Android Running On HP Mini-Note 2133

Following on from Venture Beat’s recent port of the Android platform to an ASUS Eee PC 1000 Netbook comes this latest Android install on a HP Mini-Note 2133.

Details of the Android installation haven’t been documented yet but there is a video demonstration which walks us through a couple of menu screens.

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  • johnkzin

    Before Android becomes a viable netbook platform, IMO, it needs to fix 6 things (these are all things that I have to “not do” on my G1, and go to a conventional platform to do):

    1) Google Reader – add/edit tags for an article, add subscriptions, change subscription settings. Also, there are some “UI shortcomings” on the Android version: lack of keyboard shortcuts, lack of “total article count” at the top of the article list.

    2) Gmail – add/edit filters and labels, “filter messages like this”, “send as” one of my other registered email addresses.

    3) Google Docs – last I checked, Android doesn’t support full read/write of Google Docs. I’m also not sure if it will fully display PDFs, Word, and Excel documents. What I would want is all of that, plus some ability to sync the various Android notes and tasks/to-do lists into some level of Google App (there’s a new tasks/todo feature in Gmail or Google Calendar, so that’s one option, and then just adding plain text and rich text support to Google Docs would probably handle the rest, along with a sync utility for the Android notepad and todo apps).

    4) I haven’t been able to get VNC Viewer and SSH (connectbot) to work together. This would be a “novelty” on my phone, but a necessity on a netbook or tablet. Further, on a netbook, I’m going to want to export my display some how (manipulate the netbook from my desktop) — I do this on my Samsung Q1 Ultra with Ubuntu-UMPC, for example. But I mainly run the VNC server on my samsung because the software for mirroring the display out to the external VGA port is kind of broken (what it does: want to step down to 800×600 resolution; what it should do: display the 1024×600 screen with letter boxing on the 1024×768 screen).

    5) The built-in IM client doesn’t allow you to use non-Google Jabber accounts, nor IRC. I would want both of those handled. And I’m not sure the UI is ideal for managing multiple conversations. Further, I would want to be able to log conversations to plain text files on an SD card or something.

    6) SyncML client for Calendar data. Funambol gives you SyncML client for contacts, but that doesn’t help me with my work calendar server :-)

    That said, I’d really like to see Android on the Fujitsu Lifebook U820. Or a device just like it, that has a PCI Express Mini card slot with available antenna wire for installing a WWAN card. (and, thus, of course, to have Android be able to drive such cards)

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