Google Officially Launches Google Music Service For Android, Updates Market & App, Also Adds “Artist Hub” (Video)

The anticipation is over and as most of you are well aware, Google officially announced the launch of its new Google Music Service.  The event kicked off with a bang as they displayed a commercial touting the new service.  I’ve always said that Google is known for reinventing the wheel, and when they do, they do it well.  Google Music is no different and we’re pleased to see what the search giant has done with it. Adding incredible digital content, seamless integration with the Android Market and Google Music app, searching and discovering new music is not only going to be a cinch, but fun as hell. Lets get in to the meat and potatoes of the service shall we? Google is really focusing on making Google Music not only an easy way to get new tracks from artists you love but to also deeply integrate it’s own social network, Google Plus.

The team used an HTC Amaze for the demo and touted the service as instant, flexible, convenient and offers Instant Mix, a neat way to build play-lists with one click. Just point your browser to and you’re all set to start listening to your uploaded music as well as purchase new content on the fly.  One of the features they showed off was the ability to “pin music” when you don’t have an adequate internet connection.  This allows you to then resume obtaining that content when you reconnect to the web later.  Google has also added features like play count and ratings in this latest release.  The company also showed off its new Google Music integration into the Android Market both on the web and on your Android device.  The new Music service on the market will offer millions of songs from all different sorts of genres, sub genres and top charts giving you generous 90 second previews.  They’ve also added better music discovery to the home page just in case you’re not sure of what you’re looking for.  The service will offer “personal recommendations” based on your music collection, which is a neat feature.  But that’s not all!  Google has also integrated the seamless ability to share your music with your friends on Google Plus.  When you download a song you like, you can instantly share it with Google Plus, offering your friends full previews while never interrupting their streams.  In addition, they can then head on over to check the artist out for themselves and get full previews of the artists’ albums.  

The service will offer a free song of the day, every day. plus hundreds of free tracks just to start off your new collection.  The site will offer video interviews and performances from all sorts of artists both accessible from the online market and Android Market on your device. Google execs showed off the service by showing the crowd a Cold Play interview directly from the online Android Market.  And if your friends aren’t on Google Plus yet, don’t worry, you can share a song via an email address so they can listen to it as well.  This will all be available and accessible to perform on your Android device as the service will be fully rolled out over the next couple of days.  It will require Android 2.2 and above and of course you’ll need the latest Android Market on your device.  The new Music Manager app for uploads will be updated over the next few hours for easy uploading and navigation through your favorite music.

During the event Google announced quite an array of partners for this project offering users 8 million songs and counting to kick things off.  Partners like EMI, Universal and Merlin were all present to express their gratitude and hopes for a transformed industry with this newly found partnership.  Google also announced that the site will house exclusive music from popular artists that will not be found on any other site or with any other service.  Artists such as the Rolling Stones, Cold Play (5 free tracks from new album), Busta Rhymes (who was present at the event and offering his new album exclusively), Shakira, Pearl Jam and finally, the Dave Matthews Band.

To further add to the services, Google also announced that they will be launching a new “Artist Hub”.  Now the little guy has a voice!  Google has now provided a place for the aspiring artist to submit their music as an independent artists.  Artists can now:

  • Customize their artist page
  • Upload their original content
  • Set their own prices
  • Sell their songs

Artists can now go directly to fans and sell their content easily using Google’s platform.  You’ll also have the ability to set your own price or make the songs free.  Share music with friends and family, place links on your YouTube videos pointing users right to your music store on Google.  It’s crazy to think that a music artists will have the power of the great search giant on its side.  The service will cost an initial one time fee of $25 just like developers pay when developing applications for the Android Market.  A small price to pay for what you’ll be gaining right?  Artists get to keep 70% of all sales and there is no “per album” or annual upload fee required.  The company is also working to help sell your music on YouTube via their merchandise store.  You’ll be able to monitor all your sales and payouts using Google’s software during this time for the small price of free.  Once the site is launched, you’ll need to point your browser to

Last but not least, we all knew T-Mobile was included in the event.  T-Mobile was introduced as a “very important partner” to the new music service and touted that they will be the first partner to help this endeavor kick off.  As being the first company to launch a device running the Android operating system, it’s no special surprise to see the relationship between the two manifest during event like this.  T-Mobile customers will be able to pay for music content much in the same way they’re able to pay for their apps should they choose, and that’s having it tacked on to their carrier’s bill.

Well, it’s felt like a long wait, but honestly, it all seems worth it now.  If you’ve got a device running Android 2.2 or higher, what the heck are you waiting for?  Feel free to let us know in the comments what your thoughts on the massive roll-out of the new service.

If you weren’t able to catch the event live, don’t worry, we’ve placed the stream here in the post for you.

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