Farmville for Android coming soon

While I personally can’t stand all the Farmville updates I see on Facebook, but apparently 80 million people causes quite the demand for a game. DNStination Inc, has recently purchased Considering DNStination Inc also owns, it would be pretty safe to assume that the incredibly popular game is coming to the Android platform sometime in the future.

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  • bstringy

    Save it. In the name of bandwidth, just save it.

  • PLClemons

    I liked playing Farmville on FaceBook when I had a FB acct, BUT I think it would be TOO small to manage on a phone! (I say “had” a FB acct because I don’t access it anymore and I can’t seem to make it go away! I’ve tried.)

  • beardbunch

    I had farmville app on my iphone and LOVED it!! Just got a samsung galaxy s last night and can’t wait for this app!!

  • tahhan

    please harry up and release an app for the moto droid we want farmville on our droid

  • jayden env

    Who needs bandwith when everywhere practically has wifi now!!! I so go for it!!!

  • ladyscarface

    please hurry up and release this for android mytouch I love this game I play it daily on FB now I want to be able to manage my crops and plant things on the go…. Is it too much to ask for cafeworld also…lol

  • K-man

    Do we have any update on this?
    My wife has been bugging me about it

  • Jessica


    I havent had internet in a while, but I *need* my phone so I make sure I dont fall behind on the bill. But I’m going INSANE w/o my farm! Farmville keeps putting out new things and its making me very antsy to play. I have Htc Evo 2.2. I bought this phone thinking since it was so “high tech” I’d be able to play. Sadly…..this was not the case. Then I heard after we install the flash update we’d be able to play. Once again, I was deceived.


  • Hugh

    If ever there were a phone that could do everything…
    There is not one yet, Adobe flash is not supported on the Android, if so, which one? As soon as the farmville gets realest for android I’m getting it. So hurry up!!!

  • Elisheba

    We are a large crowd of people who want Farmville for Android devices.
    So please, Zynga, please Hurry Up!!

  • Laurie

    Please farmville, we’re all waiting. Please bring Android users farmville. Andriod is bigger then iphone!

  • Norma


  • Farmville Gift Card

    I just cant wait, release it now!

  • Arian

    Please make it texas holdem poker from facebook playable on android!

  • J-p

    Please has there been any update to this….

  • david

    Please we wanna play

  • john

    I need farmville for samsung galaxy s, please

  • Gertie

    Please for the droid2 i love farmville im an addict neeeed it on my phone =)

  • mel

    I’m addicted To FarmVille and I have samsung galaxy too with FaceBook And I keep finding that My friends and all keep on putting up animals for adoption and I cant get them, All I’m saying is, Is FarmVille for android out yet I need It soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bad if I dont go on farmville 1 or 2 tomes a day I go insane I’m Telling I N S A N E ! ! ! ! ! !

    Thanks! Mel x

  • Facebook Addict

    I’m addicted to facebook/farmville! Reeeeeeeleeeeeeeeeeeease it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    HeHe! thanks a mill! facebook addict!

  • pribac

    U must do farmville for android…. I have samsung galaxy S and i think it wil be VIP to play farmville on thiss device

  • http://facebookzynga trish

    come on farmville for the android bring it so we won’t go crazy any more. Plz,plz

  • Ben Wilson

    Where is this app!!!There are comments since July wanting this app!!!! what is taking so long!!! Android will not last if it takes this long to do anything. Iphones already have this app! :( any one else agree?

  • i agree

    I agree it is taking way to long my thought is they must have forgotten about the consumers. It’s like the old saying the customers always right. When dealing with the masses you should always never make a statement and then provide no support afterwards. We need someone to let us know the progress.

  • tiffany

    That is what i want to know. WHERE IS THE APP??. iphone has it like they said so android needs it to.

  • RAR

    I have the money to goto verizon get the iphone on the 10th of feb..but I Love my Android! Also Love farmville..come on zinga..Android..I’m going to Verizon anyway.I would hate to get iPhone just for farmville..HTC Thunderbolt has v-chat just like iPhone I hear that comes out the end of Feb..come on. I want my Android!! Please tell us somthing..before I possibly make a huge mistake here real soon:-(

  • OtterKat

    Yay! Now i can harvest my crops on time!!!

