Android Eating Apple Wallpaper, Get It Now!

Even though I’m going to get nailed by Apple Fan boys in the comments on this one, damn I still love covering stuff like this!  Google I/O this year was certainly not “all work and no play”.  The fun folks at Google, during the keynote at I/O this year, decided to display Frank Ntukula’s image of Andy the Android getting ready to take a chomp out of a red delicious apple. Good move not using silver, Apple will never catch on!  Any-who, We agreed too that it would make a fantastic wallpaper for any proud Android device owner.  So, feel free to right click your heart away and let us know what you think of the pic in the comments below.  If you know of any other great cheap shot drawings like this one between Apple and Android that would suffice as a cool background, feel free to let us know about it too.  Hit the break for the full image.   

[via @fraserntukula by ac]

  • Benny Lee

    Ha ha ha that is great now the ios 5 have bunch of features that android have for years that is hilarious I guess now they should sue them selves for copying android what a bunch of hypocrit.