculator is pretty basic, but it contains all the necessary questions (besides asking if you’re a man or woman, which does matter)

Basic Mode (on left):

  1. What are you drinking – It gives a decent list with a couple mixers and the most popular alcohols in 1.5oz.
  2. Number of drinks – Self explanatory, how many drinks have you had
  3. Weight – Also self explanatory. Generally the more you weigh, the longer it takes alcohol to work it’s way into your bloodstream. (obviously there are other factors such as muscle mass that effect this, but i’m just simplifying it)
  4. Hours drinking – Obviously, drinking six beers in an hour will increase your BAC a lot more than drinking six beers over six hours

Advanced Mode (on right) might be more useful if you drink one thing the entire night. You simply put in how many ounces of the beverage you’ve consumed, the alcohol %, your weight and the number hours you’ve been drinking. (note the 4% alcohol was what the app suggested for light beer)

Again, this app isn’t the final word in your BAC, that falls to the police and they won’t care what this app says. It only should be used to remind you NOT to drink and drive.

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So there you have it, as long as you don’t have the personality of Droopy, then these apps should make sure that your party is a success or that you’ll get invited back to the next party.

An original article by Scott Young

  • xperia android user

    party app for android.. thanks!!

  • Ian

    Google Places is terribly underpowered. The stock Places (also from Google) on my Incredible is far superior. Uninstalled.

    Also, Bartender is woefully lacking in its selection of drink recipes. Vastly inferior to Mixologist on my iTouch.

  • Sharon Porter

    OK…those were the apps for the immature with alcohol crowd. What about us mature people who drink like Europeans–in moderation?

  • sirUndurnk

    Please.. please remove 4 of these apps:

    1. Bartender – Reason being is that it’s ungodly pathetically slow. my Droid is clocked to 1.1 gigahertz. it shouldn’t take 4 seconds for this app to load its search results when they’re stored locally as a database.

    2. Drinking Games – again, very slow. And ontop of that, highly inaccurate. The rules for half these games are either misleading, impossible, or completely illegal.

    3. Google Places – completely and entirely deprecated in favor of Google Maps and Layar.

    4. BAC Calculator – this is highly inaccurate and would pose a rather piss poor excuse for why you’re legally drunk behind the wheel in court, as I’m sure it has caused. Primarily because A- It doesn’t warn you it’s not to be used as a substitute for a breathalyser. and B- it doesn’t have a list of legal limits for various countries, states, and counties.

    All-In-All: Stop writing reports on things you haven’t done proper research on. Lest you’ed like to be sued for incompetently misleading others in a drunken stupor down the road.

  • Rooster

    Sharon Porter is a bored *itch! These apps are for people that would enjoy them. Don’t be an ass and put your 2 cents in if you don’t like them, don’t use them *itch!!

  • http://n/a poor shoulder

    The *best* booze app is hands down Liquor Run Mobile.

  • Haim Barad

    Cool. I think DrinkedIn needs an app…

  • Janet

    Rooster just proves that immaturity can be achieved with or WITHOUT alcohol. Name calling was not needed – this was a polite request for other party apps for those of us who drink but don’t plan to party only to get drunk. I downloaded a few of this to check them out, but would also like the word Party to stop meaning drunken idiocy. You can enjoy your alcohol and still be enjoyable to be around… with maturity.

  • Graham

    is a much better “Centurion” game app than the one that comes with “Drinking Games”. It has lots of different modes etc.

  • Dheeraj

    awesome website. I really like the way of representation.and after long time I find some useful applications and Not repeated one.

  • dvrrao

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    sorry to say that

  • jane

    hi just wanted to say i think this is an awesome article i got the drinking games one and was able to use the barcode scanner to install it right away. Thanks

  • Phil

    My favorite party app: I Never (basically a Never have I ever app)

  • santhosh

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  • Luca

    Live Touch XJ is the best

  • sepxx3

    Try out Wonderfully Wasted, it’s good for when you have a few people just hanging out.

  • Tim

    Very simple and exciting drinking game. There’s only one ball that buzzes, usually the player that picks that one has to take a shot.

    You can invent your own rules with this one and play with as many players as you want. Take as many risk as you like, it’s really fun.