  • lizzie

    So how do you get it on SGS? Havent updated yet as not sure if I’ll lose everything.

  • brez

    you can play farmville on htc evo using skyfire browser. 100% compatible with flash 10.1 and you can accept gifts as well.. no need for a farmville app.. just download skyfire, it’s free..

  • sburns0396

    what is the issue…do I really have to go to the iphone to play farmville?

  • Avi

    i have got galaxy 5 last night and i luv to play farmville

  • Elise

    So there is an app to play FV in the samsung apps store or can you just play FV by using a FB app? I’m thinking of buying a samsung and I’d like to play FV on it… But if there’s no app for it I might just by an Iphone :s

  • Nishant Thakur

    Can somebody tell me when farmville going to release on android os for my samsung galaxy tab

  • Sue

    Sorry, farmville not interested me anymore. boring!

  • April

    When can I start playing farmville on my android phone…been searching high and low for farmville app..

  • Vincent

    Farmvile should be developed in Android. I felt so left out! If Iphone can have it, why not on andriod phones? Is Iphone more superior?

  • jaime

    how soon is this comming? please hurry and get it

  • Paula Clemons

    How come I never see answers here from the “powers that be”?

  • Yoville Money Cheats

    I’m a huge fan of Zynga games. I started playing Mafia wars on facebook until i stumbled onto Farmville. Like millions of other people, I had tons of fun playing Farmville and played for months. Recently, I’ve started playing Cityville and some Yoville, both made by Zynga. Cityville is cool but not as fun in my opinion as Farmville. Anyway, thanks for the updated information


    yes!! I just bought the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint and wanted so badly to farm. Thanks to this thread I downloaded the skyfire browser from the app market. Then loaded I am farming! It worked

  • Chole

    Downloaded skyfire and have the latest version of flash on my EVO but farville will not load. First get frame with the free gifts, play, neighbors, etc tabs at the top and inside the frame is white with a green and grey arrow pointing down. Click that and it goes to the load screen just fine, can see the graphics and load bar but then get the frame filled with white again with a grey circle with an exclamation symbol in it. Any ideas? I’m not the most “tech savvy” person with cell phones but I want to be able to harvest my crops when they are ready and not have to figure out when I’ll next be able to access a computer to do that and time it.

  • Heather

    Android finally has farmville!!!!!! Wahoo!!!! Best day ever. Its not the full game yet but you can harvest your plants, add neighbors, send gifts. Just cant see the farms. Just a quicj ckick to plant crops. Its super fast. I replanted all 3 of my farms in 5 min max!!!

  • facebook secret

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  • Christy

    Omgosh I miss my FV please get it going a.s.a.p. like yesterday please n thank u

  • Wiliams Alexaderia

    Please hurry!!!

  • Marylouise63 Ml

    Plz hurry with this new app. Also make it to where u can see ur farm an buy things an resrrange the farm . Plz . Farmville express is just to plant an accept gifts an send gifts only. Make it better . HURRY PLEASE

  • Sparky2mo

    When will the app come to the android market? I really hope soon

  • Wvboarder2005

    I wish theyd hurry it Up considering this post is about two yrs old. They need to realize Android is becoming just as popular as the IPhone…. I just dont have time to balance 3 farms And make sure i get to my facebook before all my crops die. Not to mention being in time to buy the right bushels for my recipes. Im atraído if Android doesnt make an app farmville might be done for me soon.

  • Shanna_fowler

    Yes they need to hurry up on it so can play on my phone

  • Lilangle2005

    I wish they would hurry up so i can get on my farms.

  • Ridick68

    O please o please make a full app vedrsion. Express just isn’t cutting it. I really want to play full version. Please please please.

  • Xdoomsdayangelx

    Im finding more & more failures on Androids part…. Get with the program already. Geeeze…

  • Xx_ax_3my

    I wish u would hurry up.

  • Reemy90210

    we have been waiting for so long n they keep on saying that its coming soon .if u r planing t make the virsion whats taking them so long

  • anam3016

    we are desperately waiting to have it… wen wil v hav it???