[TA Deals] Get the Java Programming Bootcamp package for $39

It’s your time to become a Java master. If you’re wanting to learn one of the most popular programming languages in the world, the Java Programming Bootcamp bundle is discounted on Talk Android Deals. This bundle includes courses that cover structures, algorithms, design, and more. Basically you get an entire set of courses taking you from nothing to something at a small price.

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Moto G5 Plus review: Back to being the best mid-range phone

Over the last couple of years, a massive number of consumers around the world have shifted their buying preferences for phones. It’s no longer guaranteed that the biggest and most expensive phones should be the only ones considered. That change in philosophy can be credited in large part to the Moto G line, which was started by Google and lives on today under Lenovo’s lead.

When Lenovo took over the Moto brand, it started changing another perception: a low price doesn’t have to be for a low quality phone. The Moto G5 Plus doesn’t borrow anything from the competition. It carves out its own spot in the sub-$300 field while competing with phones that cost $400 or more. Lenovo created value here, and it’s why this phone will likely end up being one of 2017’s best overall.

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Software update rolling out to T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S8

Before its official release date, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 for T-Mobile is getting a software update. It’s actually a substantial one, too. T-Mobile is preparing the year’s most popular device for showtime on Friday despite a number of customers receiving their phones early. The software update rolling out tonight is merely to ensure everything is set for when the masses begin using the Galaxy S8 in the United States.

Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 is better than the Apple iPhone 7

It’s spring. It’s time for a new Galaxy. Samsung just released its 2017 flagship, the Galaxy S8, so now’s when every place you look compares this phone to the competition. Probably the most popular comparison being made is between the Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone 7. People love to see how Samsung and Apple’s phones stack up against each other.

We’ll cut right to it: Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is better than the iPhone 7. Today we’re going to tell you why Apple can’t beat Samsung this time around.