Liberty ROM Released for DROID 3 and Bionic

So you own a DROID 3 or a Bionic, but hate BLUR? Today is your lucky day. Kejar31 and Jrummy16 at RootzWiki have released their Liberty ROM to the general public. This attractive ROM features apps built from source, an attractive yellow and black theme and custom add-ons such as the Liberty Customizer (enabling you to add back BLUR apps). Hit the break to see full instructions for both the DROID 3 and Bionic from RootzWiki as well as screenshots of the attractive ROM in action.

Instructions for Bionic and DROID 3:

  • Back up all pertinent and important files from phone’s memory card and SD card prior to rooting your phone
  • Download the Liberty zip file
  • Make sure to have root and Clockwork recovery installed
  • Boot phone into recovery mode
  • Select “wipe data/factory reset”
  • Select “Yes — delete all data”
  • Go Back
  • Select “Install zip from sdcard”
  • Select “choose zip from SD card”
  • Find and select
  • Reboot

Installing themes:

  • Boot phone into recovery
  • Select “install zip from sdcard”
  • Select “choose zip form sdcard”
  • Find and select
  • Reboot

[via RootzWiki Bionic Thread and RootzWiki DROID3 Thread] (Please be sure to support and donate!)

  • Jk2dxtrem

    e:signature verification failedInstallation failedAny feedback?

    • Chefboyarbear

      same thing happened to me.  Now, I’m back to stock, but rooted.  Good Luck!

    • Linkboy16

      you need to have the clockworkmod installed, same thing happened to me, but you have to search for Droid 3 (or Droid Bionic) bootstrap.apk, and install it.  Then you have to boot into BP tools (i think) the app should boot you in anyway.

  • motorola droid

    These ROMs are nice but I have found myself liking a lot of the functions that
    come with Blur. The context menus from from the App Drawer. The extended
    recent apps menu, the categories from the appdrawer. Not to mention this ROM
    for the Bionic is made for the old firmware when the update for Bionic is less than a
    month away. .893 cured all my connectivity woes.