Eldar Murtazin Says Google & Samsung ICS Event Is Delayed Due To Patent War

Eldar Murtazin, the Editor in Chief of Mobile-Review.com, has come forward and made bold claims that the reason why the highly anticipated Samsung/Google ICS event was canceled was a result of patent wars, not out of respect for Jobs passing away.  Today, at CTIA, Google was supposed to unveil their latest and greatest OS, Ice Cream Sandwich jointly with Samsung’s Nexus Prime device.  According to Mertazin:

Nexus Prime and Android 4.0 are under question

Murtazin claims that Google requires the removal of certain features which are subject to patent war and that there is “no timeline for this job“.  This could go either way if you ask me and there is really no ultimate way to verify the claim, of course.  So, we’ll see how things pan out as we anticipate the next opportunity/event Google and Samsung will spill the beans on the device and the OS.  One would think if Google did infringe on some patent, all that would be required is a simple firmware update (ie. Android 2.3.5 which changes the scrolling mechanism)  What are your thoughts on the matter?  Feel free to fire away in the comments below.


According to the folks over 9to5Google, Eldar is mistaken and thanks to a highly trusted source, Google plans to hand out invites “in the next day or so and there is no patent delay

Update 2:

And according to T3.com, shortly after crowning the Galaxy S II as Phone of the year, Samsung’s Andrew Glass, a sales director had this to say:

You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime very shortly and will be seeing it in shops sooner than you think“.

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  • Oletros

    I call it bullshit

  • Chris

    Anything is possible, but it seems pretty unlikely to me.

    If they were aware of specific patent issues that were super sensitive, they would have never developed them into the OS.

    In order for a competitor to notify them of infringement, the competitor would had to have admittedly obtained illegal access to an unreleased device/OS. Also unlikely.

    Even more unlikely is that they would wait until less than a week before the event to cancel it for these so called serious patent issues.

    The official line, however, seems much more believable given the set of circumstances. Google typically makes lots of jabs at Apple’s products during keynotes. I think its reasonable to assume that dogging Jobs’ swan song product a few days after his funeral would not generate the kind of press that Google and Samsung are interested in.

  • Rich

    I assume by the bit about the scrolling mechanism, you mean the bounce effect changing to the light? Android itself never included a bounce effect, and the light has been in Android since 2.3. Manufacturers have been adding the bounce effect in themselves, it’s just that when Sammy brought out their 2.3.5 update, they decided to go with Android’s default end-of-list indicator.

  • seaweedbouquet

    Google and sanding never said they were changing the unpack date because of Steve jobs. Where the he’ll did that guy read they said that? I never read that story. Someone have a link to that? I would sure love to read it.

  • Moe H.

    yea im not gonna wait for the prime, going with the tmo GS2

  • Smuti

    Oh come on, Murtazin equals bullshit 99% of the time. The remaning 1% he’s just plain lucky.