Dailymotion video streaming app arrives in the Android Market

I am sure by now you have heard of the Youtube alternative website called, Dailymotion. Well, I bet you didn’t know that they have turned all that great video watching experience into an Android app, did you?

The new app, Dailymotion, allows users to create an account and customize the dashboard to create a mashup of all their favorite videos and channels in one easy to locate spot. The app also plays back selected videos like a playlist would in iTunes and has continuous play. That means that once a selected video finishes playing, another related video or the next video on the channel or playlist will automatically begin, creating somewhat of an uninterrupted streaming video service.

The Daiymotion app is available now as a free download in the Android Market. Hit up one of the links below to check it out and jump past the break for a full press release. If you give it a spin, let us know in the comments how the experience stacks up against Youtube.

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Leading Global Video Sharing Platform Launches Robust App Introducing New Capabilities in Mobile Viewing, Browsing and Customization

November 9, 2011 – New York, NY – Dailymotion, the world’s largest independent video streaming platform generating more than 114 million monthly unique visitors worldwide, today announced the release of its first consumer mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems. The mobile app is a breakthrough in the video streaming platform offering original solutions in the areas of customization, search function and video player.

Free to download, the app will allow users access to 17 themed categories featuring more than 20 million high-quality Dailymotion videos, including original and exclusive content, and will be available in 15 different languages. Innovations in the mobile app include:

  • Customized Dashboard: With a few swipes, users enter “edition mode,” which allows them to compile playlists of favorite videos into groups and customizable home screens that give direct access to top channels, topics, content providers and single videos.
  • Universal Search: Users can search across users, groups, playlists and videos, which provide more accurate search results.
  • Immersive Player: With vertical and landscape viewing modes which enhance browsing across related videos, and the ability to skip through videos while ensuring continuous play. Users can also share favorite videos with friends on Facebook, Twitter and email. Tabs on each video provide access to video information, comments and related content that can be viewed while a video is still in play.

“With millions of unique visitors accessing Dailymotion’s video on mobile devices, we wanted to create an app that enabled users quick access to our massive video library with an intuitive personalization interface that makes this app their very own,” said Roland Hamilton, managing director of Dailymotion. “I’m confident we accomplished this here.”

Synced with the Dailymotion website and user subscriptions, the application reflects site usage and preferences across platforms. The mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android. For additional information about Dailymotion, visit Dailymotion.com or connect on Facebook and Twitter.

About Dailymotion
As one of the leading sites for sharing videos, Dailymotion attracts over 114 million unique monthly visitors (source: ComScore, May 2011) and 1.2 billion videos views worldwide, offering the best content from users, independent content creators and premium partners. Using the most advanced technology for both users and content creators, Dailymotion provides high-quality and HD video in a fast, easy-to-use online service that also automatically filters infringing material as notified by content owners.

Offering 32 localized versions, Dailymotion’s mission is to provide the best possible entertainment experience for users and the best marketing opportunities for advertisers, while respecting content protection. For more information, visit http://www.dailymotion.com.

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