Android and Samsung continue to dominate according to comScore

The Android freight train shows no signs of slowing as its market share in the U.S has climbed to 41.8% for the three month period ending July 2011. Back in April it was at 36.4%. Apple was able to gain market share as well, but marginally. They are now at 27.0%, which is a gain of 1.0% from the previous period of 26.0%. Of course it is no surprise that Microsoft and RIM dropped in their respective market shares.

Android’s gain of 5.4% is huge as compared to Apples’s gain of 1.0%. Apple will continue to hold its own, especially with the iPhone 5 coming out this fall, and especially if the rumors hold that it will show up on Sprint as well. Android’s gain is coming from Microsoft and RIM’s decline. RIM will probably never show an increase unless they adopt Android, and Microsoft has a chance for some marginal increases with the launch of Mango.

When it comes to the manufacturer’s market share, there are no surprises as Samsung is the top dog with a 25.5% market share, which is up 1.0% from 24.5%. The only other OEM to gain was Apple which went from 8.4% to 9.5%. Motorola continues to show declines as it went from 15.6% to 14.1%. The delay of the Bionic has really hurt them, but hopefully the purchase by Google will help them moving forward.

Is anyone surprised with any of this news? It seems like every report coming out is saying the same thing: Android Rules!!!

[via comscore]

About the Author: Robert Nazarian

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  • Brad Patterson

    I love android, and this is good news.

    However, all the lawsuits up in the air make me second-guess the stability of the platform. What’s your take ?