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Now available from Slacker, Premium Service for $9.99 per month

I’ve always enjoyed Slacker radio over the other top steaming services out there. It just works for me well. And with todays information, they’ve just improved the service to exceed all others. Today Slacker has announced a third tier to its pay-per-month streaming service, called Slacker Premium Radio. This new subscription can now be purchased for $9.99/mo. Signing up for Slacker Premium Radio gives you all the perks of the $3.99/mo Slacker Radio Plus, no banner or audio ads. In addition, you’ll get the ability to play songs and full albums from the artist of your choice. Any song at any time, will be available for listening. Create custom playlists with every song you want to hear, and the ability to store those playlists on your sd card and listen offline! Unlimited song skipping, lyrics and more.

No more unpredictable listening of streaming radio! Take control of your music! Listen to what you in the mood for. There are a couple ways you can sign up, either through or direct carrier billing on your mobile device. Also, in line with this Slacker announcement, your Slacker mobile app for Android has also been updated with the following changes giving it a new look:

  1. New Slacker Radio 3.0!
  2. Includes support for Slacker Premium Radio features:
  3. Browse Artists, Albums, and Songs
  4. Play play songs on demand and create playlists (with Slacker Premium subscription)
  5. EVO USERS: If you experience errors, please contact Sprint Technical Support at 1-888-211-4727 and ask the Rep to apply the work around listed as: ‘HTC EVO 4G (A9292) – UPDATED 2-1-2011: Streaming multimedia applications receiving errors on software version 3.70.651.1′ in Sprint’s device portal

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[via slacker]