Apple forces Samsung to remove the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from IFA show floor

Apple is at it again. Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Tab 7.7 at the IFA Conference in Berlin, but they were forced to remove it from the show floor because a Dusseldorf court granted Apple’s request to ban sales and marketing of it. The above picture shows them covering all references to it.

“Samsung respects the court’s decision,” Chung said, adding that the company believes it “severely limits consumer choice in Germany. Samsung will pursue all available options, including legal action, to defend its intellectual property rights, he said.

If you remember, last month the Dusseldorf Regional court granted a preliminary injunction for all of Europe (except the Netherlands) on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 because it simply looked like the iPad. It was later changed to just Germany.

The Netherlands court threw out 9 out of the 10 patents that Apple claimed Samsung infringed, and gave Samsung until October 13th to remedy the remaining patent, which will most likely be a software update.

This latest judgement in Dusseldorf took place on Friday, one day after the Galaxy Tab 7.7 announcement. Lets also not forget that Apple might have tampered with evidence.

Samsung’s woes is not just limited to Europe. These same issues in Australia caused them to push back the launch of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 until the end of September. Then there is the United States, which has a preliminary injunction hearing scheduled for October 13th.

I don’t know about you, but I am beyond fed up with Apple on this matter. I am not a user of Apple products, but I do admit they make decent products for a certain niche. I guess this is what happens when you run out of ideas.

[via bloomberg] [picture courtesy of eurodroid]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Harold Williams

    This is seriously just silly at this point. I really hope Apple just fades into the sunset.

  • JJCore

    I feel shame for every penny that I wasted on my Macs.

  • Bstringy

    Cry babies

  • JimD

    Woo Hoo!!!! A MAJOR victory for Apple. Take that droidnerthals…. bwaaahaaaahaaaahaaaaaahaaaa!!!!!

  • Hugh

    You don’t get it consumer choice and competition promote innovation and lower prices for everyone. Apple will ultimately fail as consumer choice and fair competition are much more important in Europe.

    Samsung have made a vastly surperior product, faster, lighter, thinner, better display, stereo speakers and a full web browser with full Adobe Flash. Apple have nothing at this time to compete so they are using bogus patent claims to stifle consumer choice. This clearly shows just how scared Apple are of competition to their iPad cash cow. Android own the smatrphone market and will do the same with tablets. People want choice not dictatorships!

    Posted from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • someone

    Considering your I device will look like Android with your notifications, lock screen shortcuts…

    I think your neanderthal comment is a bit reversed

  • marwan

    I don’t know why the 7.7 as apple dont have any product with this size! !!! I do agree with you that apple run out of new ideas . And the only thing they do now is following samsung tabs to ban them.
    I’ll buy the new 7.7 i dont care if its ban or not i’ll find it

  • Dennis

    I’m an apple guy,and an andoroid guy,but damn this sucks. Apple is being a bitch about this cuz samsung is stomping them into the dirt. Samsungs galaxy s2 is coming home with me as soon as AT&T releases it. I have an iPhone 4,and probably won’t get the 5.

  • Hood Hussein

    One thing that Apple has to bear in mind is: “People are more interested in the differences rather than in the similarities of same kind of products made by different producers”.
    So in the case of the on going fierce competition between Apple and Samsung, a great American company like Apple should have much more confidence to win as long as prices of its products are not higher than the Korean’s. I think Apple should stop wasting time, energy and money to sue any other competitor.

  • Hood Hussein

    If Samsung, as accused by Apple, keeps imitating some of Apple’s products, most people will certainly say : let’s buy the original, forget the imitation.
    Just imagine if Hyunday makes and sells cars which are very similar in every aspect and detail to the Ford Focus. I’m sure that most people will choose the Ford’s original rather than the Hyunday’s look alike.

  • Jason-statham

    @d0191b46718ca911a2d3600df2311573:disqus  Says a guy who doesn’t even know how to spell ‘Hyundai’ right. Apple is just being a spoiled and whiny brat that cries over other companies using their ‘so innovative’ “rectangular design with rounded edges”.
    If they sue Samsung and other companies, they should be sued for using “Apple” as their logo, because they did not make apple.