Toshiba’s 13.3-inch Monster Tablet

Toshiba’s first entry into the tablet market was the chunky Thrive 10-incher, followed by the slightly more svelte but still big-boned 7-inch Thrive. Then they turned things around at CES by showing off the Excite X10 (launched in the UK as the AT200), probably the thinnest tablet around. So what does Toshiba have in store for us next?

How about a monster 13.3-inch concept slab? The fine folks over at Pocket-Lint got a hands-on session during the Toshiba 2012 conference in the UK and posted pictures of this beast. The device in the photos didn’t actually power on, so it was more of a form factor showcase than a fully working device. Still, it is said to be packing a Tegra 3 quad core processor… and we’d expect nothing less from any new tablets coming out now.

Pictures and more available after the break.

It is apparently very light, just like the slim X10, and that helps it feel less cumbersome than one would expect from such a large tablet. Connectivity seems to be fairly complete, with what looks like USB, HDMI, and SD card slots, and front and rear cameras are also included.

The tablet is currently not slated (pun intended) to become a consumer product until Toshiba gauges public reaction. A tablet of this enormity could actually be successful if the proper niche is found. Regular home users would most likely scoff at something so huge, but I can totally see professionals taking to it as a laptop replacement, or if it supported a pen it would be great for artists. No details as to other specs are known at this time.


So what do you think? Is 13.3-inches just way too big? Let us know in the comments!

source: pocket-lint


About the Author: Ed Caggiani

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  • Avezkhan

    Definitely a good concept,would like buy it if toshiba releases it

  • Bren

    Tablets are made for extreme portability, and at 13 inches this is rather large to be a tablet.

  • Sascha Heid

    Put a Full-HD (or better) IPS-Display and a Wacom-Digitizer in it and i’ll buy it as long as it’s somewhat affordable (<700€).

  • Costas Papaconstantinou

    If we could have a full range of e.g. Adobe programs for touch, then it would definitely be awesome as a laptop replacement. I’d totally love a tablet of this size as my “main” machine. If only Adobe was listening…

  • Superduty1985

    I want it 399 would b good

  • Claude Nobs


    a) weights max 700g
    b) min. 1080p resolution

    c) try to make the bezel as slim as possible
    d) has to come with a pressure sensitive pen (or support ten one designs blue tiger  bluetooth4 pen)

    e) android 4 rootable (or guaranteed android updates with 1 month for 4 years)
    f) 16gb, wifi only version : guaranteed buy at $600, max. $800

    i have an ipad2, bigger screen and/or pen is the only way making me switch…
    i hope someone from toshiba is reading this… :-)

  • sp1soo

    i’d buy it if it’d have a well calibrated stylus.