Bluestacks Lets You Open Android Apps On Your PC (video)

The Bluestacks App Player has launched an alpha version for Windows bringing you the ability to open Android apps on your PC.¬†Unfortunately, there is no Android Market support at the moment, so apps will have to be installed from the Bluestacks App Channel (which it looks like you need a Facebook login for) or the app on your device itself. What you’ll need to do is download the app both to your PC and your Android device to sync apps. In order to get the pin to enter into your phone, once you install the PC version there is a button called Get More Apps in the bluestacks widget¬†where you’ll be able to login. I may be missing something, but I haven’t been able to sync any apps from my phone to my PC (bluestacks actually shows up as a widget on your desktop). Maybe you’ll all have better luck because this sounds like a really interesting app. Catch the download links and a video for the app after the break.

[UPDATE] It looks like it took about 2 hours for an app to sync to my PC from my phone. It does work pretty flawlessly once it syncs though.

Bluestacks PC download

Bluestacks Market Link

YouTube Preview Image

[via eurodroid]