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While newspapers are certainly still around, they’re not nearly as helpful as they used to be in providing announcements for new job openings. And if you live in an area where good-paying jobs are scarce, you’re in even more trouble. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the some of the best Android apps for looking for a job. Each of these apps will help take the hassle out of trying to find something, even if you’re not 100% sure what you’re looking for yet.



One of the most popular job search sites, Indeed is sure to help you find some amazing job opportunities, no matter what you’re looking for. Essentially our modern-day “hiring” section of the newspaper, you can search for specific jobs right in your area. By simply typing in a job (i.e. “Receptionist”), and then the location you’re looking in (i.e. Denver, CO), there’s sure to be plenty of options. And even if there isn’t much of your desired job available where you typed in, Indeed will recommend similar jobs and jobs in surrounding areas to help further your search.

One of the cool things about Indeed is that oftentimes, you can apply right through Indeed. Whether you’re looking for a job ASAP, and thus applying to as many places as possible, or you’ve just found several that you’re specifically interested in and don’t want to mess with the hassle of getting everything all sent off again, you can send your resume right then and there, after you’ve uploaded it to Indeed’s database. Basically, Indeed will simplify your job search and you’ll be on track in no time!

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Around since basically the stone-ages of the internet, LinkedIn has never seemed to go out of style. How have they held up for so long, and still manage to be going strong? Well, LinkedIn sees a need and fills it, by connecting people. To meet and build professional relationships with people who have the same business interests as you is tough without some kind of network. It would take ages to shake the hands of random people, and come out of that with new relationships that are beneficial for both parties. That’s where LinkedIn comes in.

On LinkedIn, you’ll be able to create an account, and then you’ll need to answer some questions. Not only will LinkedIn connect you with people who have the same business interests as you, but if you’re looking for a job, you can list that as your motive as well. If you have that listed on there, LinkedIn will cater specifically to that by not only connecting you with people, but also with job openings locally and nationally. LinkedIn is such a great tool, especially if you’re not completely sure how to get started in the business you want to be in.

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While Upwork isn’t necessarily a “job search” tool, people from all over the world post jobs that they need done on there. If you have some extra time on your hands and are looking to make a little money, Upwork is an awesome place to start! You’ll be able to browse a ton of different job listings. And while on occasion they’ll require someone to be on site, there’s thousands of jobs that can be done right from your computer at home.

From things like one-time data entry, start-to-finish manuscript editing, to setting up email lists and more, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to apply for a variety of different things and make some money. This is especially handy if you’re starting your own business but need to make a little more, or if you’re currently in-between jobs looking for some new opportunities. Not only that, but as you acquire more work on Upwork, you’ll have a chance to build relationships with the people who choose to hire you, which means you could potentially have a better chance at them going straight to you in the future. How awesome is that?

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Quite similar to Indeed, Monster is in fact a job search site, but at the same time, it has some different features that might appeal to some more than others. For instance, on Monster, you’ll be able to browse available jobs in your area (and elsewhere) from wherever you are, right on your Android device. You’ll also be able to upload your end of things, such as your resume, cover letter, and job applications, even straight from Google Drive or Dropbox.

But what really makes Monster stand out are, as aforementioned, a few different unique features. One of those is notifications. Depending on your preferences, you’ll be able to receive notifications (and/or emails) of new jobs that fit into what you’re looking for, which will save a ton of time. You won’t have to be on it everyday searching, because you can rely on those notifications.

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Job Search, Salaries & Reviews by Glassdoor


While you can certainly search for jobs in Glassdoor’s app, this is a great one to download alongside one of the other options on this list. If you’re not familiar with Glassdoor, it’s a genius site where you can read and post reviews on what it’s like to work at different places. Say you find a job opening that looks interesting. If you look that place up on Glassdoor, many times you’ll be able to find out the average turnover rate, if employees are satisfied, etc.

Another one of Glassdoor’s features is salaries. When you’re searching for a job online, oftentimes the average pay won’t be listed, whereas on Glassdoor, you’ll get a good idea on what others have been paid for that same job. You can also use the “know your worth” tool to estimate how much you’re worth in the job market with the different skills and experience you have to offer. Basically, Glassdoor is a fantastic app for getting the inside-scoop on different jobs before applying.

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Whatever job you’re looking for, whether seasonal or permanent, part-time or full-time, on-site or online, these apps will help simplify your search and you should be well on your way to that new job in no time.

About the Author: Brad Ward

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