Ice Cream Sandwich update for the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is now live in Taiwan, The U.K. is on deck for tomorrow

Well you have to hand it to ASUS. They were able to get Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Transformer Prime in early January, and now owners of the Original Eee Pad Transformer in Taiwan are starting to receive the update as well. ASUS had this to say on their global Facebook page:

Many of our Eee Pad Transformer TF101 users have waited patiently for the promised Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update and we are delighted to announce that the first wave of FOTA updates for TF101 firmware v. started today in Taiwan. The update will FOTA in other regions soon after.

Although we will announce several new innovations at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, we take great pride in delivering on-going enhancements and support for products that are well into their life cycle.

ASUS originally promised a February / March time frame so things look to be on track as U.K. owners will see the update tomorrow. Moments ago, the U.K. Facebook page had this to say:

Those of you with your finger firmly on the tech news pulse will have already noticed that the ICS update for TF101 is rolling out in Taiwan today.

The OTA update will, barring security issues, be starting in the UK tomorrow so keep a steady eye on your devices and let us know when you get it and what you think!

Now the question is when we will see some ICS love in the U.S? I think it’s safe to assume we will see it stateside by next week or possibly as early as this week. ASUS is one of those companies that’s really catering to consumers and satisfaction. With companies like Motorola, Samsung, and HTC with no devices on Ice Cream Sandwich (except the U.S. XOOM), one has to wonder why ASUS is the only one that’s got it together.

sources: global Facebook and UK Facebook