CyanogenMod now on over 500,000 devices

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TalkAndroid would like to give a big Congratulations to the CyanogenMod team for reaching the 500,000 milestone. Their commitment to the development community has always been top notch. At this time there are officially 505,756 users (378,240 official and 127,516 unofficial or “kangs”).

The most popular devices using CM are:

Right now CM’s growth is about 4,000 users each day, which is amazing since the custom ROM community is not something that is adopted by mainstream device owners. With 550,000 Android activations per day, there is no question it is a small community, but it is a strong one. Any predictions on when the one millionth customer will be served?

[via cmstats]

  • Larro Fcd

    Including mine! :D