Sony Ericsson Xperia Ion, First Sony Smartphone To Hit The US, Hands-On (Video)

Sony threw a grand shindig at the Encore last night to unveil an awesome treo of devices to be among the first released in the US market after parting with the Sony Ericsson nomenclature.  The Xperia Ion is an impressive 4.6-inch (720p) displayed monster housing a whopping 12 mega-pixel camera with an X4R mobile sensor in place.  This will be Sony’s first LTE smartphone to make it into the states and will be available for launch on AT&T.  The Android Gingerbread device will come sporting NFC at launch and introduces a new technology called “smart tags”.  Smart tags are small devices that work with the NFC technology to allow you to quickly change settings and configurations on the phone.  A sort of quick profile switch-out, if you will.  So, if you’re about to head into the office, just swipe a tag and all of your office documents pop up.  Ready to head to the gym?  Swipe another tag and your music apps and desktop change to suit the activity.  The device will also support 16 Gigs of on board memory.

The device is also set to launch with Sony’s full entertainment network capabilities, such as music and video.  The handset also comes Playstation certified, meaning eventually you’ll have full access to the Playstation store to play games until your heart’s content, making it a small PSP.  Check out the quick hands-on video below as well as some comparison shots next to a white and black Xperia S (Ion is on the left) and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Be sure to check out the rest of our CES 2012 coverage here if you’ve missed some of it.  More screen shots after the break.   

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    interesting. waiting for its arrival in asia.

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    wat will be its cost in india

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    will ve kan buy this ion in denemark