6 of the weirdest Android accessories around


Bored of your Android smartphone looking plain and dull? Take a look at our collection of wacky mobile accessories that’ll really get people talking!

There’s a world of Android accessories out there to explore and uncover, but some of the products on offer are a little more questionable than others. From the magnificent TV Hat to the nostalgic Bluetooth Brick Phone, we’re taking a look at the strangest of the bunch.

Read on as we cover 6 of the weirdest Android accessories around.

TV Hat

If you’ve always wanted your own private theatre screen, you’ll be pleased to know that you can pick one up for a price that won’t leave you financially ruined. Introducing the TV Hat, a wearable hat attached to a box-shaped piece of cloth that holds a smartphone for ‘easy’ video viewing.


Apparently, the delightful TV Hat can handle pretty much any Android smartphone of any size, but don’t try squeezing a tablet in there or you’ll end up disappointed.

Now that we find ourselves in the age of cutting-edge VR technology, strapping things to your face isn’t much of a big deal anymore. As a result, you can quite easily rock the TV Hat in front of your best friends and they’ll be overcome with envy. There’s also plenty of room to customize the TV Hat to make it feel more unique to yourself. Perhaps a custom paint job or googly eyes on the front would be a nice addition?

This weird Android accessory arrives with a 2.5x magnification screen to give a top-notch, ‘authentic’ movie theatre experience.

The Brick Phone

Compatible with any Android mobile, the Brick Phone is a blast from the past, giving you the chance to wave goodbye to your shiny touchscreen-equipped smartphone for a more retro alternative.

The Brick Phone works as a Bluetooth accessory which means calls on your smartphone are pushed to the strange gadget, but it’s also possible to use the Brick Phone on its own. Take the SIM card out of your current smartphone and place it inside the Brick Phone and you’re ready to go. Of course, you’ll be sacrificing your beloved smartphone apps and Snapchat sessions, but it’s worth it when you realize how much attention the Brick Phone will score you.



A built-in flashlight is included inside the Brick Phone, along with an FM radio and a charging port that is able to charge another smartphone.

The Brick Phone is on offer at around $65. Bargain, eh?


If you’re struggling with big fingers that make it hard to type quickly on your mobile’s screen, or if you just fancy being a little different, we recommend you take a look at the Textees.

Textees are small attachments that clip on to your fingertips so that you can tap away quickly on your smartphone’s screen with higher accuracy. If you’re not convinced that your life isn’t complete without a Textee-covered hand, take a look at the promo video below and see if you change your mind.

There’s plenty of choice when it comes to picking out the perfect Textee for you. The tiny smartphone accessory comes in a choice of six colors including green, red, blue and pink, and the product is sold in pairs, so you can slap one on each thumb.

Noiseless Karaoke Mute Mic 2

If you can’t stop singing until the early hours of the morning and it’s turning you into the neighbor from hell, it might be time to grab yourself the Noiseless Karaoke Mute Mic 2.


Arriving courtesy of Japan Trend Shop, the Noiseless Karaoke Mute Mic 2 is an Android-compatible microphone that you can sing into without creating too much noise. The shape of the microphone cups around the user’s mouth and muffles your screams, which means the people you live close to can finally get some sleep.

The Japanese retailer notes that the unusual smartphone microphone could be perfect for a duet, so perhaps it makes sense to pick up two rather than just the one. The Noiseless Karaoke Mute Mic 2 works with computers too, and the inner foam is washable so you can keep your new favorite toy fresh.


In simple terms, the Hugvie is a huggable, human-shaped pillow that holds your Android smartphone and makes phone calls ‘more physical’, apparently ideal for long-distance relationships or calls with younger family members.

The Hugvie is meant to reduce stress and makes the most of “communication media”, transforming regular calls into an enjoyable interactive experience aiming to stimulate an emotional response.


Slip your smartphone into the pocket within the Hugvie and the built-in vibration motors in the pillow react to the caller’s voice. Pulses inside the pillow will change depending on the speed and tone of the person on the other end of the phone.

You can try the Hugvie out for yourself if you’re willing to part with $159.

Belfie Stick

Been squatting recently and want to track your progress? If your answer to that question is a big yes, then you’ll be delighted to learn more about the Belfie Stick, a bum selfie stick for capturing shots of your rear.


The bendable Belfie Stick is fully compatible with Android smartphones big and small, and the unique design means it’s easier than ever to capture your own buttocks from a variety of different angles. Finally!

This strange Android accessory is out of stock for now, presumably due to overwhelming global demand, but we’ve been assured it’ll be reappearing online soon.

Which of our collection of odd Android accessories is your favorite of the bunch? Perhaps you know of a peculiar smartphone toy that we haven’t covered today? Get in touch in the comments section below.

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