Galaxy Nexus Will Not Have Gorilla Glass

The Galaxy Nexus will reportedly not be using Corning’s famous Gorilla Glass. According to Corning’s official Twitter, the Galaxy Nexus will not be using Gorilla Glass. Quickly to respond though was Samsung, claiming (via Facebook) that while they will not be using Gorilla Glass, they will still be using a fortified glass for the new phone. At first I was a bit disappointment with this news, but after some research found that there are plenty of other fortified glasses just as durable if not more durable than Gorilla Glass anyway. The specific brand of fortified glass just became especially popular since Apple marketed it with the iPhone 4.

[via twitter]

  • Casey B

    The Nexus S doesn’t use Gorilla Glass either. I think it has something to do with the fact that the display is curved. I have been very happy with the durability of the Nexus S screen though.

  • matt

    hmmmm, samsung said it does “officially” im going into a coma to deal with the stressful wait for info and a release

  • beeb

    I think Apple didn’t use Corning’s Gorilla Glass on their phone, it’s just some other aluminosilicate fortified glass that presents similar properties. Just sayin’…

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