SwiftKey 2.2 Brings Improved Predictions in 35 Languages to Phones and Tablets Alike

Ever since I bought my first Android phone I had one major issue with the OS; the keyboard. For some reason it never felt as responsive or fluid as I had hoped it to be. However, a quick Market search brought me to TouchType’s keyboard, SwiftKey. While I have used it and replaced it with other keyboards, I have found myself coming back to it after its most recent update. Learning from the way you type through texts, emails, blogs and so on, SwiftKey touted that it was quite accurate and could predict the next word you were going to type, making your typing more efficient.

TouchType hasn’t stopped there and has pushed out yet another major update for the keyboard. This update brings SwiftKey to 35 languages. This version promises updates to both accuracy and predictably while also bringing support for Ice Cream Sandwich. Along with UI refinements, SwiftKey promises users the ability to predict typing even when typing inaccurately. For those who enjoy different keyboard layouts SwiftKey incorporates both Dvorak and Colemak layouts.

SwiftKey is a good choice for those looking for alternatives to the native keyboard. I am currently using this update on both my Xoom and my Razr and am thoroughly impressed. For those that are wanting to give it a whirl or read the press release hit the break below.

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Press Release

With the launch of its version 2.2 of SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X, the company is as close as its ever been to delivering the utopian touchscreen typing experience. A faster, artificially intelligent language engine; the best multi-touch keyboard implementation ever experienced; lashing of UI polish… and that’s without mentioning the incredible boost in language coverage.

This new version of SwiftKey continues to set the standard for phone and tablet communication. It has the most powerful language technology that’s ever been engineered for typing on a touchscreen, coupled with a smooth and polished user interface and an ever-growing suite of great features. Those who haven’t tried SwiftKey yet should be asking why; millions of downloads and one of the world’s highest app rankings are just two reasons the company knows that this technology is here to stay.



Full language localization for major European languages
Typing support extended to 35 languages, including Arabic and Hebrew
New multi-touch framework for faster typing
Prediction/correction boosted by faster, more efficient Fluency engine
Full support for Android 4.0 operating system (Ice Cream Sandwich)
UX enhancements, including better settings menu, alternative character selection and sharing features


With this release of SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X v2.2, the company has taken a major leap forward with its language support. For the first time, users who primarily communicate in Spanish, French, Italian and German (and perhaps Portuguese – tbc) will have an end-to-end SwiftKey experience in their native tongue (in addition to English, of course).

SwiftKey also now offers typing support for a grand total of 35 languages, giving speakers of everything from Afrikaans to Ukrainian an unrivaled prediction and correction experience as they type. SwiftKey’s latest supported languages are Arabic and Hebrew, and SwiftKey users are of course able to enable up to three languages at once, for a seamless multilingual communication experience.

Full list of supported languages:










English (UK)

English (US)


French (CA)

French (FR)











Portuguese (BR)

Portuguese (PT)





Spanish (ES)

Spanish (US)




MULTI-TOUCH FOR SPEED FREAKS: SwiftKey redesigned its multi-touch framework to enable the fastest speed typing and accuracy from a touchscreen keyboard yet. Using all the power of our Fluency language inference engine, users can now type at lighting-fast speeds without accuracy and SwiftKey is able to make sense of their multiple, successive key-presses, offering the world’s best personal touchscreen correction experience. We’ve also added the Dvorak and Colemak keyboard layouts for typists who prefer these more efficient options.

A FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT ENGINE: The team of SwiftKey engineers have been hard at work making Fluency, the clever language tech that powers SwiftKey’s corrections and predictions, even faster and more efficient. For the end user, this means SwiftKey will operate faster and use less memory, especially on slower handsets. It’s as if we’ve just doubled the MPG of the SwiftKey engine.

UX POLISH TO MAKE YOU SMILE: SwiftKey version 2.2 is the release that’ll make UX fans smile. The company’s made a range of UX tweaks that improve the overall look and feel of SwiftKey X. This includes the ability to adjust the keyboard key height in both portrait and landscape, an improved implementation of our alternative character selection for users who long-press, and a clear settings menu layout. Other UX improvement highlights include full support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), an improved menu for sharing SwiftKey with your friends, and a better implementation of the typing heatmap graphic, which shows you how Fluency models your typing accuracy with each key to improve predictions.

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