GO Email Widget Provides Excellent Email Functionality Right From Your Home Screen

Finding an email widget that is both functional and good looking has become quite the challenge lately.  However, the Go Dev Team always seems to produce.  Check out GO Email Widget for Android and treat yourself to some serious functionality while on the go.  The application allows you to place an aesthetically pleasing 4 x 4 widget on your screen of choice giving you easy access to emails while on the fly.  Send and receive emails all from the comfort of your home screen.  There’s never a need to dive into the app itself.  The application works with most popular email types and allows quick configuration to get started.  You’ll need GO Launcher EX for this to work so be sure to grab it if you don’t have it already.

Available Size:
- 4×4

- Send/Receive emails
- Support POP3/IMAP
- Download/Send Attachment
- Change Themes

Ready for the download?  Hit the break where you can check out some more screen shots of the app and snag the download links as well.  There’s also a QR code for those who want it.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the app once you’ve installed it.  

Android Market Link


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  • Anonymous

    Go-Launcher totally hi-jacks your phone screens and changes icons. Will sacrifice any app that requires it. Boo!

    • Someone

      Lol, a launcher? Changing your phone? Never!

      you should really understand what you’re downloading.

      • Anonymous

        Go Launcher totally hi-jacks your phone screens and changes all the icons. It slowed my Droid 2 down to a crawl. Will sacrifice any app that needs it.

        Yeah I only downloaded it so I could try this Go Email app. Didn’t think I was going to get all these other issues. Won’t happen twice. Live and learn,.

        • SmittyRN

          Someone is right, lol…. it’s a launcher. It’s like complaining that the carwash got your car wet.