6 Google Android Games In Development

Here’s a look at 6 upcoming gaming titles currently in development for the Google Android platform.

Wi-Fi Army

WiFi Army is a first-person shooter game that sees players meeting on the streets in a kind of Laser Tag meets Assassin scenario. Players use their mobile phone cameras to shoot each other earning points with the highest number of ‘unique kills’.

Players also have the ability to form armies of up to 100 soldiers.




[singlepic=32,128,240,,right]SpaceBugs is a fairly simple space shooter where the object of the game is to destroy as many of the space bugs as you can find along with the eight worm bosses of the galaxy. SpaceBugs also gives you the added options of buying and selling items, weapons and allows you to make improvements to the ship.

Other game features include:

– 8 Final Bosses
– 8 Planets and over 50 levels
– 4 Gameplay modes : History, Evolution, Survival and Boss Mode
– LevelUps System in Evolution Mode.
– Move Two Ships at the same time with an intuitive control
– More than 5 hours of gameplay
– Buy/Shell items and weapons and improve your ship
– Submit your records online!


Omnisoft Games

In their entry to the Android Developer Challenge OmniGSoft’s entry contained a bundle of ten independent 3D mobile games for the Android platform.


All the mini games are powered by OpenGL ES with 3D graphics power plant and Android accelerometer as an alternative gaming control. OmnGSoft are aiming to provide the highest possible £D graphics and gaming experience for the android platform.


Parallel Kingdom

[singlepic=30,128,240,,right]Parallel Kingdom is an online medieval role playing game (RPG), designed for android and iPhone powered devices.

Parallel Kingdom uses GPS to create a virtual world based on your real world surroundings, allowing you to attack, dance, hug or team up with any person near you.

You also have the ability to create your own Kingdom within the game.


Monolith Android

Basically a 3D Tetris game, Monolith Android is based on the Android’s SDK samples using openGL ES to render the graphics.

The game also provides additional game modes, ‘Monolith’ and ‘Puzzle’ along with the classic Tetris-like gameplay.


EDU Blaster

[singlepic=34,128,240,,right]EDU Blaster is a math problem solving game. The object of the game is to ‘blast’ numbers that correspond the correct answer for ’x’ in the various math problems shown on screen.

For example, the math problem might be x>10*1*4, whilst four numbers float across the screen the player would need to find the number greater than 40 and blast it.


  • http://www.taykron.com taykron


    Im the developer of Space Bugs, now you can play, the game is finished!, Demo 1.0 has been released :) .

    You can download here:

    Are two version, for Android SO experts(only the .apk) and the “Ready to Run” version with the SDK and .bat files, in 3 clicks are playing :)


  • steve

    I have an android phone and I can’t down load the game, what gives?

  • http://www.extemo.com Android Games

    i think, Android will be big games platform!

  • http://www.extemo.com Android Games

    i think Android will be big games platform

  • http://androidstats.com/ranking/application/8310 john

    I prefer just released Android Trism (port from Iphone), extremely addicitive game utilizing tilting.

  • Salman

    I recently got the G2. Why are Android games so rubbish compared to the iphone??

  • TR

    Salman, because iPhone is only one phone from one company and game developers get their investments back when selling games for iPhone. For Android, everybody can push all sorts of crap, and they do. It would be no problem for EA to offer Android games, but how will it make them any money? Android is a great platform and other great platforms will come, but content depends on users buying it.

  • Eric

    Also, iphone apps have access to more of the hardware resources than android apps. Android is a multi-process environment, where apps are capped at 16MB heap, and have to share processor time with a bunch of other apps running in the background.

  • Sparks

    Games listed over here are too simple for the Android capabilities!!
    What we need is professional good looking games!!!
    Games like;
    Bonsai Blast
    Retro Defense
    promote purchases and the phone.
    To have lower quality then this…please saves us the trouble!

  • Frusciantelandsk

    I work for a telephone company in Holland and i will receive my Android phone tomorrow. I will most definitely make sure that loads of people will get hooked :)

  • Steve

    Cool, just got ToonWarz, this game rocks! I agree, best 3D games I’ve seen. Has anyone tested Raging Thunder or the Armageddon Squadron?

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    Hai, just figured i’d say that this website is the best!I’ve bookmarked it so I can read properly tomorrow :D

  • http://topdroidgames.com droider

    These are def games on the rise




  • Daniel

    Look at BrainGoal. Fresh from the oven…

    It’s a logic game. I don’t have the Pro yet, but if to judge by a screenshot I saw, it’s one of the hardest out there.


  • Or-k

    BrainGoal is awesome…!!

    Whoever likes decent mind challenges may find the game appropriate (even though the graphics is basic).

    The basic version needs pure logic skills.

    The Pro version is for the large numbers lovers.
    The Pro also includes a rather flexible “custom” level, for training purposes.

    Braingoal is a very addictive game.
    The first bite is free. :-)

  • Ignacio

    You should try Soccer Says, simple and very addictive.

  • Dan

    A new zombie shooter called Dead End was just released. Also should try out Zenonia.

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