Verizon Extends Return Policy For The Holidays

If you are planing on buying a phone from Verizon Wireless, you have a little extra something to be happy about. That is if you buy it between today and December 28th. They are giving you until January 9th, 2012 to return it, as a holiday offer to you. This only covers phones so don’t get your hopes up for tablets or accessories to be included in the deal.

Verizon’s usual return policy is within 14 days of purchase, so this gives you a little longer time frame to really get to know your phone. There is still the usual $35 restocking fee that goes along with returning the device, but this is a good deal for the Christmas shopper. Check out the source for all of the details pertaining to Verizon’s return policy. I wonder if anyone will return the Galaxy Nexus? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

[Source Verizon Wireless]

  • nory826

    Ok, longer return periods…check
    Double data…..check
    Now just release the Nexus and it’ll be perfect