QuickOffice For Android Revealed

QuickOffice have revealed a version of it’s Microsoft Office editing software for the Android platform.

QuickOffice for Android will allow users to edit various Microsoft Office documents including Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

Thanks to a partnership QuickOffice and SoonR (a company providing remote-access technology), users will also have the ability to access documents on home PC systems via the internet.

Here’s some screenshots from the QuickOffice for Android software:

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[via PCMag]

  • yah

    it’d be nice to have something that would read open office files

  • Mel

    When is this expected to hit the market?

  • Fernando de Taboada

    for now, it seems to me tht it was a mistake to acquire the tmobile g1. I need pdf, word and exell viewer, as well as a voice recorder as I use to have in my mobile 5 phone.

    Please let us now as soon as it is in the market, hgopefully for free…well nothing would be for free..

  • mike euly

    Ms editing fore word, excel etc got g1 phone. Hwlp fast

  • http://padaso.wordpress.com Patrick Solomons

    I am waiting on this to be released, very soon I hope. I recently acquired the G1 on a very good, low cost, contract. I used to have a Windows Mobile 5 PPC/Phone. I need office, but I am glad to be rid of Microsoft, sync problems, etc. I will wait patiently for the G1 or G2 to arrive with office, but won’t even consider WM6. The G1 with the Market is fantastic, even my 2yr old is being kept busy with some of the downloads I have installed. All power to Google or whoever delivers a good PPC other than WM.

  • chetan pandya

    I want quick office on my G1 android,tell me from where I can download this application
    please,send in details

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