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Google+ 2.0 leaked from Ice Cream Sandwich – Introduces new name, Chord

Upon extracting and installing the yet to be released Google+ app, you’ll notice a stark difference on the launch screen. The sub-app, once named Huddle, currently named Messenger, looks to have been given yet another new name; this time, Chord. I’m not sure I follow why Chord makes for a better moniker than Huddle or Messenger, but I suppose Google has its reasons. Asides from Chord you may also notice that the notifications have moved from the bottom to the top. Delving deeper into the app, you should immediately start to find the refinement and polish similar to that of the new Music app we just posted about. Much of the app functions just the same as it had but with a much cleaner look. Although, there’s been an addition of a new widget specifically for Honeycomb tablets. The widgets displays a resizable stream for the circles of your choosing.

More screenshots after the break.

[via androidpolice]

  • Daniel Drummond

    A chord in geometry is a line that cuts a circle. In music it is a group of individual notes played together. Seems to make a lot of sense to me.

  • Ian

    @Daniel Drummond
    Totally forgot about the geometry term. I do agree when both of those are in mind, it’s an awfully clever name.

  • Crystal

    Installed this but uninstalled because you couldn’t send or see pictures in Chord. Was a deal breaker for me. No widget on phones either. Aesthetically, very appealing though.